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The following are stories, opinions, and articles that need attention but do not need a full article to address them.

#1. The Christian & Santa

Why not allow children to enjoy the Christmas season, including believing the Santa myth? No child has ever been harmed by believing in Santa, a claim that cannot be made for the Jesus myth. Bachman’s anti-Santa column is a reminder of the fact that Christian Fundamentalists take the FUN out of everything.

Why? because lying is a sin and lying to children destroys trust in their parents. Liars do not go to heaven and why would any parent lie to their children? That act is NOT protecting them from anything

But the quoted advice is par for the course from BG. He is not content with making decisions to sin for himself, he has to encourage other people to sin. This is why Christians are not to listen to such people. They have nothing better to offer anyone.

Our pet peeve with this guy is that all of his readers already know he is an ex-Christian, ex-pastor, preached in IFB churches, and suffers from multiple diseases.

Yet for some reason, he has to mention these facts in almost every post. He is a class A narcissist who thinks no one remembers his situation. His content is boring, repetitive, and useless.

#2. The Pledge of Allegiance

This is from a Facebook post, not ours, and it got us to thinking about this and Christians. This little pledge is very important to many Americans, not all anymore, and it is supposed to be recited in schools and other activities.

However, this pledge can be a bit of a moral dilemma for believers as one cannot pledge to or serve two different masters. One has to be the main master while the other will be subservient.

Sadly, many believers put the flag above God and serve America over him. Is it possible to be a patriot and a Christian? Is it possible to defend one’s country from enemies? Of course, it is.

The believer has to put God first and do both God’s way. Christians have moved to a new kingdom with a whole set of new rules to adhere to. That move may put them at odds with reciting the Pledge.

We serve God first but that does not mean we cannot be in the military, law enforcement, and other key defensive organizations. Those agencies need the light of Jesus just like every other aspect of life in any country.

What we cannot do is put flag and country over God and ignore his commands in favor of the laws of any given country.

#3. After criticism, Jesse Duplantis says ministry donated $100K in generators to Ida victims

Louisiana televangelist Jesse Duplantis hit back at critics who charged that he and his ministry weren’t doing enough to help his storm-ravaged community of St. Charles Parish, where Hurricane Ida left most residents without power.

The words we placed in bold are the focal point of this little section. When it comes to Christians doing Christian work or meeting the needs of others, those words do not apply.

The Christian takes their marching orders from God and can only go as far as he wants them to go. The Christian does not work for the secular world and we are tired of having those words applied to every person who observers felt didn’t do what the observer wanted.

Those words are generally spoken by those who did not do anything and were not present in the situation to know all the facts. also, there are rules to follow when aid is administered or interventions are made.

Those that make that complaint, usually do not know enough to make any type of comment. That is because they do not do enough to stop other bad behaviors on the part of politicians, teachers, and so on. Especially when their ideology blocks their view of right and wrong, etc.

#4. Christian CEO of video game developer steps down amid backlash to support for Texas abortion law

Two days after publicly announcing his support for Texas’ heartbeat bill banning most abortions in the state after six weeks gestation, John Gibson, the Christian president and co-founder of video game development and publishing company Tripwire Interactive, has stepped down amid fierce public backlash over his position.

All we are going to say at this time on this topic is for Christians to stand up to bullies. They do not have the right to remove your employment just because they do not like your opinion.

Giving in is only enabling and making these bullies braver. It does not achieve anything but let those who want to have power and control over others illegally gain that power and control.

Stand up for what you believe in and put these bullies in their place.

#5. Church in Wales to allow pastors to bless same-sex marriages, won’t conduct gay weddings

The Church in Wales, composed of six Anglican dioceses in the United Kingdom, will allow clergy to hold services designed to bless same-sex civil partnerships or marriages. However, the church will not allow clergy to conduct legally binding same-sex marriage ceremonies.

This sounds like the coward’s way out. A church is trying to please both God and man and it is not going to work. No matter how many Bible verses you cherry-pick, same-sex marriages are sinful and wrong. They cannot be blessed nor supported.

Why even ban conducting legally binding marriages when that is the next step in this downward spiral? if you call yourself a church of God or even a Christian, stand by God’s words, teach the truth and forget about the backlash.

Those that oppose those stands do not have the truth and only are trying to get you into trouble with God and ruin your work for him.

#6. Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden’ Has Died

Biden would deliver on the pro-life issue., Biden would save the babies.

But he didn’t, instead, he instituted a series of policies designed to shore up Roe V Wade and ensure abortion becomes entrenched in our society.

Don’t expect politicians or secular people to change just because you support their agenda. If you do that, they have won and felt that they do not have to change. Instead, they made you change and it is a move that is not for the better.

The church is not to change and support or allow sin. The church is to correct those who do. Stand with God if you want to be on the right side of history and remain in God’s favor.

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