We Finally Did It

The most recent response we got from BG was the straw that tipped the scales. This will be the last time we will link to a web page on his site as there is no sense of decency in that man. Instead of being gracious, he was mean, hate-filled, and downright insulting.

So we have knocked the dust off our sandals from him and his site. It is because he was about as nice as the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. There was no point for him to take that route but knowing him all we can say is that it is par for the course.

We were also getting tired of articles like this one-How Evangelical Churches Exploit Children to Advance Their Agenda– His world does not offer anything better than Jesus offers, so he really has no basis for criticizing those in the Church.

He quit which makes what happens in the church, none of his business. He will forever be known as a quitter as he gave up on Christ and turned into Jesus’ enemy. How Christian parents raise their children is also none of his business.

His posts are just reminders to everyone that he could not hack the Christian life and he serves as an example of what happens to believers when they start listening to evil and unbelievers.

We did our best to understand his point of view but as we read the stories of his life that he so happily promotes to the world, we found that he was not leaning on God or following God’s instruction throughout his ministry.

He is an example of those preachers who do things on their own strength and use their own ideas and thoughts to serve God. That is not how servants of God are to act. For us, being called by God is a humbling experience and one that tempers all of our actions.

We do not try to do anything on our own strength using our own ideas but always look to God for what we are to post here. That way our heads do not get too big. The credit goes to God and we are fine with that, after all, it is his ministry and words, not ours.

Do we care what he writes on his website?  Sometimes we do because he is trashing God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and those acts make it our business. But he is just another pastor among a myriad of pastors and missionaries, as well as church leaders who have walked away from the faith.

We can find the same errors in thinking from other atheists who are a lot nicer than he is (and who are not so narcissistic). He has no story except one of failure and that is not something that should be broadcast anywhere.

We taught with a guy in Korea for 2 years who did nothing but brag about his failures he was not very much fun to be around. Nor did we hang out with him except at the Hagwon we taught at.

Failure is not something one should talk about unless they found a better way to live and BG has not. Or if they found where they made their mistake and made a comeback. BG is just one of the many that Jesus warned us about, those who fell away from the church.

He is not special and with his refusal to change or try to return, there is nothing anyone can do for him. We see the reality of the words of scripture about those who deny Christ after once believing and crucifying him all over.  That is what BG does and it is embarrassing and shameful to see take place.

So in the next 38 posts or so, we should have different content from different sources. We cannot get anything new from his website because it is the same old story- Christians are bad and our God does not exist.

We won’t be using MM’s site that much either because it is the same story from him. They are two men who want everyone to ignore Christ and his ways for their ways. That is wrong. They are wrong.

As for the linked article above, Christians do not indoctrinate children. We know that the unbelieving world does but that is par for the course for those who do not believe. They like to accuse Christians of the very same acts they commit on a grander scale.

As you go through life, do not be like MM or BG. Proverbs 3:4-6 has some very good words for all believers to follow. Look to God to guide you, lean on his wisdom, acknowledge him.

Being humble is one key to a good Christian life it is a gift we should never throw away like it was trash. The life is hard but it is precious as it is the only offer of salvation we will get. Why give salvation up for nothing?

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