Church Survival

On occasion, we get to write for a client that deals in survival content. It is an interesting topic to write about as some points are very common-sense thinking. As we think about the topic and how it relates to the church, we are always reminded of the joke about the old Christian in a flood stranded on his rooftop.

He turns down aid 3 times as he is waiting for God to provide a rescue. He never is as he doe snot look for answered prayer in those 3 options sent his way. He is looking for a miracle directly from God.

Of course, he does not see the miracle as he is looking at the wrong aspects of the aid sent his way. the church can be like that old man as they look for the direct hand of God’s miracles in times of trouble and miss out on the aid God actually sends.

With that in mind, here are some church survival tips to help churches meet depressions, destruction, and so on. We are not talking about doing evangelism or making disciples at this time. But survival as a church financially, as well as in other areas of life.

#1. Stop building expensive buildings- this is a waste of money and too much of the church’s building fund is paid in interest. We do not need expensive places to worship or state-of-the-art equipment.

We can go cheaper .build a basic building with sound equipment that will work with quality of sound. The savings then can be put aside for the needs of the people and the surrounding neighborhood.

If you noticed, people did not flock to Jesus because he built grand buildings. They flocked to him because he met their physical and spiritual needs. The bank is not going to refund any money in times of a depression even if you are a church and have had an account at the bank for decades.

The bank is not your friend. They will hang onto the money they have as they will need it.

#2. Cut out wasteful spending- this area does NOT include the pastor’s salary. He should be paid fairly and at a little more than a living wage. Look at change from traditional light bulbs to LED ones. The savings in power will be huge when you do all the lights.

That is just one area. if you do not need air conditioning, then open the windows and cut the power usage. These are the areas you need to look to save money and put the savings into an account that can be used to help people in need.

Or go solar and save even more over time.

#3. Stockpile items- not everyone will be rich enough to store up sleeping bags, tents, flashlights, batteries, and other important disaster items. Not everyone will do this and the church needs to step in and be there for those people in need.

Feminine products, toilet paper, medicines, and first aid kits can all be stockpiled by the church and even more products as well. The church should try to contact the manufacturing company to get the best deals to save on costs.

#4. Start stocking food and water- people are going to need these items when tragedy strikes or another Great Depression hits. Not everyone is prepared for these events or does not have the room to store food, etc.

Being prepared is the church’s job and they are God’s representatives here on earth. They need to take the lead in these matters to make sure that their congregation and neighbors are looked after.

Just remember to watch those best-before dates and rotate the food items so that they are always fresh.

#5. Get rid of all debts- cut out credit card debt as the interest robs the church of needed money. Cancel any monthly subscriptions the church may have with key software programs that are not being used. Stop throwing money away after the latest and greatest toy or electronic upgrade.

Make do with used items and stop buying new every time a new updated device or product hits the market.

#6. Educate your congregation on survival- teach how to grow a garden class as that will help members save on their food bill. Or teach people how to hunt, fish, and look after the equipment for both options.

Or hold classes on how to get rid of debt, curb one’s spending, how to live within their means, and similar classes. The rapture may not come before the next depression so people need to be aware of how to take care of their families when jobs are hard to find.

Then, you can teach people how to make themselves more valuable to their employers. That is one way they can keep their job secure and make it through the next downturn easier than if they lost their work because they were expendable.

There are many ways that the church can help prepare itself and its people to survive bad times. God has provided this information already, it is up to the church to stop waiting for miracles and equip its people to survive and to help others survive.

The church isn’t just about teaching the Bible, it is also about helping people when they have physical needs. This is not the social gospel either. It is about helping people get through those bad times that left families devastated during Covid lockdowns and the great depression of the 20th century.

It is the church that has to take the lead and they do not wait for the government to take any action. The church is everywhere and in a better situation to help than the government is. Also, the church should not spend so much time protesting bad government measures.

They should also be focused on helping people make it through when life turns bad for them. The church can do this so God will get the glory and not the secular government. the time to start preparing for these tough times is now.

When these tough times take place, it will be too late to do any good or get the supplies needed to help others. be wise in gathering supplies, saving money, and watch how much you put in the bank.

It may be tough to retrieve your money when everyone else is rushing the bank doors to get theirs. Find new places to put your money where it can be easily accessed and no hassles to get it.

Church survival depends on how well the church leaders prepare their people. God will be there are you do these things, just listen to him on how to conduct the acquisition of items, where to cut debt, and so on.

If at all possible, sell the luxury church building and move into smaller quarters, pay cash for the latter and save the profit for a rainy day. Christians need survival training just like non-Christians do because a great depression or pandemic does not discriminate between Christians and non-Christians and only attacks the latter.

If you need a scripture verse to support this post, ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ The others include your fellow Christians as well as the unbelievers in this world.


As a side note

MM could not wait to pen his reply last night to part two of our Empirical Evidence post. As usual, it was filled with denial and the usual making science the authority over od, etc. it was a waste of time to read so we did not read it nor are we answering it directly.

But one thing that has bothered us is that both MM and BG make everything we write personal to them. They continue to use our wrong name as if to get a rise out of us. But their disrespect undermines their points of view.

If they had stopped to think about it, our use of initials was not personal. MM stands for Meerkat Musings which indicates that we are not addressing the person writing the content. Instead, we are addressing the content only and have left all personal aspects out of our own content.

The same for BG. His website is titled ‘The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser’ So our use of initials again only refer to the website content, not the man behind it. But they do not think about these details in their haste to try and do everything they accuse us of doing to them.

But expecting rational and polite behavior from unbelievers is an unrealistic hope. As we read their content and responses, they are the ones making it personal, not us. But we will try to ignore their badly written responses and focus on the content we can use here.

Unbelievers have nothing to offer the believer except destruction. The believer needs to be warned about them and their views.