Dead Sea Scroll Puzzle (?)

30 Jan

Some interesting news. But some words of advice. Never ask an archaeologist what something means, as you can see, they rarely know.

The general aim of encryption in Qumran is not entirely clear,” Ratzon and Ben-Dov wrote. “It generally seems that encryption was a means of conveying prestige to the initiated but not a means of 100-percent security or preventing comprehension by other community members.

How about just keeping the information secret. Sorry, we just do not buy that quoted theory. It is far-fetched and unverfiable.

Until now, this Dead Sea Scroll was one of only a few scrolls that had not been fully deciphered and described in the scientific literature, researchers said.

This quote makes us think they are using the word ‘decipher’ to mean ‘translated’.  We could be wrong but that is the way it seems.

Scholars still aren’t sure why this scroll, along with a few other Dead Sea Scrolls, were written in code.

And they will never know. It may have been an exercise to test a scribe’s knowledge of the language.

The scribe, who went to the trouble of writing the scroll in code, forgot to include the Day of Atonement (known as Yom Kippur) on the calendar; but another scribe, who apparently understood the code, inserted that day onto the calendar.

Maybe the handwriting is different but we wouldn’t know. It is rare for us to see the scrolls. We saw an exhibit in Korea many years ago but… Or another idea was that the original scribe hurt his hand and needed someone else’s help fixing the error. or the same scribe did it himself… or… You get the idea.

That is another reason that Jewish people believe that Jesus is a made up story (based on Zoroastrian Soshians and Iranian Mithraism); since there is mention of such person as Jesus (or the expected Messiah of Judaism) in the scrolls of Qumran which is written between last three centuries BCE and from the first century CE

This last quote is from the comment section. There is a good reason why Jesus was not mentioned. We came across an old publication from a bible scholar we like, but whose name escapes at the moment. It would take too long to hunt it down. He put forth that the word scribes, when Jesus was saying woe to the Pharisees, woe to the Sadducees and woe to the scribes, referred to the Essenes. It is a great article and we will have to look it up in the near future.

With Jesus’ rebuke of their piety, there is a possibility that the Essenes held some grudge and refused to mention Jesus’ name again.

If the link doesn’t work, here is the title to the article-  Dead Sea Scroll Remains a Puzzle After Scientists Crack its Code


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