Deception At Its Finest

We are taking a break from the look at biblical scholars and their views. Today we turn our attention to the topic of transgender. We doubt we will be saying anything earth-shattering here but we wanted to address the issue because of the latest and more recent news concerning a reality show personality.  Our main source of information will come from the following article

Then if you want more information on this so-called gender confirmation surgery, just click the next two links

Yes we are using Wikipedia for this as it is a very thorough and detailed article on the topic.

The nature of transgender is pure deception and the person in the articles demonstrates this deception quite clearly.

#1. Transgender teen and reality TV star Jazz Jennings posted a video to fans Monday proclaiming great excitement over finally being scheduled to get “new genitalia” later this month: “Like penis to vagina. That’s some serious s**t, y’all … I can’t believe it. I’m gonna have a vagina!

We are sorry ladies but a male being excited about receiving a vagina is not exciting to us. But the problem here is that that boy is not getting a vagina. What he is getting is a poor copy of one and one that doesn’t work like a vagina. This is what deception does. It alters the thinking of people  and gets them to believe they are getting the real deal when in reality, they are getting a forgery.

Deception is used quite often in art, where fakes are sold to unwary elites. This boy has been sold a bill of goods and he has believed it for too many years. Deception is not of God as he makes it very clear which gender a person is born as when the make their initial appearance in the world. To be excited about mutilating oneself demonstrates that there is a problem in the thinking of not only the boy but also his parents who allowed this to take place.

#2. Jennings — who was born a male but has been living as a female since the age of 5

If the boy was allowed to be living as a girl since he was 5 then we know that his parents have been deceived, as they helped him in this lifestyle. He could not have one it without their aid. What we see here is the bible verse ‘train up a child in the path he shall go and he will not depart from it’ being shown to be true. This boy has been taught that he was a girl and now he has altered his body to match what he has been taught.

A 5-year-old boy does not know enough about the world or biology, etc., to determine their own gender. His parents should have nipped this thinking in the butt and taught him that his thinking is the product of deception. They should not have encouraged this misconception ad shown him how to get rid of such thinking. That is one of the duties of a parent.

The parent is to teach the child right from wrong and as Deut. 6 tells us, they need to teach their children God’s ways, commandments and instructions. We cannot totally fault the boy because he has been enabled by those who should have known better.

#3. Jennings will receive a vaginoplasty, in which the penis is basically turned inside out to create a vagina,

This is what the surgery is called. It is also described as gender confirmation surgery yet to the rational and logical mind no surgery is needed to confirm one’s gender. The surgery is only needed to help a disturbed mind alter themselves to look like something they are not but think they are.

For more than 11 years, I have performed gender confirmation surgery as part of my surgical practice. I call it “gender confirmation surgery” because I believe that out of the myriad labels I’ve heard for the procedure — “sex reassignment surgery,” “gender reassignment surgery,” and “sex change operation,” to name but a few — none is as accurate when it comes to describing what is actually taking place as “gender confirmation surgery.”

These quoted words are from the Huffington Post link above.  It gives you one surgeon’s point of view on the name and purpose of the surgery. The problem is, it is only confirming the deception not the reality. Surgery cannot confirm gender. DNA does that and a person’s DNA never changes. A man is a man and a woman is a woman. No amount of body altering surgery, playing dress up or enabling will change that fact.

#4. On Thursday, she wrote on Instagram, “I’m doing great, thanks for all of the love and support,” and posted a hospital selfie. Jennings was assigned male at birth, but has lived as a female with the support of her family since the age of 5. (

This is one of the biggest myths in the transgender topic. There is no fairy godmother or Gandalf wizard waving a magic wand or saying an incantation to assign a baby’s gender at conception. If God does it, he hasn’t told us but it is highly unlikely he does. But even if God did do it, he is perfect and his assignments are not wrong nor a result of a mistake.

We can’t get the reference to this fact but maybe someday we will find it again. When the egg and the sperm connect, there is something like a billion options available for them to develop the body. But those options have to do with the color of a person’s skin, the shape of their face, the color of their hair and so on. This is why Black African parents have albino children from time to time.

BUT gender is not a part of this lottery. There is ony 2 options for gender and once conception is completed, the gender is decided and the DNA affixed. This is the simple way to explain it. There is no mistake, no real assignment, no process where the male can say I am really a girl or where the girl can say I am really a boy. No mistake was made.

The only mistake lies with the parents and society who let the child continue to be deceived and let them live in the delusion they are not whom they were born as.

#5. For me, most if not all the other names used for the procedure — or, more accurately, the family of procedures — suggest that a person is making a choice to switch genders. From the hundreds of discussions I’ve had with individuals over the years, nothing could be further from the truth. This is not about choice; it’s about using surgery as one of the therapeutic tools to enable people to be comfortable with their gendered self. (Huff Post Link)

This is the type of deceptive thinking that is part of the transgender issue. They are not making the person comfortable in their gendered self for the surgeries are not keeping the person as they were born. They are altering them to fit the delusion.

#6. Merriam-Webster’s defines “confirmation” as follows: “confirming proof; corroboration; the process of supporting a statement by evidence.” That said, if such surgery helps confirm the way a person feels he or she was meant to be, shouldn’t the name reflect that truth(Huff Post Link)

This is how far off the rails this thinking goes.The gender confirmation surgery does none of those. It mutilates the body, not bring proof to anyone and does not corroborate any thinking or statement. It is a procedure to change the body to fit the delusion in the person’s mind. Distorting definitions does not prove that transgenders had their genders switched at birth; it is merely desperate attempts to justify the thinking of those who reject God’s reproduction system.

Confirmation surgery goes along the lines of a biopsy. A person is sick and it is thought they have cancer or some other illness. Confirmation surgery looks into the body to see what is really wrong with a person. Once that is done, then steps can be taken to heal the person. None of this takes place in this gender confirmation surgery. If a person wants to confirm their gender, then just need to take a DNA test and they will know.

#7. If I can use my surgical skills and advanced microsurgical training to help people with an often lifelong struggle find peace of mind and comfort with their bodies, why wouldn’t I? (Huff Post LInk)

Because it is wrong. It helps people violate biblical teaching. It allows evil to continue to destroy a person. His talents would be better utilized on people who have real problems not on those who want to play dress up and pretend they are a man or a woman.

We have hesitated to call transgender a mental illness because we believe it is a spiritual problem and not something borne from real mental illness. It is deception and the deception is targeted at young children who do not know anything or how to protect themselves. It is also evil spirits having their way with young children. If you do not believe in spiritual warfare, you should change your mind. It is real and it does affect vulnerable children.

Many in North America do not recognize spiritual warfare for it is carefully hidden and very subtle. The secular part of society helps keep it that way. Parents do need to take it serious if their child is claiming to be another gender. Some will grow out of that thinking but others will need good, honest, correct spiritual help to guide them back to the truth.

But one thing is for sure, parents are not to listen to the ungodly secular world on these issues. They do not have the truth about transgender identification. They do not have the truth about sexual preferences either. Sadly, we do not think that the majority of pastors, youth pastors, church members are prepared enough to handle these issues. Hopefully we are wrong. Protecting our children from spiritual deception begins at the moment of conception.