We Have a Problem

That is ‘we’ as in all of us. In many of our discussions with unbelievers and our posts, we have made the statement that the secular world has had over 5000 years to get government, education, and other institutions correct.

While we will give credit where credit is due, some of those efforts have been okay. They have not impacted or interfered with Christian teaching, the same results keep cropping up.

Powerful nations decline and are eventually destroyed because the unbeliever demands that their ways be done over anything better. Throughout history, we have seen Babylon, Assyria, Rome, Alexander’s Greece, and even the Egyptians rise to powerful status only to be brought down eventually.

This pattern has continued throughout the ages as Britain, USSR and other nations declined substantially. Yet, the unbeliever does not try to change anything.

They keep making the same demands, doing the same things over and over, and always replicating what another unbelieving nation does. To what end? They lose everything. Britain, like Rome, Greece,  & Egypt, is a mere shadow of itself and its once powerful status.

The common thread in this historic repetition is that they all reject God’s and Christ’s ways. Instead, they opt for their own understanding and their own ways as if they are trying something new and different previously failed empires did not do.

But as you study history and these different civilizations, you will notice a pattern. They get a little power, it goes to their heads and they think they are invincible. Then they promote their own anti-God and anti-Jesus agenda and everything falls apart.

When Nineveh changed under Jonah’s preaching, God gave them extra life. However, it wasn’t long before the people of Nineveh returned to their evil ways and were eventually destroyed.

Even the evidence left by God does not deter future nations and their leaders from pursuing the same path. That evidence is plainly seen. As we said in our Noah’s Flood book there is more evidence for Noah’s flood and God’s judgment on sinners than any other biblical event.

Also, unless covered by people like Steven Collins who promotes a Northern location of Sodom, we see again the evidence of God’s judgment in the area of Bab edh-Drah and Numeria.

With all the evidence as well as the Bible, unbelievers continue on their way trying to eradicate the world of the only solution we have to rectify the many problems facing families today.

Even science has become so arrogant that they hate the mention of God or even a hint of the idea that God needs to be in the science lab and experiments. They do not want his help in their work.

This has left us with many problems without real solutions. The cry has been recently ‘to follow the science’, however, science has no clue and does not even know which direction it is going in.

The many members of this field of research are as bad as the many old and newer empires. They all want power and control over others. They want to do it their way which inevitably gets them into trouble.

What has sparked this article are the numerous news reports we have seen recently. China is oppressing house churches again, Canadians are oppressing all of its people with mandates that do not work, and so on.

Biden wants teachers to control their students, supporting the idea that teachers should hide what they are teaching the students from the parents. This is a grave problem for parents.

It is God who told parents and grandparents what they should teach their children. He did not give that order to governments, school boards, or teachers.

Slowly but surely, governments have been working to take control of students away from their parents. It has been going on for a long time. Even 30 years ago in British Columbia, teachers were telling students not to obey their parents.

We saw the results of that instruction with our own eyes and it is not a good situation to witness. It is just getting worse now. This is all because people want their own way over God’s.

The subtle nature of evil’s influence has slowly removed godly control and direction from society, replacing it with a humanistic viewpoint that ensnares many Christians as well.

We cannot say how many ‘Christians’ we have encountered over the years who claim to be a believer in Jesus and follow the Bible yet proclaim sinful lies about our origins and the Bible itself.

The only thing we can say is to encourage you to stand strong in Jesus. Make sure you follow the Holy Spirit to the truth, accept it and then continue to proclaim that truth so that all people will know right from wrong.

We know that not everyone will be saved but we can at least prevent each other from falling into the traps set by evil. When things look grim, you need to keep your eyes on Jesus, not the problems you encounter.

Peter did not do that and he sank into the waters. he cried out for Jesus to save him and Jesus did. Many modern Christians do not cry out because they do not think they are in a dangerous situation.

The evidence to show that God means what he says is still here in this world. We just need to accept it as evidence that shows that God is who he says he is and punishes those who disobey and follow evil.

We do not look at numbers to encourage us to stand in the faith. We look at Jesus and follow his commands not listening to those who reject God’s ways and claim they know more than God does.

It is not going to be pretty but as we have said in past articles on this site, Christianity is not for the weak as it is the hardest life to live. It is one of the more painful lives to live as well.

Not in physical pain but in emotional stress as we see loved ones following the crowd going down the broad way to destruction. The key to staying strong is to make sure your love for Jesus is stronger than your love for the things of this world and your family and friends.

That love for Jesus will help you deal with the problems you face in life. Stay close to Jesus and continue to pray for your spiritual leaders, your family members, and friends. Don’t forget to pray for your government, educational and judicial leaders as well.

God is the only one powerful enough to make the changes needed to protect modern countries and their people from being destroyed. Stay in the faith and do not let anyone convince you to leave it.

There is only one path to avoid destruction and reach salvation. As history has shown everyone, the secular world does not have it and cannot lead anyone to it.

As Jesus said, he is the only way to heaven. Stand firm in the faith no matter what. The pain only lasts this lifetime.