Another Denomination Making a wrong Decision

We got the story over at Protestia because no other news agency is carrying this story. It may not seem like news to them but to us, people who grew up in the Alliance, went to one of their undergraduate schools, and pastored (both as assistant and senior) a few of their churches, it is a big deal.

Here is the story title and link–Christian and Missionary Alliance May Start Calling Women ‘Pastorsand according to the comments, this may have already started in Canada’s version of the denomination.

In the Philippines, they call the wife of the pastor a pastora and while she does not usually preach, she is held in higher regard than just being a pastor’s wife.

Women may fulfill any function in the local church which the senior pastor and elders may choose to delegate to them consistent with the Uniform Policy for Accredited Churches and may properly engage in any kind of ministry except that which involves elder authority…

While desiring both genders to be mobilized to exercise their gifts in a variety of ministries and leadership roles, The Alliance continues to affirm its understanding of Scripture that elders are male members of the local church. This includes the elected elders of the local church and the senior/lead pastor.

It is the last sentence that bothers us the most about that quote. The Bible does not make distinctions between lead, senior, executive, preaching, youth, children’s, evangelism, and any other title used by today’s denomination when describing members of their pastoral staff.

All those positions are under the same biblical rules as the elders and deacons are. Splitting hairs like this only leads to trouble and is a form of compromise that is disobeying God’s rules and commands.

You will find no support for the splitting of titles and placing them under different rules in the OT either.  A priest was a priest and he had to be the right son of Levi among other rules.

This move only confirms any suspicion anyone has ever had about modern churches and denominations. That suspicion is that they take great liberties with God’s word and rules.

The policy change, when all said and done, would schizophrenically still allow only men to be Senior Pastors but would allow women to be ordained and hold “key places of leadership in the Alliance at the local church, district, and national levels,” while using the “pastor” moniker. Presently both men and women can go through a two-year training process with the CMA – the end result is that men are ordained and women are “consecrated,” which is a distinction without a difference.

These liberties have been going on for quite some time now and we saw some of the seeds being planted over 40 years ago. Women were allowed to teach men, they held key positions in the college as well as other places in the church, and instead of stopping the slide, the CMA has let go of the brakes and are free-falling further into compromise.

Once the darling of what was once called the holiness movement, which included the Nazarenes and similar church denominations, we do not consider the Alliance to be that holy anymore.

Their handling of the Ravi Zacharias situation, which we received no response to our e-mails, was just another nail in its coffin. But we know how they handled people they didn’t like 40 years ago so that is nothing new.

The correct way to handle this, of course, is to root out anyone in favor of it and then cull the mischief-makers in a bloodbath of excommunications and congregational shaming.

That is an interesting option but calling the denomination to repentance and proper Christian leadership should be the first step. It is almost impossible to make an impact for Christ when you are telling the unsaved that God’s rules and God do not matter.

Why should the unsaved change when the church members are telling them they can live like they did prior to salvation? There is no reason for them to change as the modern church is merely giving the unsaved everything they already have

If the Protestia story about the SBC president’s recent actions is accurate, then you have more evidence supporting our point being made here. More and more churches are looking to the wrong people, the wrong culture, and the wrong direction to get their marching orders.

The Alliance seems to be happily following along with their new and very bad decisions. Jesus spoke to this issue already when he said- “why do you call me Lord when you do not do the things I saw?’

If we claim to serve Christ, then we have to obey his instructions, commands, and rules. We do not have the liberty to alter or revise them, especially to meet the demands of those who need the light of Christ shone upon them.

It is not God or the Bible that is in error and in need of the ‘wisdom’ of the world. Nor is it the church that needs the light of the dark world shone upon it. The church is God’s representative on earth and it needs to act like it by obeying God’s ways regardless of how the unbeliever reacts.

It’s for this reason that the CMA is looking to shake things up at the denomination’s annual General Council meeting later this month. President John Stumbo has already come out in support of it, releasing a video where he laments the fact that “some of our policies unnecessarily restrict otherwise called and qualified ministers” and suggesting that by not letting women be pastors they’ve overstepped the limits of scripture.

What Mr. Stumbo does not realize is that God DOES NOT call women or men to disobey his word. He needs some discernment on this issue as he is helping people disobey God under the guise of helping them minister where they should not be.

God’s leaders need to lead people to obedience to God, not to disobedience. If they can’t why are they in leadership positions in the church?

Rest assured we will send the link to this article to the Alliance but we only expect to receive silence in return.