And do not lean on your own understanding.

For every Christian, these are very important words. They come from Proverbs 3:5b and provide very clear instruction from God. Many Christians tend to think that Bible verses stand on their own and often trump other key biblical passages.

But this is not the case. The Bible has been written in such a manner that enables believers to find the truth about what God has written. These words do not just apply to different events in the Christains’ lives

They also happen to apply when you read the Bible and seek to obey it. These words put the believer on the path to finding the truth. For example, the word ‘love’. A powerful word that is often misapplied to different situations.

Too often believers, including pastors, missionaries Sunday School teachers, etc., only use their understanding of love when they do Christian acts. The results are often partial and unequal in the application. What one person thinks love is and what another person thinks love is are two different things.

That is because they use subjective human understanding from what they were taught by other humans. But when you apply the words in that verse to the word ‘love’, you may be surprised by the results.

Instead of getting your own idea of what love is, you are led to how God defines the term and how it is to be applied. That process brings about a different result that is not partial or unequal.

To see how this works, most human understanding of love allows them to encourage non-citizens to enter the country illegally and violate different laws. However, this ‘act of love’ is only given to one group of people.

Those that want to come to the country illegally. What most people do not see is that those ‘actions of love’ are actions of hate towards their fellow citizens. Those fellow citizens are losing resources meant for them, making them vulnerable to criminal activity, helping their children get injured by drugs, and on it goes.

Those actions are not love towards one’s neighbors. It may be love to one group but it is not to another. It is selfish, unfair, unjust, and so on. When you apply the words ‘lean not to your own understanding’, you will see that while it may be harsh to those wanting to enter the country illegally.

God’s act of love keeps those people from breaking the laws of the land, keeps them from sinning, and at the same time protects your fellow citizens from the issues already mentioned above. God’s love is equal to all and preserves their souls.

These same words can be applied to the term ‘justice’ and other key elements that the Bible teaches about. When we stop being subjective and use God’s objective definitions of different terms, then we have a better atmosphere that leaves people open to the Gospel.

By leaning on God’s definition of justice helps people find the right punishment for the crimes committed. No one feels cheated and the path to redemption is kept open. If believers continue to use their own understanding, then they have nothing to offer the unbelieving world.

We would just be the same as they are and that is not what Christ is all about. Being the light unto the world means we bring God’s solutions to all issues, not our personal ones. These words include when believers are victims of crimes and persecution.

We bring God’s solution to make sure the unbelieving world knows that there is a God and that he cares about them. They will also know that there is a better way to live and solve the problems they face.

But if we lean unto our own understanding, they will only see our ways not God’s.