A Word of Advice

Having aministry in the technological age can be a bit daunting.Not only are there many different rules to obey, the people who own those websites may not agree with your point of view.

The end result is that you get banned or blocked from posting on those sites. We certainly have and one of thelessons we learned while teaching in Korea was you do not always have to preach a controversial or teach a controversial point of view to have a Christian witness.

You just have to live the way Jesus wants you to live. When we taught, we did not push our faith through blatant religious content that had relevance to the lesson or the subject we taught.

We let our faith influence our content and how we taught. Our witness was known because we did the best we could with God’s help and everyone saw that.

Many people get trapped in the idea that they have to publish long op-eds, a slavation message, or talk about their opposition to controversial topics AND then post it online at Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

After they do that, the whine and complain because the owners of those sites, obviously not Christian, ban or block their content. We have seen those complaints many times over the years and you can find one that took place today and one yesterday here and here.

It is not necessary to make such posts. We told Prosteria what we do just a few minutes ago. When we write for this website and for theoarch, we do not place any content on those social media outlets.

We place links. We got caught one time some years ago but after we explained that we are leading people to an outside website and they can click through if they want, Facebook released our post.

We have done this for years now and we have not had trouble since. What we are saying is, there are ways to get the message out without violating the rules of different social media outlets.

Use your own website to store and write the content and then link to it. No one will bother you and your message can be read by all whom God leads to click on your links.

This certainly beats getting blocked then whining about it after the fact. When you are blocked, it is not always religious persecution at work. Sometimes you simply violated the rules. Learn the difference before you say anything negative about the other companies’ websites.

Think about your strategy and see if God wants you to do some changing to your methods. Making an impact for God comes in surprising ways.

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