Some say COVID-19 vaccine is the ‘mark of the beast.

We are using the same title as this article since it conveys the topic very clearly. We will state upfront that we are tired of Covid discussions, articles, and protocols. Certainly, common sense has not prevailed in the handling of this disease nor in the opposition to those handling it.

Throughout this article, we will address different quotes that may help in understanding why people are reacting the way they are. It goes without saying, that while some governments have gone overboard in their handling of this health issue, they are still charged with looking after their citizens.

Just do not expect secular governments to handle things God’s way.

The COVID-19 vaccine has been scientifically proved to save lives, but for a select group of people in the religious realm, a more important matter is at stake – eternal salvation.

The vaccines offered to the world have also been proven to take lives. This is not a strong point for pro-covid vaccine supporters. Most vaccines offered to the sick save lives. This is the very least it should do and if it doesn’t. maybe they should be taken off the market.

…many Americans resist COVID-19 vaccines, some citing the uncertainty of long-term side effects, others lacking trust in the medical field. Some vaccine resisters have been galvanized by the idea that the shot is the “mark of the beast.

Whether those authors realized it or not, those are very valid reasons why people reject taking the vaccine. This world is not perfect and if you have read some of the books we have read, the medical science industry is vastly deficient in its track record in saving lives.

We do not see the vaccine issue as the mark of the beast as there’s nothing in that medicine that would constitute anything remotely possible that is associated with receiving the mark.

“Studies show that any conflicts between religion and science are not about facts, they are more about values and morals,” said John Evans, a professor of sociology and religious studies at the University of California, San Diego.

That is not true. Science does not deal in facts only the best explanation. it also does not deal with the truth or finding the right answers. That is one major reason why people do not trust science or scientists. They have failed the people over and over.

Those two groups also ignore od and exclude him from their work. Why would anyone trust science when it is merely the blind trying to lead the blind/seeing?

The arrogance of scientists is also off-putting and shows that the scientist is usually a group of close-minded people who refuse to accept anything that proves their work in error or wrong.

They want blind obedience when that cannot be offered to any human no matter how educated they are.

The Apostle John did not identify what the mark looks like, although some theologians translate Scripture to associate the number “666” with it.

The problem with equating the mark of the beast with the vaccine is that there is no special equipment that detects the vaccine nor does it have any components that record personal information.

Plus, the mark is supposed to go on the forehead or the hand, not the shoulder. If anything, this topic of it being the mark of the beast is to put fear into people and God is not about fear.

The Bible tells us that perfect love for God casts out fear which is a better state than being paranoid about every medical vaccine that will be invented or has been invented. if you are afraid, work on your love for God to help you through it all. No matter your struggle.

Evans said that lack of trust in the government and medical field is a driving force behind the “mark of the beast” belief.

We understand that feeling quite well as neither entity has performed in such a way that they can be trusted. There are too many legitimate horror stories out there that have made it impossible to trust either.

Plus, neither entity follows God or his word so why trust them with anything? They are under the influence of evil, not God’s true and holy love. No believer should trust in either entity but put their faith and trust in Jesus if they are going to do anything in life.

The government nor medicine can prevent bad things from happening to you. They are far too limited in scope and power and cannot be everywhere at once to lend aid. Far too many new stories of late have proven that statement true.

“People read erroneous comments and believe they are true,” he said.

This is why believers should follow what Jesus said through Paul when he said to get knowledge. He did not say blindly follow others or take the content on social media, etc., as truth

People lie as do governments, doctors, and scientists. learn to discern between truth and error and do what Solomon said ‘get wisdom and understanding’. Also, learn to discern between true and false teaching.

She said the latest surge of COVID-19 cases has been “hell,” and a lot of younger people have died. She said vaccines are not a magical shot that cures all, but they’re one of many tools to fight the virus.

This is why you put your trust in God as nothing man makes will be perfect. Nor will it do what God can do. The mistake people make is thinking that a vaccine is a cure-all. There are just too many contagious diseases in the world that you can catch which do not have a vaccine.

It is best to trust God as our lives do not end on this world. Even if believers die with or without the vaccine, they need to put their trust in God. There will be no chance to do that after you die.

In the case of the topic question. We do not see the vaccine as the mark of the beast. but we do see instances where governments are seeing how far they can go in controlling the people and restricting their rights.

The mark of the beast is coming but it is not here yet as the time is not right. Learn from your experience and learn how to love God to the point it does not matter if the mark shows up at all. Make your calling and election sure.