The love of Jesus

The Bible tells us

That we are to love one another as Jesus loved us. That can be a daunting task as most people apply their concept of love to those words. When that happens people become confused by what the Bible means when it tells us to love as Jesus loved.

Everyone has their concept and applies that concept in their own way. There is no unity, no peace not joy as everyone fights one another over hot to love everyone else in the world.

How did Jesus love us? To find out just continue to read our article. It has that information for you. Jesus provides a different world than the one we already know.

How did Jesus love

The term love is defined by Webster’s Dictionary in at least 10 different ways. The one that comes closest to the way Jesus loved us is #4- “unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another:”

That definition is close but it leaves the term love open to different interpretations. As you know Jesus said that we would know the truth and the truth is we are not to go for the interpretation but the actual meaning of the terms the Bible uses.

What follows are the many ways Jesus loved us:

#1. He told the truth-

There is and was no fake news with Jesus. Jesus started his ministry with the words ‘repent for the kingdom of God is at hand’ and it is.Being told the truth allows one to understand true love. Jesus did not mince words and made sure everyone knew what he meant.

There was and is no confusion with Jesus. He also provided the Spirit of Truth to help us find the truth he was talking about.

#2. He called for repentance-

True love does not leave people in their sins. It does not let people continue to do as they please, live as they want nor remain in sin. Love rescues those who are bound for destruction.

#3. He provided new direction-

 Jesus taught what really mattered in life. The American dream is not the goal people should be pursuing. Instead, he gave everyone a new goal, one that was fulfilling and never left anyone in want.

#4. He provided true justice-

The religious and other elites were not given a free pass and the down trodden, the poor, and the lowly were raised up to where they were treated like his father wanted them to be treated.

There was no favoritism no bribes, no corruption in the justice Jesus handed out.

#5. Jesus showed mercy-

We all want mercy and a second chance. Jesus did that and one example was the woman caught in adultery. Not only did he see through the plot and saw the sins of the accusers, he also gave the woman a second chance.

He showed mercy when it was the right thing to do but when he gave the mercy, he also told the woman to ‘not sin any more’. Mercy does come with instructions as if one violates the chance they are given, mercy may not appear again.

However, Jesus also gives everyone third, fourth, fifth, and more chances. Where would we be if Jesus practiced zero tolerance?

#6. Jesus understood-

The book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus endured and faced everything we face. He understands exactly what we are going through and then he provides the right answers. All one has to do is read and follow the Bible correctly.

We can have confidence that we can tell him everything because he understands and uses his love to guide us through the difficult issues.

#7. He does not leave us alone

We do not face life’s trials on our own. Not only did Jesus say he will never leave nor forsake us but he left all the instructions we need to face life in the Bible. Plus, he sends us the Holy Spirit to help us utilize those instructions correctly.

Even when we face injury, death, and other crimes, we can make it through because Jesus is always there. we may not understand everything that goes on in our lives or why someone died at an early age but we must let Jesus teach us the truth so that we do.

Difficult times and a lack of understanding why are openings for evil to ruin a person’s faith but with Jesus’ help, we can get through those times unscathed and understand life in Christ a lot better.

#8. He teaches us obedience

Jesus set the example for us to follow. He submitted not only to his father in heaven’s authority but also to his parents’ authority. He showed us by example how we are to obey, how to fight temptation, how to love those who are less than loving.

In other words, Jesus was not a ‘do as I say’ type of God but a ‘do as I do’ type of God. There is no hypocrisy in Jesus.

Jesus gave one specific command to everyone

In this day and age, you will find over 40,000 different Christian denominations. You will also find thousands upon thousands of those who said they were Christian but deconverted and claim there is no God.

Then you will see the myriad of Christians who fail and commit different sins. It gets to be tough to be a Christian as there are so many voices pulling you in different directions.

BUT Jesus did not say to follow other humans. He did not say to raise them up and praise them for the ‘spiritual work’ they do. The command that Jesus gave everyone, and everyone is supposed to follow is – ‘Follow ME’

In other words, when things get bad, Christians err or start new denominations or leave the faith, your eyes are not to be on them. Your eyes are to be on Jesus. When you take your eyes off Jesus, like Peter did when he walked on water, then you fall.

In all challenges in life, you must keep your eyes on Jesus and do what he says correctly. That way you will never fall or be destroyed. You will also not miss out on how Jesus loved us.

Jesus provides the best security a person could have and he provides the best love possible. The late Rex Humbard use to say, you are loved. While Mr. Humbard’s theology and motivations may be suspect he was right about this.

You are loved because Jesus does love you just the way you are. The only thing he does not accept is sin. To experience his love, you need to give up your sins and practicing them as you are called to a new way of life. One that follows Jesus and his ways.

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