Don’t Lie to Your Children

We saw this on Fox News website- The Easter Bunny didn’t die for our sins nor did he rise from the dead– however, the link did not go anywhere. We do not know why and we haven’t taken the time to see if it is a live link yet or not.

But while it may seem like a good idea to teach your children about the Easter Bunny, or that there is such a creature that brings easter eggs. It is not. It is lying to them. Parents, you need to tell your children the truth.

That headline that went nowhere, gives you all the reasons why you should tell them that the Easter bunny does not exist. A mythical creature does not do what Christ did for us.

The same headline would apply to Santa Claus and all you have to do is replace the Easter bunny with the words Santa Claus and you will get the real picture.

Both mythical beings may ‘bring’ nice items that bring temporary satisfaction to the human body or fulfill long-held desires for gifts and chocolate but they can’t do anything for your child.

Nor can they help your children out when they are in trouble. They have no power to rescue them at any time. So why teach your children about these two ‘people’ who have never existed in the format they are credited?

While there may be historic people who have done nice things and have been given credit for being the basis for the mythical Santa Claus, those men could not and cannot die for our sins nor grant us eternal life.

If you want to give your children easter eggs, and chocolate on this weekend, do so with the right purpose, the right reason, and the right focus. Put your children’s eyes, minds, and hearts on Christ, not a mythical creature that seeks to rob Christ of his purpose for coming to this world.

We need to place our children’s eyes and the world’s eyes on Christ and his sacrifice not on some creature that does not exist and can’t lay eggs made from candy or chocolate. Bunnies can’t lay eggs at all but that is a minor point in this hoax.

Keep your childrens’ and your own eyes on Christ as there is no substitute for him.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Lie to Your Children

    1. We approved the pingback for two reasons. #1. you can see how sad atheists and former Christians get in their denial of the existence of GOod
      #2. It seems that BG misses us and wants us to comment on his rants

      When we glanced at the article, we saw that he found a way to turn the article into something about himself. He is a class A narsiscist and he is not an exciting person to read about.

      Will we respond to his rant? It is hard to say. He doesn’t provide any evidence that God does not exist so presenting any would simply be casting pearls before swine. He does not have an open mind on the topic so it is also a waste of time to do so.

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