They Like Being in the Dark

As you know we have been using MM’s content to make spiritual points. We will do the same in this article as his content shows what work needs to be done as well as the attitude of the unbeliever. Also, every word he says only proves our content true.

It is his brand of extremist, fundamentalist Christianity that attacks and belittles others.

Falsely labeling something only creates their narrative. They want people to have a false idea of what Christianity is. They do not want to follow God’s standards so they paint a picture that is nowhere near the truth of Christianity.

Holding to God’s standards of right and wrong, etc., is not extremist nor a ‘brand’. It is the truth and it is Christianity, not a fundamental point of view. The truth divides people and gets them to make a choice.

Also, Christianity does not attack or belittle. It is corrective and tells people which side of the line they are on. If they feel belittled or attacked that is because they are being told that they are in need of a savior.

Fundie Christians are always pushing to gain more and more influence, through which they would deny others rights and freedoms

Christians have a right to influence the country and help it go in the right direction. They have the right to create laws, change different laws, and have a say in the way the country is run. They also have the right to run for office, be elected, and serve– just like the unbelievers do.

But what you are seeing here is the prideful & arrogant attitude of the unbelievers who think only they get to have such privileges. Christians are to serve according to God’s rules not unbelievers’ rules of conduct.

It is the unbeliever who is trying to remove the rights and freedoms of the Christian. The Christian is merely telling people what is right and what is wrong, etc.

…women would be little more than slaves, the LGBT community would be treated as criminals, and other religions would not exist.

Unbelievers love to put words in Christians’ mouths and make false accusations. What they are really saying is that they want nothing to do with Christ or his ways. They expose their hatred for God by ignoring his instructions and commands.

As well as falsely accusing Christians of things they are not doing. The unbelieving way has not worked since creation and yet unbelievers refuse to accept help and a better way of life. Women have their role and that does not make them a slave but then unbelievers do not have the truth so they distort the reality of the Christian life.

No, the LGBTQ community would not be treated as criminals. Their behavior would not be as supported as it is now but no one is to support sin and call it good. LGBTQ people are entitled to employment, food, housing, and entertainment but not parades or other things that glorify their sinful lifestyle.

Believe it or not, other religions would exist. Guiding a nation does not mean forced conversion. It just means that certain behavior would not be accepted in public. Christians are a part of the public and they do get a say on how society should go.

They also get access to public money since they pay their fair share as well. But unbelievers want all the money, their greed and selfishness have them blocking the rights of Christians.

Why should religion be permitted to interfere in every element of society, and who decides which religions, and to what degree?

There it is, the key point. Just like science, the unbeliever does not want God in their lives or telling them how to live. They want to be gods and make the determinations they favor. The question can be turned back on them, which would say ‘which unbeliever’s ways should influence society? Socialism? Communism? Dictatorship? Scientific? and more

None of those systems have done anything constructive for anyone. They do deny the rights and freedoms of many people including those who want democracy, freedom of religion, and rights.

All that is being said there is that the unbeliever is accusing the Christian of exactly what they already do.

When has religion enhanced the pursuit of knowledge through science?

When it is allowed in the science lab, classroom and research. One cannot contribute the truth if one is excluded and barred from participating. What the unbeliever does not realize is that science is founded on Christian thinking and biblical principles.

But distorters love to ignore that fact. You cannot get to the truth when those participating in science do not follow the spirit of truth or even search for it. They are searching for the best ex[planation but they ignore the best explanation because it includes God.

If left to Biblical devices, we’d still believe the earth was the centre of the universe. We could kiss goodbye to the development of all the tools that have made our lives easier over the centuries.

This is more hysterical nonsense from unbelievers. It is also an unprovable distortion of what took place in history. Even if a majority of unbelievers invented different items, that work only proves that God gave gifts & talents to those who do not believe in him.

God is generous and while he never gets any gratitude or credit, he does not take away those gifts and talents.

Religion is always trying to interfere in society, and no, it does not have that right

That comment proves what we said earlier. It is the unbeliever denying the Christian and Christianity the rights and freedoms the unbeliever enjoys. and is for the Christian as well.

They cannot force laws upon others who do not share their beliefs, or at least, they should not try to, but they try all the same.

Yet, the unbeliever does this very thing.

This does not happen the other way around. No one is forcing Christians to de-convert.

He obviously has not read many statements made by BG and other atheists. This is also a distortion as no one is forcing anyone to become a Christian. MM seems stuck in the Inquisition era of history and applies that false attitude to modern Christians today.

He also ignores many mitigating factors involved in life. But like all unbelievers, they want to paint their narrative in a specific way to avoid dealing with the truth and reality. He also forgets that nations like China, North Korea, USSR, and other countries have sought to destroy the church, killing Christians if they do not deconvert.

Rome did it as well as did other ancient civilizations. Unbelievers often have their head in the sand only pulling it out when something they can use against the church or Christian comes their way.

No one is saying they cannot go to Church. However, it isn’t enough for the religious to get on with their beliefs. They have to try and interfere in everyone else’s lives.

Again, he does not read the news or see unbelievers in action when they are afraid. He also doe snot know about China, North Korea, and other nations who do just that. They do stop people from going to church and the unbeliever does interfere in Christians ‘ lives.

One unfortunate way is by not enforcing the laws of the land and letting criminals and illegal immigrants go free. One would think the unbeliever would not do those things as it affects their fellow unbelievers but they do not care about anyone as long as they get what they want.

Telling people about a better way is not interfering. It is providing them with a better option. But as you can see, the unbeliever makes up stuff to avoid considering that better way.

If a non-believer wishes to learn about a given religion, they can do so, but that’s not enough for the religious, who will keep pushing and pushing and pushing, despite the destruction their belief system can bring

Again, he just reiterates the same point. Only unbelievers have a say in society and how it is run and which direction it is to go. The Christian does not bring destruction, that comes from promoting evil and wrong to being good and right.

When you let lawbreakers, evildoers, and sinners continue plying their lifestyles, nothing constructive is built. The evidence is in all the riots that have taken place over the past couple of years and the many democrat-run states and cities.

Those people who want to defund the police have only caused destruction and crime. The Church nor the Christians has supported such moves. Which destruction is better- the removal of sin and crime, etc., so society can thrive or the destruction of society through criminal and sinful behavior?

Conversion therapy is a great example…It has caused great harm to the trans community.

I have yet to find or hear of anyone who practices this form of help going out into the streets and strong-arming any LGBTQ person and forcing them to change their lifestyle. Usually,. those community members seek out help as they do not want to be LGBTQ anymore.

The harm comes when other unbelievers force LGBTQ members to remain in their sin by making laws that remove any help they can receive. It is the unbeliever making things worse, not the believer and as the Bible says, evil men proceed to go from bad to worse (paraphrase).

The Christians and Christianity are not going from bad to worse, they and it remain the same always striving to be better and influencing their societies to be better. But since the unbeliever prefers darkness to light, it is an uphill battle filled with blockades that interfere with the Christians’ work

If a non-believer asks for you to leave them alone, LEAVE THEM ALONE! You are not respecting them, and certainly not loving them, by ignoring their wishes.

Love interferes. It is better to be interfered with by someone who loves you than someone who does not. Since we the believers love God we will interfere because we are trying to get people to a better way of life and an eternal reward.

Only deceived people would think that is wrong.