Inside the Mind of an Atheist

We all know what is going on inside the mind of an atheist. But it is nice to have them make confessions once in a while. B.G. (Bruce Gerencser) has written a little confession that clears up any confusion. His very first line tells us everything we need to know about atheists:

Atheists of every stripe agree that all the gods of human religions are false; that these gods do not have magical, supernatural powers; that they do not answer prayer, heal the sick, or raise the dead. These gods are made and shaped by human hands and do not, as many religionists suggest, live beyond the space-time continuum.

The only thing true about this comment is that it describes exactly what the atheist believes and thinks. The Bible says the fool has said there is no god and this is not something that has suddenly appeared in the 20th or 21st century.

It has been going on since almost time began. B. G. is saying nothing new and after all these millenniums you would think the atheist would come up with something new and better. They don’t because they have nothing to offer anyone.

The first line in that quote doesn’t prove anything except that the atheist is not using fact, physical evidence, reality, or even truth to make their decision. They also use no authority either. They have just decided that is the way it is and then attack anyone brave enough to admit that they cannot do life alone.

Their statement that there is no God is not fact just what they wish it was. They hope for this because they have been deceived and do not want to think about the ramifications of their decision.

They also ignore all the evidence proving that God does exist. They are not enlightened but simply deceived. They do not have the truth ut gave it up for whatever false promise they have been given by evil.

Then they think they are winning because they are being successful in turning people away from God. How sad that is because they are aiding evil in its hatred against God and destroying people’s eternity and lives.

They mock those who hold onto their faiths and that is a sign of weakness, as most people who can’t, mock those who can. They are too weak to take the step of faith and live the life that Christ wants them to live so they do whatever they can to harm those who can.

The atheist may not realize it as they are blind to what is going on in their lives and who is pulling their strings. These people are too afraid to deal with reality so they deny the existence of evil as well.

Those denials leave them in a quandary as they now have no source for good and bad behavior. They have no standards to measure themselves or others to see if they are on the right path. Instead, they failed so they deny everything that would remind them of their failure.

Atheism is the absence of belief in the existence of gods. While there may be a God that has not yet revealed itself to us, such a possibility is improbable. Most atheists are comfortable living their lives with no thought of God or religion.

This is another sign of weakness. They do not want to draw a line in the sand so they leave a little opening there just in case. What they are really saying is that the God who has revealed himself to everyone is not real and they are waiting for a god that does what they want.

In other words, they want to be in charge of their god and have it do what they say. We know they are not going to bow down to that god who may reveal himself eventually because they refuse to do it for the one who has revealed himself.

Of course they are comfortable living their lives that way. They get to make their own rules, make judgments, lie, sin, and do whatever they want because they reject the rules of the God who has revealed himself.

The atheist wants to be master of their own lives even though they are ruled by evil and that goal will never happen.

Many Christians believe that Christianity gives them a one-up morally on the rest of the world.

It goes without saying that we are morally superior to the atheist. Not because we have created our own moral system like the atheist has. But because we are courageous enough to admit that we cannot live morally without Jesus.

We recognize our true state and seek to change our lives through belief in Jesus and following his ways. Some are more successful than others. Those that refuse to do this mock those who can and have

We also recognize that we cannot create our own moral state. That our human capacity is not great enough to accomplish that goal. We also recognize that we do not have the authority to create great moral codes.

Even those Christians who have tried to create a system they believe is right falls short of what God has created already. We know we cannot do better than God and even if we tried, there would still be people who claim it is wrong, inferior, exclusive, racist, sexist, and so on, then reject that human-created option to design their own.

It takes a lot of courage to live the Christian life and one has to be brave to do it. However, atheists have shown that they have neither characteristic as they cowardly leave the faith or reject it and join the unbelieving world.

They must think there is safety in numbers but they are wrong. They are not safe, it is just an illusion and denying reality only proves they are weak and not brave.

A religion need not be true for people to benefit from it.

While this is a true statement, that does not mean that all religions are false or fake. False religions exist for the same reason atheists exist. To deceive people into thinking they have been enlightened and know the truth.

Without one true religion, no false belief would exist nor would atheists. There would be nothing to reject or avoid nor would there be anything that people would need to be deceived about.

The best way to understand religious belief in general and Christianity in particular is to view both from a sociological and economic perspective.

This is not a true statement for it demands that people ignore all the truths about Christianity and look solely at the faith from a deceived standpoint. The best way to understand Christianity is to examine it with all of its characteristics intact using an open mind.

Evangelicalism is numerically in decline.

This is not news to the Christian. Not only did Jesus tell us this would take place but he also said that people love darkness over light. B. G. and other atheists are not proclaiming some phenomenon here or that they have the truth and are winning the battle against evil.

Christianity is not evil. It is the best thing that could happen to this world. we have a better way to live and treat others, we are not deceived and living a lie and we have promises to hold onto to help us meet the challenges that come with life.

The criticism hurled at Christians by B. G. and other atheists are without merit as they look at things through blind and deceived eyes. They deny the existence of the enemy and the work it does to successfully destroy believers like they were destroyed.

They cannot see the reality of life because they live in a state of denial not a state of illumination. That is why Christ came to earth and why his followers continue to cast that light.

We are not losing, it is just that sinful men do not love God enough to change and be brave enough to live the Christian life. We do not take B. G. seriously as he has said that when he was a preacher and following God, he was quite successful.

Yet, he denied and denies the very evidence for God that took place in his own life. If he was as successful and on fire for God as he claims, then he should be ashamed. He let evil destroy him so that success could not continue.

That is not something to be proud of.


2 thoughts on “Inside the Mind of an Atheist

  1. I am a regular reader of Mr. Gerencser’s blog; it gave me the courage to walk away from a religion that is at the root of some tremendous emotional pain I have suffered in my adult life. You see, I once would have agreed with your words; I was a fundamentalist Christian from 1992-1997. I tried to live according to biblical precepts believing that there was a “holy spirit” watching over and guiding my life. I believed what my teachers said, even if my senses of reason told me otherwise. I also thought that mainstream society as a whole was a lost cause; the only change could occur as the individual level through “soul winning.”
    That began to change in1997, I learned that my wife of 15 months had brought over $47,000 worth of medical debt into our marriage without telling me, I had a child on the way, and after some major issues with my mother at a family reunion, she separated from me. When I went to meet with our pastor, he didn’t show up; I stood under a wooden awning taking shelter from a rain storm, waiting for my dad to pick me up (he dropped me off, since I didn’t have a car). This pastor (who strongly endorsed the marriage) did call me later; we talked for about five minutes.
    Still, it took a long time to pull away. I did periodically return to that church over the next five years, though, due to job obligations, I by and large was secular. The problem was evangelical teaching;what if it turns out I am wrong? What if it turns out that I never was a Christian? After a job change in 2005, I began investigating Christianity again, getting confirmed in the Episcopal Church, while also spending time in the Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ). Finally, since it was easier to attend services on Sunday nights, I would sometimes attend a Free Will Baptist Church near my home. They seemed nice, until the Sunday before the 2008 election, which was All Saints Day. The “sermon” was pretty much about the evils of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, complete with pictures of aborted fetuses. I left as soon as he finished, in a blind rage. I haven’t attended an evangelical church since.
    A short time later, I moved across town and met my wife. My regular involvement with church largely ended in 2009 at a Methodist Church, but I had had enough. I declared myself a Universalist the following year, got confirmed as a Presbyterian so my wife could give me burial rites if she so preferred, and I explored Messianic Judaism. Then I discovered two things that changed my life: Deism and a man named Bruce Gerencser.
    As a former pastor in the same group (IFB) that had failed me so badly, Mr. Gerencser’s work helped me to contextualize the spiritual abuse I had suffered; how the church turns their evidence problem into the penitent’s faith problem, the fact that the church can’t back up its truth claims about the bible, how the cognitive dissonance one must endure to believe the essential teachings of the religion is not “the devil,” but rather reason and logic trying to reveal itself, how there are really multiple “Christianities, “ and most of all, a voice saying the one thing I needed to hear from those people: “I am sorry, and I was wrong.”
    You say that Bruce Gerencser is a weak man. Admitting that you are wrong is perhaps the greatest show of strength a human being can demonstrate. I am a deconverted Christian. I have a great wife, and the world now makes sense. Bruce Gerencser is right. My life is right. You are not.

    1. There are 2 things at the heart of your problems. #1. You seem to equate God with humans and their actions are God’s actions. Also, you seem to blame God for what humans have done. That was your first mistake and it was compounded by mistake #2. That was where you violated God’s command not to walk in the counsel of the ungodly.

      You listened to the wrong people and now you have lost your faith. There is only one church, not multiple Christianities and if you had not listened to deceived people you may have had a better chance of coming through those issues. You even have to be careful when talking to people in the church and from your content, I am thinking you met some ‘Christians’ who did not follow Christ either.

      Christians have free choice and you have to be careful as they will often make the wrong choice and do not provide the help or counsel God wanted you to have. You are not to blindly follow humans but follow Christ. Did you check their words and actions like the Bereans of Acts did? If not, then your problems also originate with you and your faulty choices and inaction.

      Just do not blame God for your failures. Bruce is a weak man and a coward. He could not stand the heat that comes with Christianity and left the kitchen. He is not telling you any truth and is being used of evil to destroy you and many people of faith. That is not a strong man but someone too weak that he can’t stop being used for and by evil.

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