Is It a Moral Dilemma?– Solutions

We knew that MM would respond again and as usual, he thinks his ways are better than God’s. He provided no real answer to this problem except to continue to sin and disobey God. Why he and other unbelievers do this is mystifying.

After thousands of years, the unbelieving way has not produced any solutions to the problems of this world. In fact, their ways have made things worse. One would think that they would have learned their lesson by now but because they do not want God involved in anything in life, they continue down the same failed path day after day.

All the research shows that whenmoms & dads take an active role intheir kid’s education…performance imprioves dramatically (Pg. 98 Lies That Go Unchallenged in Popular Culture by Charles Colson)

While that quote is more about education it applies to home life in general as well. When parents take an active role in preparing children for the darker side of life, they are protecting their children. keeping them isolated from the bad things that happen is not protecting the child but keeping them vulnerable to predators and other criminals.

Many parents do not want their children to grow up quickly but if you want them protected, then you need to do what God says parents need to do. One verse from Proverbs tells parents not to delay their training:

Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he grows older he will not abandon it.(Proverbs 22:6)

The onus is on parents to do the training and parents have a good 6 years to teach their children before they get to public or other schools. Deut.4 and other chapters also have God instructing the parents and grandparents to teach their children and grandchildren his statutes, his commands, and his ways.

God has given parents the charge to raise their children. Where do parents get their training? ZOne source would be their own parents and grandparents. The other source would be the church. Pastors, teachers, and missionaries are given the command to feed the flock of Christ.

Those two sources should be looking to God for help. God said he would provide wisdom, parents need to take him up on that offer. Here is an interesting verse that supports the two OT passages we just mentioned:

All Scripture is inspired by God and beneficial for teaching, for rebuke, for correction, for training in righteousness;(2 Tim. 3:16)

Parents are to teach the Bible correctly to their children. When children ask questions, you need to be prepared with the right answer. Those right answers will help your children avoid terrible situations that will either get them in trouble or make them victims.

It will also give them skills to help others caught in those situations. This is just the first stage of providing solutions when bad things happen. Parents need to be there for their children even when they are pregnant at 8 or 10 years of age, helping them each step of the way.

Abortion is not a solution and while parents have paid for abortions for their daughters, this is not the right move to make. It sends a lesson that the unborn child is disposable, expendable, and worthless.

Those are not the messages anyone should teach their children. When you teach your children the bad lessons, guess what, the verse from Proverbs applies to the negative as well. Your children won’t depart from those negative lessons.

Future children are placed at risk because of those negative lessons. What if the parents are the problem? Then the church is to step in and shine the light onto these bad situations, help the children through them, how to understand what is happening to them as well as bring the right care to help these pregnant children survive.

Children do need to be taught well when they face these situations. They need to learn to keep their heads and gather as much evidence as possible. Genesis 38: 18-26 provides biblical support for getting evidence even in a bad situation.

Children also need to be taught to not be afraid when someone commits a crime against them. They need to tell the right people in order to get justice. If the parents are the offender, then they should be given the confidence to go to a church or the police to get help.

Prayer will also be needed. Not after the fact but beforehand. Even generalized prayers for the community will help. There are so many hurting people that we do not know about but God does. Going into one’s prayer closet or praying corporately in secret is the way to pray for the people of your community.

When they come for help, be ready to provide the right assistance instead of dismissing their claims because they are children or women. Help them get evidence and passing the buck to secular social services is not going to always bring the right help. The Christians of the church need to get involved.

Unbelievers do not have the right answers and we have seen far too many examples where children have been taken from good homes for no real reason while children have been left in bad homes. The church has to get involved or the children do not get the right help.

In this world, it is difficult to bring solutions to every situation. Not that God doe snot have the solution but that people have free choice, many are influenced by evil and many Christians pursue the American dream over God’s desires.

And even if the Church made a great impact in this area, the unbelieving world will judge it on those who did not get help. The unbeliever does not have a better solution. They are to be ignored.

Will children under the age of 20 still get pregnant? Of course, they will. Sin abounds in this world and crimes will not stop. But it will only get worse if Christians do not get involved and start providing the right solutions to these situations.

Those solutions come from God. He knows the hearts of the people and Christians take their marching orders from him, even if the unbelieving world does not like it. The Church has preached for decades that Jesus is the answer, time for the church to start showing that answer to the world.

Those answers go beyond a salvation message. We are not ignoring those believers who are already doing this or saying they are not doing it. We know they are but they need help. It is not about creating more laws either. People need real help and God has chosen his followers to provide that help.

That is how the unbelieving world, even those involved in these terrible situations where children get pregnant, will see Jesus and know that he cares for them as well.