Something to Think About

One of our Facebook friends posted the following story Mother Found Still Cradling Baby After 4800 Years and as we read it our minds started wondering about the time right after the flood.

As everyone knows, science is blind to the past. It doesn’t matter what discipline it is science and scientists cannot see into the past at all. Science is not a psychic field.

That field will not be able to provide a lot of detail concerning this skeleton, who she was, why she was buried that way, and who buried her. We are not going with the details in that article

Then as we have mentioned in our Noah’s Flood book, Dr. Rehwinkel documented the discoveries of an untold amount of skeletons in the many different fissures found throughout the world.

That evidence tells us that there was a possibility of a lot of skeletons probably left lying around on the surface of the earth. What if the people, the  Dabenkeng, who made it to what is now Taiwan and saw the skeleton lying in a bed.

This possible pre-flood woman and child may have been too sick to try to flee the rising waters and her last thoughts were of her child. With no one left to bury her after the flood, she lay there until discovered by that new ancient people.

Taking pity on her, that people buried her using their own customs and burial clothes. We cannot know for sure if this is what happened or not as we can’t verify that possibility.

What we do know is that as the people spread throughout the world, they may have come across pre-flood buildings, clothing, skeletons, and so on and left their own cultural items next to them and distorted the physical evidence.

No one, outside of God, can know for sure what took place in the past. There are just too many variables that could have taken place that has masked the true events.

This is why Christians are to listen to God over science and scientists. The latter are humans just like believers are and do not have a special view of the past. Only God knows what really took place and when you doubt him, you are doubting the truth.

That grave, though, is something to think about. It makes for an interesting scenario that provides food for come contemplative speculation. God made ancient women the same as modern women, just as he made ancient men the same as modern men.