Some observations

#1. Confronting Old Testament Controversies by Tremper Longman

We did finish reading this book and to say the best about it, the work was very disappointing. After a very good first chapter, by that we mean he laid out is position quite clearly, the following three were not as good.

In those final 3 chapters, the author gave reviews of other people’s positions on sexuality, violence and history. He did not explore the issues as well as he did the first chapter on evolution and that was a big let down.

Needless to say we were not happy with the work. If people are going to deal with such issues, they need to lead their readers to the truth. This author fails to do that because he does not believe the truth

He believes in his own version of the Bible and not God’s. Also, if people are going to struggle with God’s word, it is best that they do not write about their struggle. Their words will confuse others and the author needs to get right with God before publishing his thoughts

Not publishing true answers means that the author is misleading people hiding the truth and making God look weak and a liar. If believers are going to make an impact for God, they need to stand with God, not with science or the LGBTQ community or other non believers.

#2. An Open Letter to the LGBTQ Community

There have been stories in the Christian Post recently where Muslims and LGBTQ members are trying to get Mr. Graham’s events cancelled. We are not going to address issues that have already been addressed like intolerance, bullying and hiding from the truth.

Instead all we are going to say to the LGBTQ community and others is that no matter how much you try, no matter how many churches you get to change their beliefs and no matter how many times you try to change scriptures, God and His word do not change.

You may make weak humans alter their translations, their churches and so on, but you can’t make God change. Nor can you change the Bible. Whether it remains in print or not, The Bible stands as God’s word and its revelations, instructions, history and stances will remain the same.

You cannot escape what God has said in the Bible. The only option you have to escape punishment is to truly repent of your sins, give up your sexual preferences and old religious beliefs and accept Christ as your Savior.

Hiding from the truth does not change the truth. Trying to force people to accept your ways as natural, right, good is not going to change the truth that the Bible has recorded.

As Jesus said to Paul, “Stop kicking against the pricks”. You will not win

#3. Judge allows Boston to ban the flying of Christian flag outside City Hall

This is another Christian Post story and it sends an interesting message. One is the world is going to be unfair. Christians will be discriminated against when they try to do things secular people get to do.

The second message is, stop trying to copy the world and use substitutes to get the Christian message out. Christ, the Bible and God did not teach us to fly flags, and do similar activities.

They said to let your light shine and to do that we need to imitate Christ more. He did not change laws, he did not bash the governments, he did not violate God’s instructions or try to change them nor did he fly flags at government buildings.

Instead, he showed a love that taught the truth, lived the truth, and led others to the truth. Love does not accept unrepentant sinners into the church. Nor does it leave people in their sins.

Love also does not hide the truth no matter how ugly it got and how much it defied the accepted ideology and definitions of the day. Love willingly gives up their sin for God.

Love also does not change the message of the Bible or who can be part of the church. Love also does not break those laws of the government that do not have a person violating God’s rules and instructions.

Love leads people to obey both God and the government, with God’s rules being given the priority. A Christian is to live Christianity not fly flags. Flying the flag is not letting your light shine before men unless it is on your own property¬† or in front of your own house.

If you want a city hall to fly a Christian flag, then live Christian lives that will impress the government officials showing that you correctly live what you believe.

Follow Jesus not your own thinking.