Don’t Be Led Astray

But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, [a]haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of [b]godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these. For among them are those who [c]enter into households and captivate [d]weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses, always learning and never able to come to the [e]knowledge of the truth. Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these men also oppose the truth, men of depraved mind, rejected in regard to the faith. But they will not make further progress; for their folly will be obvious to all, just as [f]Jannes’s and Jambres’s folly was also.

We were Sending out announcements about our new book when we came across this website in one of the lists we were using- Christian feminist Today

Just as there cannot be an LGBTQ Christian, neither can there be a Christian feminist. These women and their supporters lead unsuspecting men and women to disobey God. There is no nicer way to put that message.

You just have to continue reading at that link to see how far from scripture that group really is. Here are some key points that they put upfront and the first thing you read:

#1. CFT is a community faithful to Christ’s example, pursuing social justice and offering radical welcome to all.

#2. We believe answers to hard questions can be found through careful feminist examination of the Bible.

#3. We value diverse religious experiences.

#4. We value the gifts God has given every individual and have long advocated for the full equality of women and LGBTQ people in church and society.

#5. We expand metaphors for God to include biblical female imagery.

We believe they have been deceived and in turn, are deceiving anyone that they can. Not one item in that list is biblical and every one does not represent what Jesus taught or represented.

We welcome members of any gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, color, creed, marital status, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, age, political party, parental status, economic class, or disability.

According to this statement, right underneath the ones we quoted, to them, there is nothing that is wrong. How can that be when Jesus himself said ‘Repent… for the kingdom of God is at hand’.

If nothing is wrong, and Jesus accepted all those groups then why would he have to call anyone to repentance? Everyone would get into his kingdom if Jesus was as this feminist group declares.

Also, Jesus would not have to die for our sins because there are no sins to repent from or for him to die for. People can live as they please as they would have an automatic entrance into paradise.

There is also no right or wrong religious faith either. At least according to that group. Their mission is as follows:

We support, educate, and celebrate Christian feminists from many traditions.

You will notice that their mission is not to obey God, lead people to his ways and have them obey God’s commands, etc. No, their mission is to promote their ideology. They do not tell people to be holy as God is holy. Rather, they try to make people after their image and ideology.

While we have dealt with feminists in the past, their numbers seem to be growing and that is unfortunate. One of the more famous ones is Jory Micah and you can read a bit about her at this link.

One thing about all feminists from all ages, and there were some in the ancient world as well. Hypatia is just one of the more famous ones. But, that ancient root does not make feminism correct or in line with biblical teaching.

Feminism is an act of rebellion as it does nothing to help women lead godly lives. No does it teach women to obey Christ’s instructions and commands. Instead, feminism usurps the proper order of life and tries to place women in positions they should never be.

Leading people to disobey God and the Bible is NOT following Christ’s example. The one he set is:

If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love; just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love. (John 15:10)

If you want to be called a Christian, then you need to follow Christ’s commands and lead other people to follow them. This group does not do that. You cannot be in Christ’s love if you disobey him and his Father.

to encourage and advocate the use of women’s gifts in all forms of Christian vocation.

This is their first purpose statement. yet, they really do not have to do this as women have been free to exercise the gifts God has given them from the beginning of time.

What is not liked by feminists is the location where women get to express those gifts. God made those restrictions and going against them by ‘breaking the glass ceiling’ is an act of sin, rebellion and not following Christ’s example.

Women still have many outlets available to them to minister to whom God wants them to minister. To be effective, they cannot sin in carrying out that expression. Feminists are telling women and some men to sin. That is not following Christ’s example.

Do not be deceived. Anyone bringing a different gospel than the one Jesus and the disciples brought, even if they are using the Bible and proper Christian terms in their proclamations, they are not following or of Christ.

There is no such thing as a Christian feminist as that term describes women who are not obeying God and that is not being a Christian. Do not be fooled by their flowery sentences, descriptions, or terms. They are leading women to sin and setting the wrong example to follow.

That is not following the example Christ set. What you are getting with this group is a gospel designed after their sinful desires. It is not one that came from God nor was taught by Christ.

Avoid any person saying they are a ‘Christian feminist’ as they are going to deceive you and you may not even realize it. They are neither Christian nor good. despite how ‘Christianized’ they sound. Jesus did not teach feminism at any point in his life nor should you accept their teachings as truth.


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