Chelsea Clinton and Abortion

17 Sep

By now everyone has heard of her comments on abortion. We will address a few of her quotes tonight

Chelsea Clinton has said that, as a “deeply religious person,” the idea of America going back to a pre-Roe v. Wade society where abortions were banned is “unChristian.”

We understand. More than 30 years ago we wrote a book on abortion and investigated the issue and what women put themselves through or were forced to endure during that era is not something we would wish on anyone. In spite of the many good abortion ‘doctors’ who took care of their ‘patients’,  there were far too many who took advantage of the woman’s situation and committed horrible crimes against those women.

We would not like to see women put themselves or be put through those situations again. They are as sinful as abortion is. But women do have a choice. They can decide not to abort and take a different route. Why Ms. Clinton and Planned Parenthood are not championing those alternatives to abortion is anyone’s guess. They have a wonderful platform to help women make it through their pregnancy periods and then give up their babies for adoption.

Yet they fight vigorously to keep abortion legal and disguise its evil nature under the term ‘women’s rights.’ It makes you think about how callous Ms. Clinton is and how Planned Parenthood really are. Here they are advocating for a sinful procedure ignoring the pleas of those women and men who cannot have children or would like more.

We think that attitude is very unchristian. While we do not have an answer for when Roe v. Wade is overturned, except that people need to stop having sex outside of marriage and fathers & mothers need to take responsibility for their actions. We do not have any miracle answers to this problem. Obeying God solves most of it.

Clinton said every day she makes the “moral choice” to be optimistic for her children when it comes to what she says is the battle for women’s rights.

What rights? Under most democratic governments, their constitutions list the rights of their people yet the number of those rights differ from country to country. Which country’s list of rights will everyone use? God does not give us any rights, he does tell us what is right and wrong and expects us to obey that instruction. Rights mean absolutely nothing in this world.

Then when we think about her statement, we must ask, does Ms. Clinton think that women deserve special rights? Does her mind think that just because women bear children , that they deserve more than the man who clothes and feeds, etc., those women? We all know that men are not going to rebel and give up on women and let them be single just to get a little equality in this weird new age.

That my efforts and my energies, particularly when I’m fortunate enough to be in partnership with fellow travelers, hopefully will make a difference,” the activist and former first daughter said

If she is so deeply religious, why doesn’t she advocate for both men and women to follow God’s way correctly? It seems her religion is used by her when it benefits her and ignored when it won’t. And sorry, we are not her fellow traveler. No Christian is as she seems to be steering the boat in the wrong direction and leading people to sin against God.

That is not a boat we want to be in. We do not like abortion and we do not like those people who continue to advocate for the murder of innocent people who cannot defend themselves. We just try to treat them all as Christ wants.

And when I think about all of the statistics that are painful of what women are confronting today in our country, and what even more women confronted pre-Roe and how many women died and how many more women were maimed because of unsafe abortion practices, we just can’t go back to that,” Clinton said, referring to the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the country.

She obviously does not look at statistics very honestly as the ones she is quoting is not matching up with the number of babies that have been aborted over the 300+ years America has been in existence. There is not 1,000,000 +/- women dying each year or being maimed through any type of abortion procedure. Her faulty statistic is not reason enough to continue legal abortions either.

The supporters of abortion continue to claim that it is the women’s body and she can do what she wants with it. That flies in the face of biblical teaching. Sadly, it is not the woman’s body that is being harmed by abortion and we know that God has not granted women or men the right to kill the body of another person. Including the unborn.

Like that’s unconscionable to me, and also, I’m sure that this will unleash another wave of hate in my direction, but as a deeply religious person, it’s also unChristian to me,” she added, referring to her Methodist faith.

Clearly we see that her conscience does not consider the trauma the unborn are put through and she does not think that slaughter is unconscionable. There is a lot wrong with her thinking. How can she be deeply religious when she ignores those innocent people who are robbed of a chance at life simply because of certain situations they know nothing about?

Clinton added that she has been receiving “a lot of hate” over the issue, and has been compared to slave-owners and Nazis.

We do not hate her. we think she is very misguided and not receiving the correct biblical teaching. We are sad that she has taken this view as it is certainly contradictory to the Christian faith. She does not seem to think that love your neighbor applies to the unborn, but it does. She does not seem to think that love thy neighbor as thyself, applies to the unborn, but it does.

God did not put restrictions on those verses and excluded those people waiting to enter life. She seems to be one of those people who thinks she gets to pick and choose when to apply scripture and when not to. In her bid for human rights, we hope she realizes some day soon that many of those unborn children who have been aborted and are being aborted, are also women. The very women she is fighting to give rights to.

We hope she doesn’t take too long to see the error of her ways

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