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Just some issues we cannot spend a lot of time on but need addressing:

#1. If God asked… 2

MM is one of those people who is never satisfied with the truth or the right answer. He keeps pushing until he gets the answer he wants. In this case, he either wants the Christian to say they will disobey God and then he can attack them for not following their God.

Or he wants them to say they would kill him if ordered to by God. Then he can attack them for being blood-thirsty, murderers, or something else. With this type of people, you can never win because they will not accept anything other than their predetermined responses. Here is his latest demand:

does not like this hypothetical scenario, let’s make it simpler, clearer. if God ordered you to kill me, would you obey that command?

The answer is still the same for this demand as it was for the first one. God does NOT order his followers to kill others. MM must have confused God with the Muslim god who has made that order. But he should read the NT again and find any verses that tell Christians to kill unbelievers.

Christians do not get orders to kill.

#2. Black collar crimes

BG has a series called Black Collar Crime. here is the headline of one of those articles

Black Collar Crime: Evangelical Pastor Waddy Talley Accused of Shoplifting

He is soooo brave ‘outing people’ who have already been arrested and saying how bad they were. it doesn’t take much to read a newspaper or two to get these stories. These men have already been outed so there is no need for him to write this series.

Plus, he is not helping law enforcement as the people he records have already been arrested. All he is doing is showing that he can jump on the beat-down bandwagon instead of showing the pastor love, forgiveness, mercy, and so on.

But enough about that series, we have noticed that he only publicly attack those who said they are Christian. That is kind of biased and very dishonest. We challenge him to do a black-collar crime series on atheists.

We know there are plenty of atheists who make the police blotters and have been arrested for numerous crimes. Let’s see him be honest for a change and do both sides of the street instead of hating on only those he was once a part of.

#3. Democrats are out of control

We have said on here that you cannot be Christian and vote democrat and we will stick by those words. If there are Christians who think they can, they are doing a very bad job of influencing the people they are voting for. Here is one of the latest things to come out of a democrat’s mouth

Virginia state lawmaker to introduce bill making it a crime for parents not to affirm their LGBT child

Yes, the very people you vote for are taking away your rights to raise your children your way. It just goes from bad to worse with the democrats and we wonder where those people who claim to be Christian are who think they can vote democrat.

It is obvious that they are not voting for anything biblical nor are they voting for biblical standards. If they are progressive Christians, then they are not Christian. We will get to that in a moment.

If they vote democrat because they are anti-Trump or anti-Republican, then they are not helping this nation get anywhere except destruction. They are not helping their neighbors but doing harm to them.

#4. Progressive Christians

Actually, there is not a progressive christian. You are either a Christian on God’s side teaching God’s ways or you are NOT. The thing this particular church did is found nowhere in the Bible:

 Pastor inviting drag queen to church for ‘children’s sermon’ is sign of ‘dying United Methodism’

People who still live in and practice their sins are not Christians and they have no business being in the church let alone preaching or teaching children. Drag Queens do not belong in schools either.

Those people are not normal and are in deep need of true spiritual help. If you want to help them, get them out of their sins first then get them the right solid doctrine to live by. Church pastors, you are not following God nor loving people as Christ loves you when you support sin.


2 thoughts on “Misc. Topics

  1. I have had the same problem with him but he will distort or reframe what I said so I look bad. He has banned me as well since I do not agree with him. He has the audacity to say I am not being honest and so on yet in his posts, he is one of the most dishonest people there is. BG is another one

  2. I explained to Ben that after Jesus lived, died and Resurrected, that God imparted to mankind the wisdoms of freedom and justice. God no longer needs to command us to exterminate evil. We are free, thanks to our Lord Jesus. Christians have developed systems of justice, free market economies and a simple yearning for domestic tranquility.

    For my trouble, Ben banned me and edited my comments so that they appear written by a homicidal lunatic. Ben does the work of Satan, the deceiver.

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