More Controversial Issues

We apologize for our article title yesterday. However, we did find the content on the funny side. Both BG and MM accuse us of the very things they want to do. They want to control the Christian faith so it is more like them and their beliefs instead of accepting it as it is.

They want the Christian to accept what is wrong to the believer while rejecting what they consider wrong in the Christian faith. Their attitudes are like the attitude behind secular academic freedom.

The unbeliever wants the freedom to explore different topics and do so on Christian college campuses while refusing to let Christians have the same freedom on secular college campuses. This is why we said in yesterday’s article that the unbeliever is not the light unto the Christian. They have nothing to offer and only seek to hide the truth.

We expect BG, MM & their minions to protest what we are about to say:

#1. It is not an isolated case

We wrote about a young girl that was pregnant at 10. In that article, we mentioned that this is not a rare instance. The article linked to in the title of this sub-section points out that even in America, this is not a rare event.

In 2017, the last year for which data was available, the institute concluded there were 4,460 pregnancies among girls younger than 15, with about 44% ending in abortion. In Ohio alone, 52 girls younger than 15 received an abortion in 2020 — an average of one every week, according to the state Department of Health.

God’s word is clear in all of these cases. Abortion is not allowed. The words, ‘thou shalt not kill’  apply to children as they do adults. But what really bothered us in this article was the action of one mother:

The hardest case of her career, she said, was one where a mother brought her 14-year-old daughter in for an appointment after the girl was raped. The mother wanted her daughter to have an abortion.

“But the patient said, ‘I don’t want to kill my baby,’” Bernard recalled. “She felt as though abortion was wrong.” Bernard said she told the mother that she could not perform the abortion without the 14-year-old’s verbal consent. Eventually, the mother persuaded her daughter to undergo the procedure.

The mother was wrong. She should not have led her daughter to sin and violate her personal belief that abortion is wrong. Instead, the mother should have spent the next few months instructing her daughter on what to expect, how to handle the pregnancy, and other key information every young woman needs to know.

Her mother should have been teaching her child to abide by God’s word and his standards of right and wrong, not how to violate them. Parents are given the charge by God to teach their children God’s ways and rules.

The unborn child is NOT contaminated by the father just because his seed connected with an egg. This is why we feel that Hitler’s relatives who have remained single their whole life are wrong. They have robbed themselves of a beautiful family under the mistaken idea that heredity causes evil in people.

The child of a rape or incest sexual act is not poisoned by the attitudes of the father or mother. They have to learn those. And if they can learn the wrong aspects of life, they can learn the right ones as well. The child should not be punished no matter how old the mother is..

#2. The church needs to stand by God

Resolved,that the Episcopal Church recognizes that access to abortion is a key element in preserving the health, independence, and autonomy of those who can bear children; and be it further;

Resolved,that the 80th General Convention affirms that all Episcopalians should be able to access abortion services and birth control with no restriction on movement, autonomy, type, or timing; and be it further;

Abortion is NOT healthcare. It is murder and if a woman wants independence, then she should not have sex. The statement in the first paragraph shows that the Episcopal Church has little understanding of how life works and the roles of men and women.

It also has little understanding of who the child belongs. It is not the mother’s child alone and just because she was created to be the bearer of children, does not give her sole rights to the child.

The woman was made for the man and part of her helpmeet role is to be the bearer of children. She needs to accept that role instead of letting evil desires lead her to sin against God and destroy the life developing inside of her.

The Episcopal Church is wrong in that resolution as well as other sinful acts they do. They are not standing with God and should remove the word Church from their name. They are not being like Christ nor following him.

Many LGBTQ people argue that Jesus did not directly say that their preferences are wrong. The same argument can be said about abortion. However, Jesus never said either was right and part of his church.

But Jesus did directly say those acts were wrong and he did so through his authors in the rest of the New Testament. People who want to hide from the truth will say that the rest of the New Testament and some of the Gospels were written by men.

That is not true as Peter said, they wrote under the aid of the Holy Spirit. That means that the rest of the NT is written by Jesus and are his words. He did speak directly against both issues. It is up to the ‘church’ and the Church to fully understand those words and act accordingly.

The Episcopal Church is failing in this right now. As are other ‘churches’.

#3. Nothing from the Bible is weaponized

The title of the article in question here is As UMC Denomination Splits, Woke Pastor Laments ‘Orthodoxy has been Weaponized Against Us’. And no, nothing is being ‘weaponized’ against those who do not want to believe or follow the Bible.

The word weaponized is defined by Mirriam Webster dictionary as

to adapt for use as a weapon of war

We may be in a spiritual war but nothing is being weaponized. Unbelievers and those refusing to obey God are being told the truth but they are not under attack that would harm their lives nor change their beliefs.

Changing their beliefs is up to them and the Holy Spirit. Being told the truth and having a group of people who do not want sin in their church is NOT weaponizing anything. Those that want to pervert God’s word are being told their ideology and sins are not welcome in the church. Just like Christ told everyone as did his NT authors.

Those people who do not want to obey God are free to form their own little organizations but they are not part of the church nor are they right. True Christians are NOT wrong in telling these people that they have erred and need to get right with God.

That is not weaponizing anything, but letting the false believers know where they stand. They, the democrat party, LGBTQ, and many others who do not follow God need to REPENT NOW! They are wrong and in sin.

Do not let the bullying efforts of those groups drive you away from following God. Be strong and withstand the attacks.