One of the Biggest Mistakes Christians Make

Is that they try to reconcile Christianity with science You can’t do this because they are of 2 different worlds and have 2 different masters. You should read our book The Church & Science: Get All the Facts to get a fuller discussion on this topic.

In this article, we are just going to discuss the God of the gap concept. There are many articles on the internet already discussing this topic. We are not totally happy with a lot of those articles and we will link to some of them.

The reason why we are not happy with them is that they leave science in its current state and do not separate biblical science from secular science. Biblical science would be a search for the truth. Whereas secular science’s goal is the best explanation.

However, the best explanation does not mean it is the truth. It is what unbelieving scientists are comfortable with. We know of and have read many scientists who have declared that even if they and other unbelieving scientists are proven wrong, they will still not believe in God or accept his son as their savior.

That is non-objective work and thinking even though these same scientists boast that secular science is objective. True objectivity would not immediately dismiss the truth no matter if it came from true evangelical scientists or not.

The best definition we read for the God of the gaps concept is:

The ‘god of the gaps’ is a god whose acts are hypothesized as the cause of that which we cannot explain. (source)

Many unbelievers use this concept today to deride anyone who believes in the biblical creative act. Those that do still use this concept think that science can and will explain everything.

Technically, science may be able to do that BUT it won’t be the truth of what happened. The explanation may be there but there will be no verification for those explanations. Every item used as physical proof will be read into the item not taken out of it.

For example, many people still believe that cosmic radiation is left over from the secular Big Bang event. BUT there is nothing anywhere stating that cosmic radiation is actual physical evidence for any creative event.

Scientists have declared it to be evidence but it is not truly evidence. It cannot be verified that it was part of the Big Bang event. While people think science explains our origins, it really does not explain anything at all.

So while unbelievers are stating that there are gaps in the scientific explanations, in reality, there are no explanations coming from the secular scientific world. True believers in science will accept that the explanations given by current and past scientists are correct until they are disproven.

But what they are really doing is rejecting God and his explanation. They will believe anything as long as God is not a part of it. We know of one scientist who thinks that crystals came to earth from outer space and started life on this planet.

As far-fetched and unprovable as it is, he is serious about that theory. All it can be is a theory as secular science cannot verify one thing about their version of our origins. Science was not given that authority. It was designed to figure out what God did at creation BUT it was restricted.

The authority of our origins was given to the Bible. This is one reason we are not to listen to science over the Bible. It does not have the answers. It has secular unbelieving ideas but not the truth. There may be gaps in scientific explanations but there are NO gaps in the biblical record.

The Bible clearly explained our origins and we do not need science to confirm them. God spoke and it was. There are no questions that need to be asked because we know God has that power.

This is not magic because magic is deception and there is no deception in God. He has the power to create everything as he wants them to be without doing any secular scientific work. The fact that the heavens and earth and their contents exist exactly as God described is physical evidence of this power and his creative act.

We are to look at God and see who he is and that is who he is. We accept or reject that truth. Most secular scientists, including many who claim to be Christian reject this truth and try to conjure up magical origin events.  Those scientists are using magic not facts.

In looking at many of those articles, what we did not like was that the authors left secular science in place. By that we mean, that they do their scientific work in the same way as secular scientists do following secular scientists’ rules.

That is not what the Bible teaches. Even in science, Christians are to follow the Holy Spirit to the truth. The only person with the truth is God (Trinity) and he recorded it in the Bible. We do not go to secular science to get the truth.

The God of truth has been excluded from the science lab, classroom, and the scientists’ work. As Psalm 1:1 says ‘Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly. The ungodly in this world include secular scientists.

The Bible warns of false teachers and teachings and secular scientists are in those two categories as well. If they teach anything different from the Bible, they are not true teachers of God and need to be ignored.

There are no gaps. There are just scientific fairy tales leading people astray from the truth. The only person that knows what happened in the beginning is GOD. Science cannot see into the past nor can it correct God.

When people like Neil Tyson spout off, keep in mind that he is an unbeliever. He is part of the ungodly and no matter his education and experience, he is not to be believed, and his words are to be ignored.

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