If God asked you to kill me

Would you do it? That is the question MM asked us some time back. He was not thrilled with our answer as he was looking for a strict yes or no response. Our answer was that God would not ask us to kill him.

The reasoning is simple, God is not in the murder business. Anyone in the NT era who says they were told by God to kill someone, was not hearing the voice of God. In the OT when he told the Israelites to kill certain people groups, it was not a request but a command.

God has his perfect reasons for issuing those commands. One of them was that the people were so far gone that they probably could not be redeemed. We see that situation in the pre-flood world as all they thought of was evil.

We are getting to that attitude in today’s world. Many people only think of doing evil and they are not in a position where they will be open to redemption. But even in this new situation, God will not ask his followers to kill unrepentant sinners.

He still wants all men to be saved and he will exhaust all avenues to achieve that goal. When they are exhausted, he will not ask his followers to kill anyone. he will end this world as we know it and bring the final judgment upon everyone.

God does not need us to kill anyone. The time when unrepentant sinners are sent to hell is coming close. also, God is not going to tell his followers to do any sin. He will not ask or command anyone to murder someone else.

Nor does he tell his followers to steal, rape, plunder, and so on. He wants his people to lead holy lives filled with wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and justice. Then wisely use mercy.

When the question was posed to us by MM, it was merely an attempt to create a strawman argument against God and sinners and to provide him with justification for his refusal to accept Christ as his Savior.

There was no legitimate reason to ask that question since it is the Muslim who claims their god commands or asks them to kill those non-Muslims he does not like. Christians are not commanded to kill and the Crusades were not of God but of man’s desires fueled by evil influences.

but what would make me ‘evil’ in this situation

This is another question MM asks in his post called Disturbing Silence. Then he asks Because God arbitrarily decided I was evil? What makes him evil is his refusal to repent of his sins and sinful ways. He may not like the classification but God has set the rules and MM must make a decision.

Just because he refuses to accept the rules or denies that he is a sinner or that sin exists doe snot matter. Then God has not arbitrarily decided that MM is evil. God has set the rules and made the boundaries and then told everyone about those rules, etc.

There is nothing arbitrary about MM’s classification as a sinner and being on evil’s side. He has refused to accept the rules and make the right decision so he cannot be called good or a Christian. There is only one classification for him. This applies to all other unrepentant sinners as well. He is not going to be alone in that classification.

Then MM switches the topic and writes

Yes, people like Stalin killed millions, but so did Hitler, and Hitler, contrary to (understandable, but dishonest) Christian denials, was a Christian.

Contrary to his accusations and his claim that Christians are in denial about Hitler’s religious beliefs,. Hitler was not a Christian. We have written extensively on this topic in several posts. One is here, another is here, and a third is here. read them when you get the time.

We won’t labor the point.

The historical violence of religion is well documented

So is the historical violence of atheists.  But is it religion that is killing people or is it the sin that permeates inside of all people that influenced them to do violence? MM does not do the topic justice nor does he explore it with any honesty. he writes:

You need only look at the Crusades, the ceaseless persecution and counter-persecution between Catholics and Protestants in the Middle Ages, and the religion-fuelled turmoil in the region of Kashmir, to name but a few, to see that religion is not a bloodless platform.

Yes, people have been killed in the name of God and in the name of their false gods but does that make Christianity a false religion, their God a blood thirsty God, or one that likes violence? No to all of the questions.

When you read the Bible, you see that God has other commands that he expects to be followed. What some people claiming to be Christians do in the name of God does not mean they were right or that God ordered them to do those terrible acts.

Hitler may have used God during his reign but that does not make him a Christian nor that he was acting in obedience to God’s commands. When you read the words love their neighbor, you will find that it does not exclude the Jews from being Hitler’s or our neighbors.

There is a depth to this topic that MM and other unbelievers refuse to go to and look at honestly. One has to look at the tenets of the faith before one can say someone else is a Christian. Claims do not make them one. Nor does putting the words God is with us on a belt buckle make Hitler or the Nazis Christian.

But honest]y has never been MM’s strong suit as he seeks to deflect what Stalin, Mao, the Kims, and other dictators who were atheists. he writes

Furthermore, Stalin did not kill in the name of atheism, or because of atheism, but because of political desires.

It is a laughable point that ruins any credibility MM thought he had. Stalin obviously killed because of atheism because he was not a believer in God or acknowledged God’s existence. He wasn’t a Hindu or a Muslim so he could not kill because he was of those religious faiths.

He killed because he was an atheist even though it was for political purposes. he wanted power and control. But keep in mind because those listed atheists killed it does not mean that all atheists kill or that atheism is violent. Just like Hitler and some RCC popes killed does not make all Christians killers or Christianity a violent religion.

What it does do is make those people unrepentant sinners in need of a savior. Stalin may not have killed in the name of atheism but that does not make his killing right or justifiable. He killed because he was an atheist with no objective moral code to guide his thoughts and actions.

That is killing because he was an atheist. The last lines of the paragraph the quote was taken from are even more laughable:

He wanted to cement his communist regime, whereas Hitler was highly motivated by his religious beliefs

No, Hitler was not motivated by his supposed religious beliefs. he was motivated because of the fact that Germany lost World War 1 and was treated terribly by the allies. His drive for power had nothing to do with his supposed RCC upbringing.

Hitler also wanted to cement his rule so he and Stalin did the same thing. But leave it to MM to distort history and change the motivations of past leaders who were atheists and unbelievers to make his false point.

MM continued in that article to pose another unrealistic scenario that has no bearing on anything. It is a waste of time to even contemplate as a nuclear war is coming and we do not need the Crusaders of the past to wage it.

This war won’t be conducted by Christians either. It will be conducted by unbelievers, unrepentant sinners who lust for power and do not care who they kill to get it. This coming war could be started by the atheist Chinese but we do not know.

When dealing with tough subjects like this, Christians and unbelievers need to be honest and look for the truth. Not try to smear Christianity with false labels and false teachings. Christianity has been teaching the same thing for 2000 years.

One of those teachings is that all people have the freedom to choose to obey God and his word or not. Those that commit different sins, no matter the scale, have chosen wrong, whether they claim to be Christian or not.

God wants his followers to be holy, not murderers.