It Is Not Mental Illness Or Stupidity

You just have to shake your head in disbelief at the stupid things people come up with. The following article just about takes the case

Yep, trans men can get pregnant. Why Calvin Klein’s ad depicting a trans family is causing a stir

An ad from Calvin Klein on Mother’s Day featuring a pregnant transgender man and his trans partner has sparked a wave of backlash on social media.

“Today, in support of women and mothers all over the world, we’re spotlighting the realities of new families,” the company wrote in the caption of a Sunday Instagram post highlighting the campaign, which features three nontraditional families — including Brazilian reality stars Erika Fernandes and Roberto Bete.

“Erika Fernandes and Roberto Bete are expecting parents from Brazil. Roberto is due to give birth to his and Erika’s son Noah any day now,” the caption continued alongside images that show Bete visibly pregnant, in Calvin Klein underwear, as his wife, wearing a CK sports bra and bottoms, clings to his arms at their bedside.

“We can reproduce biologically or from the heart…our place is to love and be loved,” the couple is quoted as saying in the ad.

Well, they are wrong. Just because they pretend to be a different gender, does not make them one. Nor does it change what God has created. Women still give birth to babies and men do not.

Men do not have wombs, periods, ovaries, or breasts that give milk. No matter how they slice up their bodies, women do not magically become men.

Calvin Klein has since released a statement defending its campaign, confirming that the company will always stand up against hate.

Since when is telling people the truth, hatred? As Christians, we are to love our neighbors NOT participate in or support their fantasies. When you look at people who claim to be transgender and their supporters you can see two things. One is the strong delusion that God promised to send to unbelievers.

The second is the deception that evil does in this world. If you want to evangelize this minute group of people, you will need to pray and ask God to remove both so his word can get into these people’s hearts.

Our war is not with our fellow human beings but with the evil that destroys our fellow human beings through various tricks, etc. In the meantime, do not buy into the false narrative that a mistake was made at birth.

That is impossible as women give birth to boys and girls not animals, cell groups, and so on. And only women can give birth. In over 5000 years of human history this has not changed.

So you have to ask why now? Why did this attitude of supporting transgenderism come from? Why are more and more people identifying as transgender and so many educators trying to turn little boys and girls into the opposite gender than they were born?

We must be getting close to the end times as evil is working harder than ever to destroy humans the apple of God’s creation. Be on the alert and when your children say they are a girl when they are a boy or a boy when they are a girl, usually they grow out of that misidentification.

Don’t panic but ask God to guide you with the right words to say that will protect your children from those that wish to harm them psychologically and by confusing them.

Remember, God gave you your children for you to raise. They are not to be raised by the government or someone else, especially a non-believer. The unbelieving are the ones lost, blind, and deceived. They cannot help you through those difficult times.


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8 thoughts on “It Is Not Mental Illness Or Stupidity

    1. We approved this pingback because it reminds us of the fact that atheists have no solutions for people with problems. It is like this guy we knew in Korea, an unbeliever, but very active in getting people out of cults. It is good that he was doing that BUT what was he leading them to was the problem. He was taking them from one problem and leading them to the same problem but in a different format.

      In other words, he wasn’t really helping them because he left them in their sin and solved nothing. The same goes with NG and other atheists. They think they are providing a solution but are really leaving the transgender with the same problem but in a different format. They are not freed nor receive any real solution.

      Yet the atheist, & BG, think they are smarter than the believer. They aren’t.

      1. The irony is that the article in the ping back brought me here. Also, the atheist who runs that website was once a Christian preacher.

          1. For someone who claims to be Christian, you’re pretty rude. How did you know that Bruce brought me here.

          2. I was actually being very polite. The rude one was you with your assumptions and leaps to conclusions. If you read is website you would know that he and I have known each other off and on for years

            Also, you told us.

          3. I still think you came across as rude. I really meant how did you know I came here via Bruce’s blog before I told you. I do subscribe to the blog because even though I still identify as Christian I agree with some of the things Bruce says but I haven’t read all his posts.
            Needless to say, the post you linked to is one I don’t agree with. No, I’m with you on the subject of trans.

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