Standing Alone

That is one of the facts of the Christian life. When you start teaching the truth, you will find that you are standing there by yourself except for Jesus. We have seen many churches and so-called Christians fall to the demands of the unbelieving world.

If we are the light unto the world, then we cannot fall or falter nor give in to the demands of those who want their own sinful ways. The unbeliever thinks they know better and have a better morality than those who bring the truth but they don’t.

Their idea of morality is to kill an innocent child who cannot defend him or herself just so a 10-year-old can have a childhood or escape the trauma. That isn’t being moral nor is it even close to being right. All they have done is shifted the trauma to something they do not accept as human even though it is.

We are supposed to follow Jesus even when it gets tough and this situation is a tough one. We read BG’s response, he finally came in with a few words but he mostly quoted MM. When we first read it, there were only two comments underneath the article. Those will be the two we will address here.

This idiot infuriates me to no end. I left my two cents and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get posted.

Yes, that person left her two cents and it was not kind. The part she did not post in that comment was that we do not know women or how they feel going through those changes. If you read parts 1 and 2, you will see that we never said we knew how that little girl felt.

But God does and he can use Christian women to minister to that girl and help her make the right decisions and learn what is going on with their body. We as ministers or teachers of God’s word can only let the world know what is God’s way.

Then we have to sit back and let people make their choices. We cannot force people to obey God. Also, what that person does not understand is that men are charged with leading women to obey God correctly and helping them get to a holy life.

We are to teach them the truth so they know what to do in all situations. That is how Christ loved the Church and that is one-way men show their love to their wives, sisters, daughters, and so on.

We are not charged to lead women to sin.

We will deal with MM’s words in different quotes:

What truly pisses me off is that he is not a parent (well, we know that might be a grey area), yet he would hide behind the Bible to dictate to parents (such as Bruce and myself) as to how to raise our children

A preacher or a teacher does not have to be married to bring God’s truth to parents. He has to love God and be willing to teach the truth. God has already laid out what parents are to do. In Deut. 4, God tells Moses to tell the people to raise their children by teaching them his ways, etc.

Having an abortion or making a child have an abortion is not part of God’s ways. God has done all the hard work, the human Christian just has to learn from God and apply the Biblical teaching in the correct manner.

We are not dictating to anyone but informing them of what God wants them to do. All parents have free choice to obey God or not. The key for the preacher and for the parents is to make sure they are telling and hearing the truth.

Preachers and teachers should not add their own personal views to God’s word so that the parents can clearly hear God. Parents are to please and obey God but they cannot do that unless they understand and know God’s word correctly.

That is where the pastor and teacher come in. God has chosen pastors and teachers to inform the people of his ways. It is up to those two groups to make sure they heard correctly, learn the lessons God wants them to learn then pass it on to the people.

We are not dictating but informing.

He’d love to have the power to force us to raise our kids the way he wants.

This is one reason why we stopped talking to MM. He keeps thinking he can read our minds and then accuse us of things we never thought of. It gets very tiring being falsely accused publicly and we wish he would stop lying about what is in our minds and hearts.

We teach God’s way here not our own and last time we looked, we advocated for no new laws to be implemented governing unbelievers’ lives and how they raise their families. Nor have we run for office to do the same thing.

We have no desire for power. Instead, our desire has been for over 10 years now to preach the truth so that everyone gets it. Of course, our focus is often more on pastors, teachers, and missionaries, but all people are welcome to read what is written here.

But, unbelievers will always cry foul when they do not get their sinful ways and try to hurt the messenger because they do not want to hear the truth or give up their own power in favor of letting God rule them.

I’ll never force my daughter into any action she was not happy with.

Then he is not a good father. His job as a father is to guide his children towards God and teach them God’s ways and statutes. His job as a father is to be a moral example, having the wisdom to teach his daughter the truth and the right way to live.

Sometimes that means making her do things she is not happy with. His job is not to let his child sin or lead her to sin. He is to correct her behavior when she does something wrong. Children do not learn without proper guidance and discipline.

. If, in some horrible scenario (that I hope never happens), she ended up pregnant against her wishes, I cannot see how I could look her in the eyes, and tell her she must risk her own life (and the quality of her life) for the sake of the embryo inside her.

No one said life was easy. We all have to make tough choices and it is better to obey God so children have an example to follow than teach them that disobeying God is okay.

However, I would love to know what problems the unbelieving world has failed to address, and what solutions David’s version of faith can offer. How would he address climate change? The cost of living crisis? Gun violence? If the answer is ‘faith and prayer’, then that’s a non-answer. What tangible, actual actions can David suggest to solve the problems the world currently faces? What tangible actions solved serious problems in the past that non-believers failed to resolve? I eagerly await his fact-driven answer, and the sources to back up his claims.

This last quote comes from the last paragraph of his 3rd response to our series on this topic. It is the same strawman arguments he keeps creating to ensure that he does not listen to the truth. That is what we teach.

The Bible lays out all the answers for people to follow. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you addresses many problems. If you want to be fed when you are hungry, then honestly feed those who are without.

That keeps them from being tempted to steal. If you want justice, then be just and fair. Punishment is to lead people to repentance but you cannot get them to repent when there is no justice.

Why do you think we defend certain people accused of committing serious crimes? We like justice and we fight so they can have justice. If they don’t get it, no one gets justice. We are to love mercy as well which is why we have taught that zero tolerance is a sinful and non-christian ideology, not a biblical one.

As for other things he mentions in that quote, love your neighbor as they self would stop a lot of gun violence. Ask for wisdom, God promised to give it liberally. God’s wisdom helps solve so many problems without removing rights from those who have obeyed the law.

These may be biblical principles but they do bring about tangible results that make society a better place to live. The key is for the people to choose to accept and follow those biblical principles. That means that true Christians have to pray to block evil from deceiving the people and leading them to make a wrong decisions.

There is evil in the world that MM and BG deny so they cannot see the truth as they are very deceived. We do not expect them to see the light without Christians praying for them. Then they will understand everything we have taught once they truly believe in Jesus.

But they won’t get those tangible results because too many people are just like them, deciding for evil and trashing the only solution that will make this world better. As well as trashing those who bring God’s ways to them.

What happened to that 10-year-old girl is tragic but tragedy does not give people an escape route to not obey God. We obey God first and the tragedy will be solved without sin.