Archaeology’s Table of Contents

This will be the last of the book’s content that I will post. There will be more posts about the book from time to time

Table of Contents


Introduction – 4


Archaeology & Faith- 8


The Problem of Objectivity- 14


Archaeology’s Limitations- 19


The Issue of Archaeological Forgeries- 25


Amateurs Outdo the Experts- 31


Archaeological Reports- 38


There is No Smoking Gun- 44


Is It Biblical Archaeology or Not- 49


Pseudo Archaeology- 55


Similar Histories- 62


The Archaeological Eras- 68


Who Owns Archaeology- 74


Nothing is New Under the Sun- 80

The Amount of Biblical Evidence- 87


Does Archaeology Prove the Bible True- 94


The Anti Biblical Bias in Archaeology- 99


The Bible is a Reliable Ancient Text- 105


Why We Study History- 110


Why We study History 2- 115


Some Final Words- 120


About the Author- 125

You can find the book at:

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