They Want to Change Paradise

Unbelievers and fake Christians have this weird idea of what and who should be included in religion. They like to change different faiths to fit their preferences and ideas. This desire does not exclude changing paradise.

Where God has said there will be no thieves, homosexuals, liars, murders and other unrepentant sinners in his paradise, unbelievers and fake Christians do not like the restrictions.

Take, for example, the late Bishop Tutu’s statement:

In 2013, Archbishop Tutu stated while campaigning for gay rights: “I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to the other place. I would not worship a God who is homophobic.” (source)

Bishop Tutu would prefer a paradise that was full of sin and evildoers. This is the attitude we have come across many times over the years. The unbeliever and fake Christian do not care about right and wrong. They want to see paradise tainted with evil.

That attitude does not make a very good paradise. One dreams of entering a place where there is no sin, no evil, nor wrong preferences and God has promised that. But people like Bishop Tutu and fake Christians always think they know better than God does.

What is sad is that they are willing to give up their place in heaven for sinful people who do not meet the criteria for entering into God’s home. This is how strong evil’s deception is. It gets people like Bishop Tutu and fake Christians to think that evil is not wrong and deserves a place in paradise.

Then it gets them angry when their own sinful desires are not accepted by either the church or God. These people trash both because they are sticking by the rules and won’t bend. This reaction is hypocritical as even atheists, other unbelievers, and fake Christians have rules that they follow.

Those people groups also do not change their rules when Christians may want to join in for whatever purpose they may have. it is no wonder that good people like Bishop Tutu won’t be in heaven. He worships and follows a different god than the one revealed in the Bible.

We just wish he had the courage to remove himself from the church when his views differed from God’s. These people who want to change both Christianity and paradise should do that very thing.

They should stop corrupting the church and go and form their own religion, calling it something other than Christianity. They are false representatives of that faith and need to be honest and make it known exactly where they stand by leaving the church.

But they aren’t and they continually give the church a bad name, rep, and black eyes for their sinful preaching and ideologies.

The good news is that paradise won’t change nor will the rules of entry. Call it homophobic if you want but the reality is unrepentant homosexuals will not be in paradise when this world ends. They will pay the price for not giving up their sins and not loving God enough to part with those sinful desires.

If you love God, then obey his commands and instructions, etc., and give up practicing sin.