It May Not Be Failure

13 Jul

We were reminded that we had one more article to work on and post before we left. It is found at the following link:

We are not going to go in-depth and talk about every point in the article as it is well written. We only want to address some of the main points. The first is the title

Revoice Conference Reveals Church’s Failure to Address LGBT Issues

First off, we think it is a little unfair to say that the church has failed to address LGBTQ issues.  In the past we have been hard on churches but we also think that it is difficult for every local church to focus on every issue. That is a bit unrealistic and an expectation that cannot be met. Some churches focus on feeding the poor, others meeting personal needs and so on. There are not enough members to go around to every issue and there are not enough resources to cover them all.

Second, the Bible is very clear about how to handle unrepentant sin and a lot of the time it is the LGBTQ community that has rejected those teachings and demand that the church accept them as equals in God’s kingdom. The church cannot disobey God. Unrepentant sinners can be put out of the church without the church failing to address the LGBTQ issues. They have in God’s way and the LGBTQ may not like it.

Third, a church does not fail if they do not have anyone to train willing members or pastoral staff in how to handle LGBTQ members who are seeking to repent of their sins honestly and correctly. It does no one any good to place untrained people in positions of responsibility as serious as this.

Fourth, the church does not fail if God does not redeem the LGBTQ member. Redemption is up to God not the church and there could be many reasons why the LGBTQ is left in their sins.

Robert’s church leaders didn’t condone Robert’s behavior and urged him to resist his same-sex desires. A few times, Robert repented of his homosexual behavior and vowed to stop. But after three years of struggle, Robert gave in. He began living openly as a gay man and left his church. His parents left too, and began attending a gay-affirming, mainline church.

When Jesus said, love God with all your hearts ,souls and minds, he did not exclude family members or those family members who opt to live a sinful lifestyle. It is a hard choice to make but God has to be above your own loved ones. Parents and family members are not to let their sinful relatives or friends lead them away from the truth or God.

Now LGBTQ people may say that the church failed here but even the hated conversion therapy is not 100% successful. Also, it may be that the elders did not know how to handle the situation and gave bad advice. In this day and age, church leaders should be asking how to handle these issues. Even if it is just to get the struggling members to someone who can help them.

Also, most people are not aware that homosexuality and transgender is a spiritual battle not a sexual or identification one. Spiritual warfare needs to be accepted and prepared for, not dismissed like some modern believers do. God wants warriors not playground enthusiasts.

Yet as Revoice shows, embracing gay identity is becoming increasingly popular among Christians.

This we have noticed as well. Why people are supporting it is beyond us as none of the LGBTQ preferences offer anything from God or anything constructive to the world. That lifestyle does show people living selfishly, and sometimes very spoiledly. They are not humble enough to give up all their sins to love God but demand love from him.

The Four Main Views on LGBTQ Issues

We actually do not care for these 4 views and think the cloud the issue. We would say that there is a possibility for redemption, and that some people are given over to their sinful lusts and may not be able to be redeemed from that action.We believe Jesus can make all members of the LGBTQ a new creature, but not all are eligible for that redemption and some refuse to accept it.

We like the KISS principle- Keep it simple, stupid. And to keep it simple we stick to the truth and reject those theories that do not bring the truth in love to the issue. In this section and the one immediately above, the church has not failed. The church has neither the power nor the authority to change God’s or LGBTQ’s  decisions on these two matters.

But Revoice organizers go even further. They actually suggest that LGBT identity can be a virtue. As presenter Grant Hartley states, “Christians have often discarded the virtues of queer culture along with the vices .

There are absolutely no virtues found in the LGBTQ position. It is sin from evil and it is a tragedy waiting to get its foot in the door of the church. They have nothing to offer the church and only brings Gods anger on the church for calling evil good, etc.

If the church is going to effectively address LGBTQ issues, it must offer hope of sexual redemption. But many conservative Christian leaders are afraid to do so.

Yes and no. Church leaders may be afraid but that is because they may not know enough, they have not learned more from God or know how to approach him on  this issue.  There are a lot of factors why church leaders and members do not respond as some people would like them to. We need to be fair understanding and cautious about addressing supposed failures in the church.

Not everyone is going to be on the same page in this issue. We leave gay therapy up to the Christian experts and rarely talk about it. It is not our focus here. We can encourage church leaders to become more educated but we would want them to address a variety of topics not just the LGBTQ issue. But they also may not have the time to do it, churches and thier leaders have other problems to focus on. Then, God leads his people. He may not want a specific church or church leader involved in such issues. The church does not fail because God has not led them to address those issues. God may have led them to focus on other vital problems

One cannot point the finger at a church unless they truly know the church and its leaders have dropped the ball.

If we truly love people like Robert, and truly believe the gospel, we must move from simply renouncing error to proclaiming the hope of transformation.

All we can say is ‘stand in line’ there are a myriad of church members, each with their own pet project wanting the church to do something. The question is, why are people passing the buck to the church? if God has placed something on your heart, make sure it is of God and start learning how to correctly handle the issue. We would like to say to people like that author, as pastors, fine, go get correctly biblically educated. Learn how to handle the problem and then come back and roll up your sleeves and get started dealing with the issue.

There is no biblical or church law that restricts members from becoming properly educated, be spirit led and getting involved in issues to the glory of God. There is also no biblical or church law that states that the pastor, the elders, the deacons and their wives do all the work in the church. Just make sure you learn  the lessons God will bring correctly.

God uses all his followers.not just the church leaders. He wants all of his followers properly educated and able to find the truth. He also wants his  followers to follow his lead, instructions, commands and so on correctly. The choice is up to you.

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