Unbelievers Cannot Be Honest

We are not talking about outright lying here when they talk to believers or about their faith. We have found that when doing a documentary or some other activity that examines the lives and activities of Christians, there is a lot of mis-representation going on.

The unbeliever will state that they are being fair, honest, and objective but when you take the time to view their work, one can see that it is all influenced by the unbelievers’ point of view.

For example, the video USA: God’s Country or Home to Religious Extremism? | Christianity in America Documentary put out by a non-Christian group or individual. we watched it and the misrepresentation was there, some overt and some very subtle.

You can tell that the producers were not being honest or objective through the terminology they would use to describe different Christian activities they recorded.

While we did not agree with some of those Christian activities, we did not like the lack of honesty of the producers when presenting what believers do. The leap to the conclusion was these practices were normal Christian behavior and not the result of misguided thinking, misunderstanding Jesus, or immature Christians doing things they should not be doing.

These types of portrayals tend to label all believers in the same light, painting them with the broad brush that unbelievers always use because they do not understand the Christian faith correctly.

Besides the lack of honesty and objectiveness, these documentaries always focus on those groups or individuals that even the Christain would consider to be off the wall and misled.

An example of this was Bill Mahr’s 2008 documentary Religulous. We saw that one as well and sure enough, Mr. Mahr only targeted those left-field ‘Christians’ who went to different extremes to follow what the Bible teaches and Jesus.

What they do not show or analyze, and this is another common thread in all of these documentaries, are true believers actually living the Christian faith correctly.

One reason that they do not is that documenting the true believers and their correct behavior would leave the unbeliever with nothing to criticize or put down.

Their arguments against Christianity would be shredded once the light of the truth shone upon their anti-Christian points. We know this because many years ago, we participated in Bill Mahr’s discussion forum when he had one and we think we actually were talking to Mr. Mahr at the time.

We can’t be sure but as we made point after point and gently refuted his opposition to and arguments against Christianity, we were banned without explanation.

Unbelievers like the people who make these documentaries do not have time for the truth nor do they want to see true Christianity in operation. So they distort what the faith is all about and present a lopsided view of the faith and those who are members.

In other words, the unbeliever refuses to be honest about Christianity as then they would be faced with the reality that Jesus and God exist, that the Bible is actually true and they are not as good a person as they thought they were.

If you watch these documentaries, make sure to ask God to protect you. The subtle nature of many of these ‘films’ can upset your faith if you are not careful. Also, be careful of those religious documentaries that use unbelieving, but famous bible scholars.

They are not presenting the truth nor are they accurate in many aspects of their discussion. Remember, the unbeliever doe snot have the SPirit of Truth helping them find the truth. They are the ones lost and decived.

What they present is filtered through those aspects of their life and without help of Jesus showing them the light, they will never make Christianity look God nor be honest about the faith.

Then if Christians are going to make a documentary, do it God’s way not the way that Hollywood does it. We are not a fan of Christian entertainment, movies, soap operas or television shows.

We agree with Tozer when he said, and we do this from memory, these things cheapen the faith and make Jesus look more ficitonal than real. The Christian faith needs to be lived correctly, not presented by a bunch of actors who may not be mature, true believers in Christ.

If Christians do documentaries on secular subjects, like our favorite history and archaeology, then do it God’s way. Do not bash, insult, put down other views but use the truth to show and explain why those alternative views are wrong.

Present the truth with the help of the Spirit of Truth and do not use ulterior motives. Let Jesus draw all men to him through your honest and truthful work. Producers of Christian documentaries, etc., need to live the Christian life correctly, not take over a job Jesus said he would do.

If you disagree with a false religion and their practices, present those items in the right way without insulting the people of those alternative religions. We do not need to stoop to the level of those non-Christian producers who insult the people of Christianity or Jesus.

We are held to God’s standard which is a higher standard than the world will use. We do not have anything to lose by being honest and truthful. We do have alot to lose if we are dishonest and not truthful.

That is something we all have to consider when presenting our faith to the world. We will lose people and they will get turned off if we do not follow God’s instructions and commands correctly.

We will also lose people and turn them off when we do follow God’s instructions and commands correctly. But it is better to lose them and turn them off doing the latter than the former for then we are not disobeying God.

Follow God’s lead, not Hollywood’s. Jesus knows how to reach people for salvation, let him be your guide in all aspects of your life. Don’t let the hatred make you stop either. it comes with following Jesus correctly.

4 thoughts on “Unbelievers Cannot Be Honest

  1. Unsurprisingly, this Christian who claims that atheists are being dishonest can be claimed to be the same about all of the religions *he* is sure are wrong, using his own words.

    “These types of portrayals tend to label all believers in the same light, painting them with the broad brush that unbelievers always use because they do not understand the Christian/Muslim/Hindu/Jewish/Zoroasterian/Wicca/etc etc faith correctly.”

    The problem is that the believer can’t show that his version is the “right” one and can’t explain why he can’t do what his supposed holy book promises all true believers can do. Each believer has what they consider the “correct” way to understand their religion, and it is no more valid than the next one.

    “Remember, the unbeliever doe snot have the SPirit of Truth helping them find the truth. They are the ones lost and decived.” (sic)

    Alas, not one believer can show that they and they alone have the “spirit of truth” at all. It is a vanity invented by humans who must pretend that they are special.

    1. Interesting point but erroneous. Your presumption is that there is no one true religion and that the Spirit of Truth is limited in analyzing right and wrong no matter where it is found. That is where you make your mistake.

      1. And dear T can’t show how I’m “erroneous”. It’s always easy to make that claim, but without details, it is just an attempt to throw shit at a wall and hope that it sticks.

        Do show that there is indeed one true religion, T. Per your own bible, I should be able to know the true religion and true believers by them being able to do miracles just like JC or better.

        No surprise that not one of you frauds can do that.

        You also can’t show this “spirit of truth” to merely exist, much less to be able to “analyze right and wrong”. That Christians can’t agree on what they want to pretend their god considers right and wrong shows that you all simply make up this god in your own image.

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