False Accusations

There is a photo with the picture of the late Christopher Hitchins. The caption beside his image reads “We are being told: respect faith. Well, I actually don’t. Because I don’t think lying to children is a respectful occupation.

Those words are a false accusation because no atheist has proven that the Bible is wrong and full of lies. They make personal conclusions and claims and that is about it. The atheist ignores all the evidence that goes contrary to their claims.

There are other claims that are only personal opinions and not based on any facts. Here are a few of them:

However, they have religious beliefs that are, to put it kindly, bat-shit crazy

Only in the atheists’ minds as the Bible already told Christians that the world will think the gospel and belief in God foolishness. The Christian faith is not foolish nor is it crazy. Those quoted words are merely deception talking.

These lessons are going to teach myths as facts, stories as history, and creationism as science

The atheist has yet to prove the biblical accounts as myths and every Christian is waiting for them to do so. We are waiting for them to provide physical evidence that proves the bible stories are not historical.

When it comes to creation as science, that is where science has its origin. Without creation, there can be no science. Many Christians do make the mistake of trying to make the creation act scientific.

It wasn’t. Creation was a one-time supernatural, event that did not come about in a scientific way. God used his power and everything came into existence. While the act is not scientific, creation does belong in the science classroom as you cannot teach people about origins when you leave their origins out.

The people lying to children are the unbelievers, the secular scientists, and the atheist. The Christian is trying to tell children the truth but they are blocked by those who have rejected Jesus and God.

Worse, young, impressionable children will be lied to about the nature and history of the Bible.

The atheist still hasn’t proven the Bible is full of lies. Christian parents need to protect their children from the lies of the atheist and other unbelievers. Just because some groups of people reject the biblical content does it mean that the biblical content is full of lies.

Nor does it mean that Christian parents are lying to their children. We know that evolution and the Big Bang theory are impossible so the liars are those that teach those concepts to children as truth.

For those who insist and demand that I respect their beliefs? I can’t do that. You believe things that cause harm; that retard intellectual growth; that stunt academic progress; that substitute myths for facts.

This is the same old song and dance. Lots of false accusations, no proof, and just personal hatred towards God and the Bible. Teaching right and wrong, etc., only harms those that are doing wrong and do not want to be corrected.

Their refusal has determined their course in life and the Christian did not do that. The person choosing to do wrong did that with their choice.No one is going to pat anyone on the back when they choose to do wrong.

There is no intellectual growth or academic progress when you teach them theories that never happened and are impossible to produce the results credited to them. The only people substituting myth for facts are the atheists and other unbelievers.

Evolution and the Big Bang never existed and never developed anything. The only way to prove their existence is to go back to the beginning. But the atheists, etc., cannot do that and they make the claim that the beginning is now gone.

How convenient. and another lie. We have had the original conditions for life on this planet ever since creation took place. They do not match up with the original conditions evolutionists say existed when life started. Who is doing the lying- atheists and evolutionists, etc.

We know that because scientists cannot replicate any evolutionary original conditions. Any claimed original condition cannot be verified either with real examples from whenever they say the beginning occurred.

 Underneath all of this is theocracy — God rule. And what do we know about theocracies? Freedoms are lost and people die. We must not let this happen.

No, underneath it all is not a theocracy but a desire for unsaved people to change their lives and spend their eternity with God. The freedoms mentioned in that quote are the atheist concept that sin must be allowed to be called normal, practiced as something that is right, and so on.

That is not freedom except for those who want to practice sin and evil. That is why we have the police, laws, courts, and jails. To stop those from practicing what harms others. The atheist accuses Christianity of doing harm.

In reality, the atheists’ fight for their version of freedom is doing the actual harm, especially to children. Since they do not have any objective standards, their concepts of right and wrong will be overturned by someone else’s concept of right and wrong.

Nothing improves under the atheist viewpoint. Everything remains the same. Only the rules change to fit the personal preference of whoever is in charge at the time. The only harm being done by Christianity is the stopping of the atheists and other unbelievers from making everything worse in the world.

The Christian casts the light on the right way to go. That is not harming anyone. The false accusations made by atheists only point the finger of shame back at them. Everything they claim Christianity is doing is actually being done by them right now.

Time to pray quietly for revival again so the atheists are changed from deceived sinners to Christian.