No One is Perfect

That is a fact that the unbeliever takes delight in repeating to the believer. Over the years we have come across many websites run and owned by unbelievers that take pride in ‘exposing’ the sins of Christians.

One such site is BG’s as the owner there delights in his series that publishes stories about the failings of those who say they believe and follow God. What makes it so tiring and frustrating to read those websites is the lack of forgiveness on the part of those unbelievers.

The Christian life is very hard to live even in its basic forms. There is so much temptation to deal with that staying pure and holy is very difficult. But what doesn’t help is having a bunch of unrepentant sinners keep throwing our sins in our faces and acting like they have done some great deed in exposing the sins of Christians.

We do not need these people to do that as the Christian world has its own people who do the very same thing. What are they gaining by exposing these failings?

Most likely, they are trying to find justification for their decision to reject Christ as their savior. or they want to feel better about themselves so they point out the fact that Christians are not better than they are.

The unbeliever misses two key details in their rush to expose the sins of believers and try to knock them down to size. One of these is the fact that Christians never claim to be better than the unbeliever.

The biggest difference between the two people groups is that the believer admits they are sinners and in need of help to live life as they should or as Christ wants. They do not brag that they are better, they just have a tougher, lifestyle to follow.

The second key detail the unbeliever misses out on is that the Christian is honest about themselves and about evil being n the world. Acknowledging the fact that evil exists does not make one better but applies more responsibility on the shoulders of the believer.

Once they acknowledge that fact, they have to do something about it. They have to take steps to correct their behavior, often suffering from embarrassment, humiliation, and other negative emotions while making those corrections. That is not easy to endure.

Plus, Christians are already aware that accepting Christ as their savior does not make them perfect. If it did, the world would be a better place and people would not have to face the amount of crime and evil deeds we face today.

If we were made perfect, there would not be any building large enough to hold all the Christians n the world. Everyone would see the difference and make the switch to Jesus. No one would leave the faith either.

But we know the Christian faith does not make one perfect. The many unbelieving websites documenting the failings of believers would be silent if they were.

Also, those websites documenting these failings are not helping to solve this problem. The believer is already aware of the reasons why other Christians fail. Whether those reasons are accepted by the unbelieving world does not matter.

They do not hold the standard to living the Christian life nor do they design the criteria. What they accept or do not accept is immaterial. The Christian has to live the Christian life according to God’s rules and grace.

The Christian did not become a Christian to follow the secular world and Jesus did not call his followers to follow the unbeliever. he called them to follow him.

This is important as Jesus faced the same issues as every believer does. his world was filled with homosexuals, etc., false teachers, people who quit on their faith, a host of unbelievers, and more.

Yet, the failings of those around him, including his disciples, did not stop Jesus from setting the right example. Since we are to be like Christ, we cannot let the same groups of people keep us from setting the right example.

Yes, that is tough to do especially when people in your own church are living very sinful lives. But it must be done. The bible says to make our own calling and election sure and the way to do that is by following Jesus not those who fail.

Then, instead of knocking the failures down and exposing them to public ridicule, we seek to restore them to the right way to live. Jesus gave us the bible so we would know how to do that.

This is something that the unbeliever cannot do. Their delight is making Christians look bad, not in helping them retain their faith or overcoming those issues that plague their Christian lives.

Jesus said, ‘ye who are without sin, cast the first stone.’ This may be why some unbelievers think Christians think they are better than they. We do not try to cast stones at those who fail. {At least up until recently}.

We know that we sin all the time and are in no position to stand in judgment of anyone. The unbeliever thinks there is no such thing as sin and evil but they are mistaken. That thought provides them with the excuse they need to list the sins of Christians who have made mistakes.

The unbeliever is in no position to judge anyone, even a sinful Christian. They have rejected the only salvation they have available and are worse sinners than they claim Christians are.

While they may get a little fun at poking their finger at Christians who slip up, that fun is temporary and not fulfilling. it also won’t put any healing salve on their minds as they are still unbelievers faced with going to hell.

That must be torment to them as they cannot escape the message of the gospel no matter how hard they make fun of the believer or point out the latter’s sins.

When Christians are given this type of treatment, they are to follow God in response to it. They are to be wise, understanding, knowledgeable as well as returning good for evil.

In other words, they are to set the right example so that they do not sin even further. Returning good for evil does not make the Christian better than the unbeliever. it is an act of humble obedience.

Being humble and obedient does not make a believer better than the unbeliever. It just means they have found a better way to live that avoids conflict, strife, and crime, etc.

Having a better way to live does not make a person better than another either. When you realize your way was not working, one has to admit their error and make the right changes.

Admitting your wrong does not make a person better. It just acknowledges one needs help in living the Christian life correctly. besides, the bible teaches believers to consider others better than themselves.

That includes the unbeliever as well. Living the Christian life is not easy. But if one can accept the fact that they are not perfect when they become a believer, it may make handling the imperfections a little easier.

The Christian life is a long hard journey and many mistakes will be made. How you handle them will make all the difference. Follow Christ’s example so you stay on the right track.

Help those believers who fail, do not follow their example, and lead them back to the right way to live. Do not publish their mistakes so the world hears about them. Instead, show the world the right example so that they have no excuse to publish those sins Christians commit.



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  1. No-one is perfect… And yet Jesus says that you should be (Matthew 5.48).
    Oops! Best to ignore that particular command.

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