Painting With a Broad brush

Maybe in the new year, we will find something else to write about and look for other websites to use. But currently, BG’s website content provides a lot of material that needs to be used to teach believers what to watch out for when talking with atheists.

His latest post says that we Christians are the problem and his title says just that-Dear Christian: YOU are the Problem, Not Your God

Even though atheists do not accept the reality of this life, they are the ones who are deceived and lost. The Christian is not. There is nothing to fear from an atheist because they have no secret information, no inside scoop of what goes on in this world, and so on.

The atheist can make all the denials they want about God, Jesus, and the Bible but their denials do not tell the truth. It is evil using those people to side-track, confuse and hopefully destroy the believer and their faith.

The believer has to be strong in their faith to withstand these attacks. God is not wrong, Jesus did live, die and rise again for us and the Bible is not a myth. They are the only truth you will find in this world.

Yet, the atheist will take the time and spend the energy to accuse the Christian of every sin under the sun and act like they are the perfect people. While there are Christians who do commit sins, have trouble living the Christian life and some who are fake Christians pretending to follow God, we are not to blame for everything that goes wrong in this world.

The fault lies with the atheist and other unbelievers because they fight and hinder the only solution for the problems of this world. Atheism could not stop Stalin from killing 15,000,000 of his own people.

Atheism has not stopped Mao and the subsequent rulers of China from killing and torturing untold millions of Chinese people. In fact, atheists should not point a finger at anyone because their sins are greater than those they accuse the Christian of committing.

They certainly are not better than anyone else and they have no objective standard to offer anyone. Instead, they encourage people to sin and live depraved lives. That is not a better solution than the one offered by Christians and God through the Bible.

The fact is this: atheists do not hate God.

The atheist likes to lie as well as it is God who says that the atheists hate him and his son, not the Christian. God wrote in the bible that if we are not for him, then we are against him. That positioning is not one of love but hatred.

The physical evidence for that hatred is the attacks on the Christian God, beliefs, their holy scriptures, and their fight to stop Christians from participating in certain areas of society.

If, as BG likes to say, Christianity does not matter, then they should have no problem with Christians doing their thing even in public and government spaces. Their actions tell a different story than their words.

The real issue for atheists is what Christians DO in the name of their God. It is Christians that are the problem, not their God

Really? If that were the case, why won’t atheists drop their unbelief and accept Christ as their savior and show the Chrit=stians they do not like how the Christian faith should be lived.

While many Christians do not follow God’s instructions correctly, it is still God giving the commands that he has in the Bible and the true Christian obeys them correctly. So BG is wrong. it is not the Christian that is the problem but God, who he says is not the problem, who gave the orders.

We really do not see why atheists have a problem with making different countries better in areas of justice, law enforcement, mercy,  politics, and so on? The atheist way likes to kill people and let others kill people.

How can that latter scenario be better than the one the Christian offers?

However, because many Christians will not rest until the entire world worships their God and bows to their interpretation of an antiquated religious text, atheists, humanists, agnostics, and secularists are forced to do battle with Evangelical zealots.

In this example, it is the Christian who is following the orders of Jesus- go ye into all the world… The atheist should have a problem with Jesus, not the Christians obeying his commands.

Yes, there are some misguided Christians who do like to force certain laws on others but forcing them to believe in Jesus is not one of their goals. Stopping abortion is as the innocent babies cannot stand up for themselves and need someone to protect them.

That is not getting unbelievers to worship God but an act of compassion. Something the atheist lacks.

I do care about the influence Christianity has on our culture and government. I do care about the damage done in the name of the Christian God. I do care when people are hurt, maimed, and killed in the name of Jesus.

But does BG care about the atheist influence on government, culture, and the damage done by atheists to other people, etc.? Atheists commit crimes, create harmful political policies and agendas and they hurt, maim and harm others including Christians but BG and other atheists actually care about them?

We haven’t seen it. If atheism was so much better than Christianity, why isn’t the atheist creating a better society to live in? Instead, we get a lot of harmful policies meant to control everyone under the atheist/unbeliever ideology.

We still see people murdered, maimed, hurt, and attacked under atheistic beliefs. Why are they so bent on stopping Christianity when it tells people to love one another, be just, merciful, fair, and not harm the innocent?

The atheist does not have the better way and has no right to criticize or fight Christians. They cannot do better and have no solution to the problems the people of this world face.

When Christians mentally and emotionally abuse people . . . It matters.

This is hypocritical and ironic because it does not matter to him when he heaps abuse, both mentally and emotionally on those Christians he hates or dislikes intensely. he never apologizes for his behavior towards them either and says he won’t change or apologize.

BG has no credibility when he attacks Christianity because he does not do better than the people he criticizes and falsely accuses. Nor do all the other atheists.

I want all Christians to have the absolute freedom to worship their God.

This is a lie as he just got through listing the things he does not want Christians to do in America or any other country, and all those things he does not want to be done are a part of obeying and worshipping God.

He and other atheists cannot have it both ways. Plus, since the Christian is a citizen of their countries, and pays taxes they have a right to certain benefits and access to certain locations the atheists want to deny them.

Again, the atheist shows that they are not better than the Christian because they will prevent the Christian from receiving the same rights and access the atheist enjoys.

No, they do not want the total freedom granted to Christians to worship Jesus. That is just smoke they blow to make the Christian think they are good people.

I want that same freedom to NOT worship any God or another God . . .

BG and all other atheists already have this. No matter what country they travel to, they have this right. No one is going to twist their arm to be a Christian.

No one is going to hold a gun to their heads and say bow down or be killed.

The best thing for the Christian to do is obey the Bile correctly and return good for the evil atheists send their way. Pray for them as God is stronger than they are.

There is no need to keep preaching the gospel message to them, most atheists know that and the rest of the Bible better than a majority of Christians. Instead, plant and water seeds by being nice to them.

Help them out when their bills get too much for their paychecks to handle, feed them when they are hungry, be a friend to them without ulterior motives. You are not going to be able to save the whole world but you can follow Jesus and be a friend to sinners, which the atheist is.

That way they will see God and see that he is real. Then they will also realize that they have been deceived and made a horrible decision.

Remember the atheist will paint all Christians with a broad brush accusing them of crimes and sins they have not committed. It is wise not to return the attack

7 thoughts on “Painting With a Broad brush

  1. #1. This post is rather projecting and outright silly. Atheists don’t care if you worship your God. The problem occurs when you try to pass laws according to the Bible and force society to abide by “Christian” ideals. We live in a nation that is by design secular, and any religious intrusion is by definition unconstitutional.

    #2. Telling children they are going to hell because they don’t believe as you do is emotional abuse, you know. It’s not kindness, it’s disgusting. If you say you do this because it’s what Jesus commanded, then you are admitting you are doing it, which means you are the one who is the problem.

    #3 In this country, we are free to worship as we see fit. We are free not to worship. Intruding on others because they don’t believe what you do or behave as you wish is against the very premise on which our nation was founded. THAT is the law of the land. Not some god.

    #4. Please, by all means, worship as you please, but leave us out of it.

    *edited to ad space between paragraphs and numbers for smoother response and reading

    1. #1. This is untrue. If you are limiting the actions of the atheists to a simple worship issue then you are being disingenuous and do not know what atheists do. Why should the unbeliever make all the laws? The Christian has the right to live in a society that is governed by an objective standard that protects everyone. The atheist does not have the right to dictate to everyone how a society should be run.

      #2. That is untrue and none of your business. Telling them the truth is far better than lying to your children which ruins their trust in people and God. Telling the people the truth is not disgusting but lying to them like atheists do is very disgusting.

      #3. The only people I see doing the intruding are the atheists. Look in the mirror before you accuse other people.

      #4. You are left out of it but it is the atheist that does the interfering. Oh and you are always invited to attend a true Christian church and you have the freedom to turn down that invitation.

  2. “The Christian has the right to live in a society that is governed by an objective standard that protects everyone. ”

    hmmm, so you do admit that secular laws are the best we have, since Christians can’t agree on what their god wants, thus displaying a complete of “objective standard”.

      1. I do enjoy when a Christian tries to lie incompetently. So, dear, do show that Christians have an objective source of morality. You all dont’ agree on the most basic things.

        I suspect you would not want to live in a society ruled by the opinions of the Christians you are sure are wrong. yes or no?

        yep, atheists have no objective standard. Subjective morality can get better, and no, one doesn’t have ot know what “best” is to be better.

        Christians have the problem that their god does heinous things that, hopefully, most of them would be aghast if a human did the same thing. Thus, your morality is subjective since it depends on who or what something is, not the objective morality of the action itself.

        1. This will be the last comment of yours I will post. Do not accuse me of lying when I do not do it. Just because Christians do not agree does not mean there is not an objective truth or source for morality. It just shows that some people, even Christians, do not want to follow those standards.

          Already do and have. That is a moot point As for the atheist subjective morality, it does not get better, it is hypocritical and wrong.

          God has not done heinous things. The atheist moral code is not great enough to judge God nor is it good enough to understand why God does what he does

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