Rights, God, and the Godless

A borrowed title from MM and we decided to look at his comments under an article of the same words over at his website. He makes some interesting comments that we would like to address.

I have been fortunate to come across a number of strong voices in the fields of feminism, LGBT rights, and racial equality

What are these strong voices basing their arguments on? What type of foundation are they building upon? If it is their own subjective opinions, then those arguments are nothing but personal desires and not objective truth.

They are also misleading as LGBTQ rights is a false argument. Every LGBTQ member had and has the same rights as non-LGBTQ members. The only difference is that the former did not and do not want to follow the rules of those rights.

They do not want to be seen as perverted or wrong or even abnormal, so they demanded special rights to help them seem normal. Going to the bathrooms is one prime example. Transgenders do not accept their birth gender but that denial of who they really are is not grounds to change the rules of normality to fit their denials.

This demand for new bathroom rules is a special right as the transgender had the right to use the bathroom of their birth gender. They did not want to follow the rules thus they demand special privileges. They are wrong not the people who oppose them.

You cannot give the middle finger to a being you don’t believe in. You cannot reject that in which you do not have faith in to begin with.

He is wrong here as people do this all the time. He just hasn’t kept up with the actions of the atheists. Yes, you can reject that in which you do not have faith in to begin with. The fact you do not place faith in God is a rejection of him.

MM and countless other believers have been told about Jesus and God so their refusal to believe in him is rejection.

I do not know of a single pro-choice person who argues that they oppose God. I do know of several pro-choice activists who argue bodily autonomy is what they fight for

They do oppose God as they violate his word by killing someone who can’t defend themselves and is innocent of any crime. Their demand for abortion is opposing God and his way. Pro-choice people have been told God’s way countless times and their rejection of the truth is opposition to God. The pro-choice wants their way, not God’s.

What body autonomy? The woman does not have body autonomy when she has sex with a man. She cannot produce a child by having sex with herself or another woman. There is no body autonomy during the pregnancy as the unborn child also belongs to the man. It is not hers alone.

The woman does not have sole decision-making rights over the baby because it is not solely hers nor is it her body being destroyed. The woman was designed to carry the baby because God had other plans for the man.

which is what trans rights is about as well

The transgender people and their supporters are just operating under a delusion. They cannot change who they are as science has confirmed that the specific chromosomes that make up men and women cannot be changed.

The transgender is the person with the problem as they cannot accept who they are and demand that everyone else participates in their delusion. That is wrong as the LGBTQ and atheists, etc., have complained long and hard about Christians forcing their views on them.

Well, those groups are doing the exact same thing to those who disagree with them. They have no argument. Transgenders or people who think they are transgender can play dress-up all they want, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are wrong, in need of help, and disobeying God when he said men and women are not to wear the other gender’s clothing.

Delusion is not right nor is it from God. God wants his creation to be as he created them not some freak show.

Forced-birthers will expect children to proceed with life-threatening pregnancies, which underscores why they aren’t pro-life. Forced-birthers do not care about the future well-being of the baby, or the baby’s mother. It seems that quality of life is irrelevant.

This is nothing but a lie. Protecting someone from being killed is NOT forced birthing. It is protecting those who cannot defend themselves and are innocent of any crime or sin. Why should they have to die? The pro-choice people have not presented any solid reason why someone who did not ask to be born gets killed.

Yes, rape, incest, or forced sexual relations are wrong but those errors do not translate to the unborn child. The penalties lie with the parents committing the act. If the woman dies, she becomes another victim just like people who are murdered for no real reason are.

Pro-choice people simply create strawman arguments to force their sinful ways on everyone and justify their murderous attitudes and actions. Quality of life is subjective and has no bearing on the issue or the debate.

Of course, we care about the future of the unborn baby, but the child has to be born first to have any hope of a future.

Marriage is not a religious institution. It is not unique to Christianity.

Actually, it is a religious institution. It came from God and nowhere else. Evil destroys the family unit, and God builds it. He created marriage when he created the woman and said two shall become one. (paraphrase for space).

The unbelieving world from the very earliest of ancient times accepted that fact. Those that didn’t created divorce. There is only one reason for divorce yet people’s hearts get so hardened by sin, they make up any excuse to get away from their commitment.

It is not reasonable to demand that everyone must conform to the whim of one religion’s definition of marriage. Marriage pre-dates Christianity and like many things, was co-opted by the Church.

Another twisting of the facts. MM thinks that because Christianity started in the 1st century AD and marriage took place from the beginning of time that Christianity has no right to define marriage. But the definition of marriage was given by God who also created Christianity.

His futile argument shows how MM twists things to make his point. He leaves out pertinent facts to say he is right and Christians are wrong. But he only shows that he is wrong and out of touch with the truth.

Oh, and marriage was continued by Noah and his family thus it is a religious institution one that God wanted to exist.

If one does not believe in God, then does it matter that God has forbidden something?

Yes, because denial and rejection do not mean something is not forbidden. Everyone has been or is being told the rules of God. If they reject those rules it does not mean the rules are non-existent. Romans 1 makes that clear.

Homosexuality is not comparable to murder, nor any form of debauchery. This idea is used to demonise the LGBT community for having the nerve of wanting to exist without prejudice.

He has never been to a homosexual bar or nightclub. We have and we have had many friends who were homosexual even though we were and are not that type of person. We know what goes on in those places as well as behind closed doors in private homes. 

If we spoke about what we witnessed you would be sick to your stomach. It is not natural, it is debauchery and it is sin. If the LGBTQ community wants to live without prejudice, they need to stop being prejudiced against those who disagree with them.

The ‘oppressed’ has become the oppressor. They need to stop attacking Christians, making false legal claims, and stop bashing those who do not accept them. But they can’t live without prejudice because they flaunt their preferences in people’s faces (gay pride parades), in the classroom in front of children not their own (we have read different news stories where homosexual teachers who got in trouble say ‘we just want to share our personal lives with our students), those teachers are wrong and should not be discussing such topics with children not their own.

Most of the time, they bring the abuse upon themselves because they can’t keep their mouths shut. They are lucky they are living in the New Testament world as in the OT it was okay to kill LGBTQ people.

In the end, what all three articles are trying to stress, is that our lives, our dreams, our hopes, and our desires, are all secondary to the will of God

Obviously, MM has not read the verse which says ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you’ You will not miss out on anything if you put God first. But MM is not biblical literate so he misses out on a lot of information.

The LGBT community is taught to believe itself to be evil, to be dirty, and sinful.

It is. There is nothing good, wonderful, natural, or even normal about LGBTQ preferences. It is sin and it is wrong. LGBTQ members have the same free choice as everyone else and they can choose to not go that route if they wanted to. They just need God’s help to do that.

However, LGBTQ people like or love their sin more than they love God so they rarely do make the right choice.

Wishing to have control over one’s own body is seen as shameful.

Of course, it is, as that wishing and action usually come at the wrong time. If a woman wants to have control over her body, then she should not get married and not have sex. It doe snot come after she learns she is pregnant.

Control over one’s body does not include killing another person who would want the same thing once they are born. But they are deprived of life and that choice because someone else failed them and took their lives.

It is very shameful to be a murderer.

One of the fundamental human rights – bodily autonomy – is taught as being bad.

This is not a human right anywhere. And once one marries, they lost that autonomy if it was found in some country’s bill of rights. It is an unrealistic demand that infringes on the rights of others and deprives them of the freedom & the right to have a child.

Except, the freedom to determine our own destiny is not bad.

He doesn’t get it. He has the right to determine his destiny. It begins with one simple choice- accept Christ as his savior or not. He made his choice and exercised that freedom. BUT those who accepted Christ as their savior have the freedom to defend the innocent and cast the light of Jesus unto a dark world.

While MM is fighting for his rights, he likes to deprive others of the same rights he wants for himself and others. He is wrong, as usual. He just doesn’t like being told that he is wrong. He thinks he knows more than God and is more moral than God.

Yet all of his words and activities simply point to allowing people of the world to sin more and hurt innocent people.

The right to life includes the right to quality of life.

That is MM’s interpretation and that is also not said anywhere. I would like to see him give the quality of life he wants for a North American 10-year-old to the children of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, children from different African nations, and even the poor children of America.

His definition and application of ‘quality of life’ is selective, discriminates, and prejudicial. It is also subjective as his definition of quality of life does not meet with other peop[le’s definitions or God’s. How is his definition better? He has nothing to offer anyone.

Thus he has no right to demand something for others and that other people are supposed to provide when he cannot do it himself. Doing it for his daughter does not count as he is not being inclusive.

We should not live in a world where children are forced to have babies, or where being gay or bi or lesbian or trans incurs harassment, exile and violence.

In other words, he does not want to live in a world where there is such a thing as right and wrong, morality and immorality, and good and evil. Too late, he is already there as even those who side with him do bad things to those they disagree with.

So he has no argument nor foundation for an argument. This is God’s creation and because of that fact, it is God’s rules that rule not MM’s or any other unbeliever’s rules. If he wants to set his own rules, MM needs to move to another planet and create it to his ideas

If he can’t do that, he is free to exercise his freedom of choice and choose his destiny. He is not free to choose the destiny of others. Of course, if he moves to another planet, he is still in God’s creation and it will still be God’s rules that rule there as well.

MM’s idea of paradise is to let sin and corruption abound and that is never paradise. If it was no one would complain about the crime, et., taking place in this world.