The Last Word???

While we do not want to get into a personal battle with a person who rejects Christ, that is not what this website is all about, we do need to respond to his latest comments on our Around the Internet Post and mentioned at #1.

The Evangelical Who Shall Not Be Named Still Doesn’t Get Why I Write the Way I Do

Actually, we do, he just doesn’t want to admit that fact. he has nothing to offer anyone except how to quit.

I find it interesting that TEWSNBN objects to me saying that it is okay to “lie” to children, yet he repeatedly lies about me on his blog.

Interesting acronym but useless. yet, We have not lied about him once we have stuck to his content and that is it. His whole paragraph is a misrepresentation of our writing about the topics he has raised.

But we do not care as unbelievers will accuse believers of lying without taking time to see the context of why someone said something. Or they relish the idea that they caught a believer telling a falsehood without taking the time to understand how that believer came to know his infomration.

If an unbeliever says you have lied, there are things you can do to double-check your data. Just do not take unbelieving people’s words for it. The process is too detailed to relate here at this time.

Keep in mind that we address the content of what other people write only.

First, that’s silly. I reject the Christian concept of “sin” out of hand.

This is why we can say that BG and people like him do not get it. They may reject the biblical concept of sin but that does not mean that concept does not exist.

Nor does that rejection mean that they are not leading people to sin. Every time they open their mouths and preach against Christ, they are sinning and leading people to sin..

Also, by telling people to lie to their children, they are leading people to sin. There is no other term to use to describe their actions.

Second, I don’t encourage people to live any particular way.

He seems to forget his own words as this web page on his site disagrees with his quoted statement. Just his testimony alone encourages weaker people to follow his example.

Like every unbeliever we have encountered, they will twist things to make themselves appear as they claim. The reality is a different story. If he is not promoting and encouraging people to live for Jesus, then he is encouraging them to deny Jesus.

God said, ‘you are either for me or against me.’ There is no middle ground. Then if you support people who actively try to get others to stop believing, you are still encouraging them to sin and leave the faith.

A substantial number of readers every day are FIRST TIME READERS. Annually? Over 200,000 people view this site for the first time. I want these readers to KNOW who I am.

We cry ‘Bull’ to that statement. If he created a why page to save himself time. which states in the 2nd paragraph– “To help me better manage my time, I have created a WHY page that I can point people to when they have questions about my deconversion”

Then he can do the same for his other information. It is usually called an ‘about me’ page. He can make all the excuses he wants to but the truth is there and we were right about how we described him.

But from what we can gather he has to repeatedly talk about himself as he has nothing else to offer anyone.

And, in passing, let me correct TEWSNBN once again over his incorrect use of the IBF acronym. It’s IFB — Independent Fundamentalist (Fundamental) Baptist — not IBF. The IBF is the International Boxing Federation or the Institute of Banking and Finance, not a religious sect

Wow, we made a mistake. If you go through our many articles on this website, you will see we make hundreds of them. Such is life and why make a big deal out of an honest error?

Unfortunately, both non-believers and believers rake people over the coals for innocent mistakes that cost no one anything except a little politeness.

Regular readers should be laughing by now. I know I am. TEWSNBN thinks my writing is boring, repetitive, and useless, yet he reads every post I write. The cure for TEWSNBN’s mental hemorrhoids is simple: STOP READING. TEWSNBN willingly and voluntarily comes to this site.

If it wasn’t BG’s site, it would be someone else’s. We write on topics to help pastors overcome these issues and we need to get information from somewhere.

We have used a variety of people like BG over the years, right now he is providing the original material we need.

I blocked him yesterday once I figured out he was using a static IP address. Elliot? He has tried to access this site 424 times since July 9, 2021. Talk about an exercise in futility

His blocks do not work as even we do not know what type of IP address we use. We are just not technical people who can create such devious strategies. We are not sure how many times we visit his website but we are checking on his content to see if we could use it.

That figure puts us at about 7 times a day approx. we do not have that kind of time. But we check to see if there are any updates on his health as well. We know he is suffering but what can we say or do, he will reject any divine help.

If he is in such a better place without Jesus, then maybe he should treat people, even evangelicals, better. We need Jesus to help us treat people like BG better. it takes divine help to turn the other cheek and not respond in kind.

We will ask you to pray for him and his family as they need to see Jesus once again before it is too late.




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