Why We Do Not Defend Ourselves

There were more comments under BGs post as well as some made here that are very wrong, mean-spirited, and so on. We will post some of them here and the biggest question to answer is- what good would it do to defend ourselves? But first some of those comments:

#1. Bruce, thank you for posting Tee’s hateful rant. It spared me from going to his site and adding to his visitor count.

Reading his diatribe felt like an assault on my very being. I actually felt physical pain afterwards: an echo, if you will, of the trauma I’ve carried for half a century since I was sexually abused by a priest and a family friend. Possibly the only thing that kept the aftermath of it from being worse is that I was still living as a boy and therefore couldn’t become pregnant. Someone like Tee would have happily compounded what I endured. He’s not worth my, or anyone else’s, time.

#2. Well, I had to stop reading after David put himself on a pedestal and fraudulently posits that he’s a trauma informed person.

#3. Tee is a disgusting individual. I hope he does not have access to children in any way, given his total lack of empathy.

#4. Tee is a monster, but he is no different than all the judges and politicians who made this happen and put in place laws that valued the unborn more than the living. Lets not forget all the pastors who encouraged this as well in the name of god

#5. This self righteous prick is no different from Taliban or ISIS leaders who force women into servitude or execute rape victims. Religious fundamentalism is a a threat on our shores and not just overseas and the growing power of these modern day pharisees is truly frightening.

#6. I take D T’s post just as seriously as I would any other post by a malignant narcissistic sociopath with a criminal record for domestic violence.

#7. Fuck you, fake Dr. Tee. Fuck you from here to the far reaches of the universe, even beyond what the James Webb telescope has photographed.

#8. I wonder if this idiot’s reverence for “thou shalt not kill” extends to a belief that the army should be disbanded and all private citizens should surrender their potentially deadly firearms?

We looked and thought about Jesus’ trial and why he did not defend himself against all the charges and insults hurled his way. The answer came in the form of a question- what good would it do?

People who hate Christ are going to hate Christians for many reasons. Unless convicted by God’s Holy Spirit, they are not going to change. They will believe whatever they want whether it is true or not.

They will also do almost anything they can to undermine any defense you make. They will take half-truths, half a story, or even make up stuff to get at you. It is just not worth the time or energy to defend oneself from such people.

There is no reasoning with these people and making a defense just won’t accomplish what you want it to. Stephen tried it and he is accusers stopped up their ears before stoning him. In most cases making a defense does not change the outcome.

Their anger and hatred do leave us wondering why they are not going after the man who raped the little girl? You can read all about him at this link. Why are they not writing articles about him and how he has violated the law, not once but at least 2 times?

He is illegal so he has violated federal law and he has raped so he has violated state laws. But we see no hate-filled articles about him or why the federal government is not stopping the flow of illegals into the country.

No, they would rather attack someone who is safe to attack as they know we will not retaliate in any manner. Neither MM nor BG have written articles about that man condemning his actions or presence in the country. He has done something wrong that has injured American citizens.

Yet their focus remains on Christians who only proclaim and live the truth. Something that is not endangering their lifestyles, unlike illegal aliens. because they have no moral foundation, they cannot forgive someone or accept the fact that people disagree with their abortion illegal immigrant views.

They sin in their response to decisions and opposing arguments and the best we can do is turn the other cheek like Jesus and forgive them (which we have done). Somehow they are afraid of us but Christians are not the ones to be afraid of.

We cannot kill injure or harm them nor can we throw their souls into hell. Nor can our opposing points of view. They really should be afraid of God who, as the Bible says, can kill both body and soul and toss them into hell.

Their denial of these facts does not spare them the reality of it happening to them. Then in a subsequent post by BG titled- No Commentary Needed: Prophet David Tee Whines About a Meerkat and a Crippled Man Picking on Him

We are not whining, we are using their words as teaching moments to point out the error of their ways and thinking. BG forgets that we are crippled as well. We just do not talk about it as he does. Our medical condition is one reason we wrote our books on sale at this link.

We are very limited in the work we can do and the only activities we are allowed to do for exercise are walking or bike riding. So we got a laugh out of that title. B UT we are appreciative that both BG and MM have spread God’s word to their countries and readers.

When they quote our posts our message reaches even more people. Thank God for that. Illegal immigration is wrong even for children as is abortion. Their hate-filled comments will not change that fact.

And if they do anything to us, God will raise up someone else to take our place. There has always been a messenger of God in the world’s midst. Even when the one world government comes, there will be two witnesses present.

God is merciful and gives people a chance to repent no matter how bad they are. That is one form of true love.