Ravi Zacharias & Other News Stories

It seems that the ‘Christian’ Post can’t seem to get enough of bashing a dead man. That story will be the top one today and a few more will follow.

#1. John Piper: Ravi Zacharias turned ‘position of power’ into ‘neediness and woundedness’

John Piper has weighed in on the misdeeds of late apologist Ravi Zacharias and identified the “lessons” Christians can learn from his posthumous fall from grace after he was accused of “sexting, unwanted touching, spiritual abuse, and rape.”

The first lesson seems to be that Christian leaders, along with the Christian Post, cannot stop writing Mr. Zacharias. The second lesson is that Mr. Piper seems to think it is okay for him to take pot shots and remain in the ministry even though he can’t control his own family.

This article over at Protestia makes a good case for why Mr. Piper should not be throwing stones at Mr. Zacharias. There have been so many mistakes made by Mr. Zacharias’ daughter that no one should be leaping to any conclusions or condemning the man.

If we were all perfect, then we could compete for God’s job but we should be more mindful of the attacks of evil instead of racing to distance ourselves from Mr. Zacharias the fastest and the furthest. We will stand by Mr. Zacharias as we certainly are not in a position to condemn anyone.

#2.Youth for Christ CEO on why he’s ‘hopeful’ about today’s young people despite sobering statistics

Teens today are facing crises like never before

We do like the fact that he is hopeful and plans on continuing to work with the Youth of the World. However, we will disagree with that statement. My own generation faced both the Viet Nam and the Korean War, the previous one faced world War 2 while the prior to that had to deal with The Spanish Flu Epidemic as well as world War 1.

Other nations had to face the communist takeover of Russia and China, the Japanese annexation of Korea. Then there was the Bubonic plague, the Inquisitions, the Crusades and so many other historical events that challenged the faith of both teenagers and adults.

Sorry, but instead of trying to drive people to action through hype and overly dramatic statements, be honest as sin has not changed one iota since the world began. Every teenager has faced the same thing since Adam’s kids became teenagers.

#3. Christian Post Doesn’t Differentiate Between Genuine Believers and Twice the Sons of Hell

A reporter for the Christian Post has demonstrated a frightening lack of discernment by categorizing famed blaspheming, pro-choice, pro-LGBT pastor and Democrat senator as a Christian, and then doubling down when challenged on it.

While we do read and make comments at that ‘Christian’ newspaper, we know it is more progressive than Christian. It is not a great newspaper for building the faith but letting wolves sneak in, is something they are good at doing.

The thing about us and Protestia is that we still do not know what to do with it. They are the only ones that we found that would publish Mrs. Zacharias’ e-mail and mention her son’s defend Ravi website. Even though they did not agree with their words.

For some reason, The Christian Post did not do that and we were waiting and looking for the news article. it never came so it is clear that the only want clicks off the news stories and have no concern for the truth.

#4. Kathy Ireland recalls the moment she wanted ‘to follow Jesus Christ’: ‘The experience forever changed my life’

At age 18, Kathy Ireland was a lonely up-and-coming model living in an old French apartment at the end of a dark hallway nicknamed “the dungeon” with her housemates.

But it was during this time that the now entrepreneur developed a new relationship with God.

We are glad she did and we hope she will be faithful to the end. We also hope she gets solid biblical teaching. We remember her but never met her and here is hoping no one drops the biblical ball and messes her life up.

#5. Christian Counselor Says White People Have ‘Post-Traumatic Slave MASTER Disorder’

A ‘Christian counselor coined a novel diagnosis for white Americans while speaking on a panel at Renewal Church of Chicago’s “Annual Gospel and Race Conversation” explaining that white people have a mental illness that they don’t even know they have but which affects the ways they interact with minorities and people of color, which he describes as a “post-traumatic slave MASTER disorder.”

If you are going to be stupid and say stupid and unbiblical things, please do not call yourself a Christian. This is a false accusation, a false generalization, and hurts innocent people.

As you read further in the article, you will see that the supposed ‘Christian’ university is not really Christian at all. We know why these people say such stupid things and they should cut it out. To be Christian you need to speak the truth, not lie at any time nor falsely accuse anyone among several other instructions that ‘counselor’ and ‘school have violated.

We have written this before, if you are not going to correctly follow Jesus and the Bible, and are not a new or immature believers who don’t know any better, please do not call yourself a Christian.

You are making a mockery of Christ, the Bible, and the faith.

#6. SBC attempts replacing a Conservative with pastor who praises Barack Obama, Beth Moore

In a breach of Southern Baptist Convention protocol, J.D. Greear’s SBC Nominations Committee refused to re-nominate Dr. Tom Tucker of South Carolina. Dr. Tucker is the current Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee and was willing and eligible to serve another term. In Dr. Tucker’s position, Greear’s handpicked committee nominated a pastor who praises Barack Obama and Beth Moore.

The nominating committee was made aware that Dr. Tucker was available for another term; however, the committee decided to force a replacement on the Southern Baptist Convention, according to multiple sources close to the SBC Executive Committee.

This is a violation of precedent.

The last time such a move was attempted by a nominating committee was in 2018, when the committee attempted to replace Dan Anderson with someone willing to hold Russell Moore and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) accountable.

Of course, Russell Moore fanboys (like the progressives at SBC Voices) raised a ruckus at the violation of precedent.

When you try to appease or please people, you are not pleasing God. That should be all that needs to be said for this situation.

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