We read this story this morning Juneteenth becomes 12th federal holiday and wondered if it was necessary. It is not that we are against freeing slaves it is just that slavery still exists and has not been wiped out.

Should we be commemorating an action done by 1 nation 160 years ago when the world is filled with the same problems, the same type of evil people who created slavery in the first place and are getting worse?

If the church jumps on board, will God get any of the attention or the glory? After all, it was he who freed the slaves as he worked through different men. Shouldn’t we be holding church services praising God for his work in this and not just have another excuse to party?

Then should we be celebrating a 160-year-old act when slavery still exists in one form or another? What about the women who are sold into sex slavery every day? Or being abused as prostitutes?

Isn’t kind of presumptuous to celebrate one emancipation proclamation when millions of others have not been emancipated? One of the things that have bothered us about modern Christians is that so many only look at the evil in the world and pray that Christ comes back tomorrow to get them out of here.

That is a sad attitude to have as not only does it ignore God’s desire that all men be saved but it leaves people in harmful situations without hope of rescue. Jesus came and died for them as well.

We should not abandon ship just yet. There is just too much work to be done yet. Too many people to rescue, too many lives to restore. Instead of praying ‘Lord, get us out of here’ or ‘Lord, come back soon’, we should be praying, ‘Lord what can I do and where do you want me to be’.

God uses people and we should be able to rejoice that he does as we get to participate in his mission, his purpose, and bring him more glory. While we are not against celebrating holidays or stopping anyone from celebrating Lincoln’s proclamation, we do want believers to think about those who still need to be set free.

They still need the church to come through for them. The imprisoned, the unbeliever, the sinner does not see God until they see the true Christian in action.

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