A few words on CV-19

FDR was a democrat and he said some of the best words at a time when the Great Depression was in full swing- We have nothing to fear but fear itself.
While believers do not follow secular words or counsel we should be the last people to be afraid because we have eternal hope and perfect love for God drives the fear away.
We also cannot let fear alter implementing Jesus’ instructions to help the less fortunate, the sick or taking care of our families. It is said that when Ancient Rome and its empire was not a compassionate place to be families were left to take care of their sick relatives. That left the Christians of that time to establish hospitals, and provide care at the risk of their own health and lives, which they gladly did.
It is in these times that the Christian has to lead and stop being a follower of deceived people. But every Christian must make that decision for themselves and follow God’s leading. Obeying the secular government stops when it tells the Christian to ignore God and his instructions.
At any time we can contract one of the many contagious diseases listed at this website https://healthhearty.com/list-of-contagious-diseases. Everyone has an equal opportunity to contract any one of them at any time just like CV-19 but we do not stop the world because of that danger.
Nor do they stop believers from following Jesus while we can postpone or do worship services, etc., in a different manner we do not stop following Jesus and let those that suffer go without care, food or help
The believer does not the the unbeliever dictate their lives nor their spiritual obedience. They set the right example just like Jesus did

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