How should we respond?

That is a question that Dr. Michael Brown asked in his latest column titled 5 reasons to rejoice for overturning of Roe. He simp[ly blows on by this important topic for Christians without giving it a second thought.

The reasons to rejoice are known to everyone already and we do not need someone telling believers the obvious. However, we should have someone pointing out what we should do now that we have an answer to prayer.

One of the things that we have noticed over the years is that Christians in this battle have lost sight of Christ’s teaching. They have returned evil for evil, slandered, lied, misled, and more. In spite of those sins, God still answered prayers and had this decision overturned

Our Christian duty is not over with this decision. There are still women and families that need Christians to correctly act on Christ’s instructions. The reason is that they are hurting, deceived, and in need of true spiritual help.

This is not the time to throw this decision in the pro-choice community’s face and laud it over them. We need to take this victory with a lot of gratefulness and humility. We did not do this but God did.. His actions do not relieve us of our duties to minister to those on the other side.

Here are some of the many instructions we are to follow that Christ told us to do:

#1. return good for evil- we need to help those in need who are on the pro-choice side with kindness and the right attitude. People still need different social help that shows the gospel message in action.

#2. we need to keep praying- there are politicians, educators, judges, company leaders, and common people who need to be saved and have their hearts changed. If you look at the words and actions of the pro-choice community you will have your evidence for this response

#3. we need to pray that this law or a similar one does not return

#4. we need to roll up our sleeves and provide the right help to those women and families where a new child will place a very tough burden on them

Being pro-life does not mean we walk away from people now that this battle is over. We need to get involved in the right way so that these new lives have a chance at a better life and are not blamed for the troubles that come with their birth.

We still need to be there for those families and newborns. God has proven he is on our side now we must show the world that God cares about them.

Finally, we need to pray and ask God what is the best way to reach those people who have so much hatred in them toward unborn children and those who fought against them. The battle is not over as there are souls that need to be changed so that they get to live forever with Jesus.

We still have a lot of work to do and we need to humble ourselves and get to it.