Christian Counselors – 2

We do not do this very often but we will recommend a Christian Institution to get your counseling degree or degrees. We attended Masters International University Divinity back when it was just getting started.

That is about 18 years ago now and it has grown into a very respectable academic institution. Their focus back then was more on counseling but we were not called to be Christian Counseling so we took other courses from them.

Those courses soon disappeared, probably due to a lack of interest, and we took a lot of heat over that change. However, the school does more than just counseling degrees and it is a lot more expensive than when we attended.

The school is willing to work with you on the payment of tuition and you will need to explore their website to see what they offer. You can get to their website by clicking on this link MDiv


On another note, we knew that certain people would respond to our post. They did and their content is as bad as it always has been. We are not going to respond to their false charges and content as it is of no value to do so.

What we will say is that God is always right and the unbelieving world is always wrong. We were also going to take some more examples from that article we linked to in yesterday’s post but we will bypass that as well.

All we will say is the end result is due to the fact that the author listened to the unbelieving world over God. That is the biggest problem the church faces today. It is also why so many young adults leave the church once they hit college.

They listen to unbelieving professors over God and then they lose their faith. The way to stop that trend is to teach your children to listen to God over unbelievers. Make sure you teach them the truth as well.

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