Benjamin Corey & Christianity

We kind of get upset when progressive Christians start talking about the Christian faith and who is or isn’t practicing the faith correctly. 99.99% of the time, they do not use one scripture to support their points. Their ideas on how Christianity should be practiced comes from their own point of view and preferences. Never do they show God’s desires for his followers. It is always their desires.

Benjamin Corey is one such progressive. You can read the full article we are about to address at the following link:

#1. Sadly, my old tribe seems to collectively struggle to realize they’ve done exactly what they spent the entire Left Behind series warning me not to do: they have fallen in line behind a worldly leader who arose to power during a time of “wars and rumors of wars,” who did so by falsely pretending to be a Christian, but who would ultimately lead them to follow an entirely new religion

This point is not even true. From what we have read on the subject, not one evangelical is looking to Trump to lead them to a new religion. They are looking to him as a civil leader to restore some normality, some old-fashioned right and wrong and curb the left’s desire to sin at all costs. But that is not the only issue in those quoted words that rankle us.

The words ‘fallen in line…’ etc, shows us that Mr. Corey seems to be doing some fear mongering of his own. This is not a new phenomenon. This has been happening at least since Reagan took office and possibly prior to that president. Misleading people is not the right thing to do. Also, Mr. Corey says that Trump falsely pretending to be a Christian. How does he know this? What evidence does he have that shows Mr. Trump lying about his belief about his own faith and spiritual status?

If Mr.Trump believes he is a Christian and promotes that belief, he is not falsely claiming anything. That is what he believes and represents. Whether he is or isn’t is up to God to determine, not Mr. Corey.

#2.You spent 8 years criticizing every move of Obama, but the minute Trump was sworn in you started telling everyone that “Christians should respect the president” and that being “divisive” is a sin.

One of the things that bothers us about atheists, progressives and other people is that they leave words out and distort what really is taking place. There are two ways to criticize and Mr. Corey conveniently leaves out those categories and lumps everyone into the same group. That is not fair and it is unjust. We originally supported Obama but over the years we saw his words and they did not line up with his declared Christian faith.

We did criticize him and so did many others but we did not criticize him in a sinful way but according to Mr. Corey’s words we are still wrong if we say to respect the president. There is a way of criticizing that maintains respect but that option does not fit Mr. Corey’s point so it is left out.  We also do not see him respect President Trump and as his article testifies, he criticizes him unfairly and in a wrong manner. His hupocrisy is showing here.

#3.You think, “but we’re a nation of laws” somehow trumps biblical teachings on how immigrants are to be treated

The only people trumping biblical teaching on immigrants is the left and the progressives. This is another case of distorting the issue by leaving out key words. There are legal immigrants who get treated very well, then there are illegal immigrants who are trying to break the law. The former is doing immigration right and should be treated in a proper manner.

The latter are sinning, violating the law and need to be arrested for their crimes. They are not true immigrants but criminals. There is a big difference between the two groups. The left and progressives tend to ignore that difference and work to undermine the law of the land. That is something neither God nor Jesus said to do. If Mr. Corey wants to prooftext and quote ‘we obey God rather than man’ we would point out that God did not command or instruct anyone to support sin or illegal activity.

To be biblical, the American government needs to be just, fair and even merciful in many cases when handling the issues brought on the nation by those not respecting the country’s laws. American does not have to blindly accept illegals into the country. That is not governing the nation well and ignoring the needs of their natural-born citizens. That is something we have seen take place in Canada as well as America. The governments, progressives, the left tend to ignore those who follow the law and give all sorts of benefits and rights to those who do not. That is not what the Bible says to do.

Biblical teaching is often ignored when progressives have a cause they want to promote.

#4.Your church is planning a “patriotic worship service” for the 4th of July

This is a useless and meaningless point. These services have taken place for as long as America has been a country. Mr. Corey is desperate to fill his list to make his point. It is also an issue for another day.

#5.You instinctively applaud when Trump threatens to “bomb the shit” out of people, but quickly push back if someone quotes what Jesus taught about violence and enemy love

Mr. Corey and progressives like to be selective in their use of bible verses. They also demonstrate that they do not know God’s definition of the words love, violence and so on. He also fails to understand that there are different levels of the Christian faith. Those that may applaud in this case may not be sound, mature believers but working their way up to being holy. They may make mistakes. These mistakes are quickly capitalized on by the PC progressive police and they use zero tolerance (another non-biblical teaching) and apply it to those believers they do not like.

Instead of criticizing and judging, Mr. Corey shouold be feeling sad and seeking to help believers grow. Not make them part of some list because he does not like Mr. Trump. Judging and condemning others was forbidden by God, yet the progressives seem to feel that they are free from that ban.

#6.You think that having a filthy mouth and boasting about sexual immorality is a sign of being unsaved, but when it comes to Trump you all of a sudden have a “Who am I to judge?” attitude

Again, this is another issue that started long before Mr. Trump won the presidency. Mr.Corey, other progressives and the left all seem to have a selective memory which only kicks in when a president is in office that they do not like. What we will say is that sin is sin no matter who does it and the offender needs to repent of all their sins. No matter what office they hold. Jonah and Nineveh are an important example here.

But Mr Corey needs to remove the beams from his own eyes before trying to improve the vision of those who only have a speck in theirs.

#7.You think it’s God-honoring to refuse to bow to a national statue, but that you should be fired from your job, kicked out of the country, or even charged with treason for refusing to stand for the flag.

Hypocrisy is great with Mr. Corey, progressives, liberals and many other people. We cannot count how many times we have seen those exact same people advocate the loss of employment, etc., for very minor offenses committed. Roseanne Barr is an example off the top of our heads. What makes their actions worse, is that they let those who agree with them off without any harsh words or extreme calls to action against them.

Mr. Corey and others like him lose their credibility here. If they want to be taken seriously, then they need to honestly apply their points equally to all no matter their ideology. If you want a presidential example we will drop a couple of names here- Clinton and Kennedy. people like Mr. Corey and the left change their tunes when addressing the same issues with these men.

#8.You want the nation to return to “biblical values”… except for all those socialist sounding biblical things like caring for the poor, welcoming the stranger, giving food to the hungry, etc.

The wonderful thing about Christianity is that it does not conform to the views of people like Mr. Corey. He forgets that there are many non-progressive believers who actually do more than he claims they do in these areas. But again his lack of credibility and his non-love for those he does not like just make him sound like a crashing cymbal.

His selective nature seems to also influence his point making.

#9.Your church spends one month a year celebrating the story of refugee family who fled their violent homeland and secretly crossed the border to safety, only to return home years later where their son became another unarmed person of color killed by the state’s violent security forces because they “felt threatened”…

He gets the story wrong. It wasn’t Pilate and the Romans who wanted Jesus dead. In fact, Pilate said he found no guilt in Jesus. Mr. Corey distorts the life of Jesus for his own agenda. It wasn’t the Romans who felt threatened and it was hatred by the Jewsh leaders that brought Jesus to the cross. The Jews could not execute anyone so they had to get the Romans to carry out their plan.

If you are going to make a point using the Bible, do not distort the Bible. You just look bad when you do. If Mr. Corey wants to call for application of biblical teaching then he should practice it first. The Bible does not say to distort biblical events or people’s lives to make your point.

The last 2 points are not even worth giving time to here. They are more of Mr.Corey’s wild-eyed thinking that elevates him to being superior to everyone else. He thinks he has a handle on what constitutes the Christian faith. Sadly, he has forsaken the Christian faith for something that he designed. That is the problem with people like Mr. Corey. They think they know the Christian faith but in reality, they leave God out of his own creation and redesign the faith after their own human thinking.

What these people try to do is force their human version on the church. They do so by judging, condemning, wrongfully criticizing, distorting and much more. They also try to use guilt and these lists to browbeat those who truly follow what God says to do. They do everything they say is wrong when others do it. There is an article at the Christian Post that addresses that thinking for it is not just found in progressives but the political liberal left as well

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter is set in 1642. Three hundred and seventy five years later, the political left is publicly shaming those who don’t publicly align with the new Puritanism of the political left.

Everyone, including the left and the right, in church and politics really should take Jesus’ teaching about removing the beam from their own eyes first seriously. People like Mr. Corey, no matter where they are found, are not practicing biblical teaching correctly. They ignore it when it is convenient for them to do so and when it benefits them and their ideology.

It is a good thing that the Christian faith is not up to humans. They would mess it up and they have done so,  We look to Jesus to guide us to the correct way to live the Christian life, not so-called bible scholars, progressives, liberals  or even conservatives, etc.