What is Tolerance

The liberals, Democrats, and leftists do not seem to understand the term they use all the time. They whine and cry that believers are not tolerant, yet get very aggressive, hate-filled, and angry at Christians who want to practice their faith wherever they are.

Here is how the American Heritage Dictionary defines the word ‘tolerance’:

The capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.

It seems that the definition is flexible when the aforementioned groups of people attack those who disagree with them, especially Christians. They call Christians all sorts of names, seek to ban them from social media outlets, schools, and other locations where the public gathers.

They do not seem to tolerate Christians or their beliefs at all. But there is a reason behind that and it is not sociological, psychological, or even emotional. It is because the true Christian casts a light unto their dark lives and the unbeliever hates to see what they really look like inside.

They do not like what they see when a Christian lives by God’s word and exposes the sin and evil in the world around them. Non-believers do not like being shown that they are wrong and living on the wrong side of God.

What makes this issue even worse is that while the non-Christians are rejecting God’s standards of right and wrong, they are busy creating their own. The post at Meerkat Musing is what started this all and we will quote from it.

Do we accept racism, sexism and homophobia as part of tolerating intolerance?

Part of their rule creation targets issues that do not exist. First off racism does not exist as everyone comes from the same two ancestors, Adam & Eve. There may be cultural hatred, skin color hatred but there is no such thing as racism.

The term seism is a bit broad but as the roles of men and women are defined by God, men are the head of the home, the wife is the helpmeet. The men run the church, the women have different roles but cannot run the church. And on it goes.

Obeying God’s word and keeping to his defined roles is not sexism. it is obedience to God but it is not sexism. While sexism may exist in certain areas, it is not as great as that author says it is.

Finally, we get to homophobia. being against homosexual unions, etc., is not the same as being afraid of a homosexual. But that is what the word implies. No one is afraid of homosexuals or even the rest of the queer letters.

Telling people that they are abnormal, not right, and living in sin is not being afraid of homosexuals. it is an act of love as Christians try to free the LGBTQ member from sin. trying to free someone is not an act of fear.

Do we accept people who espouse these ‘ideas’?

If they don’t, then they are being hypocritical and they are not putting into practice the true meaning of the definition quoted earlier. They are not being tolerant of those who practice their own set of beliefs.

That hypocrisy ruins their credibility and any authority they thought they had. They should have learned this lesson from those who grew up in the 50s and 60s of the last century as well as every generation that has existed since Adam & Eve.

When you do not practice what you believe, no one tends to listen. That question exposes the real hypocrisy. The liberals, etc., do not want to live under God’s laws, that tell people to treat others correctly, yet expect everyone to live under their rules.

Why should anyone listen to them? They do not practice what they preach and take great measures to persecute and hurt the Christian church.

Within the Star Trek fandom there is a philosophy – Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations – IDIC. One quick, snap interpretation of this is that Trekkies should accept all values – but should we?

Star Trek’s been very much against discrimination from the very start.

Not really, we only saw what Gene Roddenberry wanted HIS universe to look like. We did not see ‘infinite diversity in infinite combinations. We saw tokens, not real diversity. We can say that as God, Allah, and other deities were excluded from the Star Trek universe.

We did not see one religious book in the series and the stars of all the Star Trek series sought to use their own logic to solve problems. Not one lived by God’s rules nor sought God’s help. The only diversity we saw was a human solution influenced by evil.

Then we must ask, what or who is Star trek? Why appeal to that show when it is only a form of entertainment created and produced by humans all of which did not create something out of nothing, have the power to heal the sick or make the blind to see, nor have the ability to offer anyone eternal life.

Not one of those people, either behind the scenes or the characters, had the power over death. Even Capt. Kirk died. So what is the use of Star Trek diversity when it does nothing except leave people in their sin, lets them die in their sins, and does nothing to help people escape those situations?

Even the supernatural beings, like Q, did not offer anyone anything. Sure one race of aliens made Capt. Pike ‘look better’ but even that ‘healing was all an illusion. He could not leave that planet so what good was their offer?

If there are ideals and people that disregard the principles raised by these and other episodes, what does that say?

It says that those people see through the charade and are still looking for something that only Christ can offer. Diversity is nothing as it still does not eliminate right and wrong, it just relabels and repackages it.

Diversity does not provide a solution that Christ can. All it does is practice a reverse form of discrimination and elevates unqualified people to positions they have no business being in.

I welcome diversity. I welcome the inclusive future Star Trek presents to us

No, he doesn’t and of course he would welcome the ‘inclusive future’ of Star Trek because it excludes God and his rules, standards, and instructions. humans in that universe are free to do whatever they want except be Christian.

He only welcomes a world that refuses to tell him he is living in sin and needs to accept Christ as his savior, then follow God’s ways as found in the Bible. He wants a universe where he gets to set his own rules and punish those who disagree with him.

If you’re going to suggest we accept racism, sexism and homophobia, under the guise of being ‘tolerant’, just remember that the ones who want to discriminate will never be tolerant.

That is an interesting point. One he should apply to himself as he will discriminate against certain people which makes him intolerant and unable to be tolerant.

God is the most inclusive person there is. His plan of salvation invites men, women children, disabled, sick, and so on. All they have to do is give up sin. Yet, that author and people like him, love sin more than they love themselves or God.

They are willing to die in sin rather than give it up for life in paradise. That is the real tragedy, not the lack of diversity or tolerance for those who want to practice what is wrong, abnormal, evil, and sin.

Christ came to save those who are lost. Sadly, those that are lost have been so thoroughly deceived they think they are in the right and creating paradise. They have a rude awakening coming to them soon.

What makes that author and others like them even worse, is that they are being used by evil to continue to trap people in their sins so the latter miss God’s escape route.


2 thoughts on “What is Tolerance

  1. We are not going to respond to Meerkats’ response as it proves every word we said here true. He wants sin to be a part of life, paradise and he wants people trapped in their sins. The message is loud and clear.

    He also refuses to accept God as God and humble himself to God’s ways. He clearly says he wants his own world without God or at least a god that bows to his will.

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