Misc. Topics

We have had to work a lot so we are tired, run-down, and have had little time to get something prepared. So we will work more off the cuff on these few topics

#1. Typhoon Rai

This has cut into our internet time as it caused a lot of damage to homes, people, and the internet signal. There were, at the time of this writing, 146 people killed and that count may rise higher.

It is not known how many homes shave been destroyed but the worst damage we suffered was a 9+ hour internet signal cut. We are working more hours this week as the signal still goes in and out. We thank God we live in an area that does not get the brunt of these storms.

#2. Ageism

This affects a lot of older people. In the Philippines, it is very rampant as the employers will specifically put in their ads the upper age you can be to apply. Usually, that upper limit is in the early 30s to late 20s.

They made senior citizen status here at age 60 opening the door for younger, cheaper, and dumber workers. We faced ageism in Korea as schools were always looking for 20 something-year-olds and looked past 40 and 50-year-old teachers who knew how to teach and knew their language well.

We were forced to retire at age 55 or 56 when we still had years left to teach.

#3. The beam

We are writing this as BG continues his Black collar series. He likes to point out the ‘sins’ of Christians even though he declares there is no such thing as sin.

But, pointing out other people’s mistakes, errors in judgment, and other problems doesn’t help anyone. It only makes the person doing look bad, hate-filled, and antagonistic.

It doesn’t help their reputation either and only inflames the problems between believer and unbeliever. We suggest that atheists and BG start removing the beams from their eyes. maybe then they would see Christians in a better light.

They may not want to as they may find out the truth that they are wrong and that may scare them to an early grave.

#4. Wokeism is destructive

One would think that universities, especially Oxford, would know better. With all the intelligence at that university, you would think that they would be smart enough to debunk woke ideology and avoid going woke.

As we read the different news stories, it seems that the left and democrats are in a race to see how dumb they can go before someone stops them and rights the ship.

#5. Outside the box Christian

What does that even mean? We would love to hear her explanation of what that entails and what scriptures teach that idea. We didn’t see it in the article. if you are going to be a Christian, there is no outside-the-box version.

You follow Christ’s commands and instructions to get the Christian faith correct. Plus, you follow all of the Bible’s teachings, not just the parts you like or feel good about.

#6. The Salvation Army

We bring this up as there is a new article on this organization. As we read it, we wondered if there is anything that can be done to save this organization from complete collapse into evil?

In conclusion

As we wind up this article, we must address one important issue. For those Christians who want to do a ministry or help others, there is a myriad of opportunities out there waiting for wise, understanding and knowledgeable Christians to get involved.

You just may not recognize them because they are not your cookie-cutter ministry position or outreach. Helping older folks get good-paying jobs is a way to show Christ’s love for them.

Or helping people who are vulnerable to typhoons and other storms BEFORE those storms strike is doing the same thing. There are people around the world who need wells, help with growing crops, building stronger houses, and so on.

Fighting against wokeism keeps people from being deceived and trapped in sin. Getting the truth out there in credible ways makes sure people are not isolated from it and get trapped by the dumb thinking permeating the schools of many western countries at all levels.

It helps keep Christian organizations from losing their ministries and favor from God. BY keeping them from going off the rails into evil ideology is a good thing and protects Christians from harm.

Finally, make sure to obey Jesus and get the beams out of your eyes so you do not end up like BG, atheists, and bad Christians. You need to see clearly before you can help others do the same.

Get wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and learn how to do forgiveness right. That way life becomes more fair and just. if you want to make an impact for God, then you have to do things God’s way.

It is a tougher road to travel but at least it is more rewarding.

Church leaders, pastors, and youth pastors should stop having their congregants play games and get them involved in the realities of life.