The problem with denominations

16 Dec

Now we are not talking about money here. We are talking about one of the problems that come with human created religious denominations. We say human created because we can find no scriptural instruction or any other verse that supports the creation of individual church denominations. Jesus talked about building his church upon the rock but he did not split his church into varying amounts of theological beliefs.

There is only one truth and one church. Those who opt to create their denomination may not be outside of Jesus’ church but they can be vulnerable to certain dangers when they do so. One of those dangers is highlighted in the following article

The danger is that God and the Bible are ignored in favor of church rules. Here is one example:

“The Book of Discipline, which holds governing policies for The United Methodist Church (The UMC), maintains that clergy cannot be ‘self-avowed, practicing homosexuals,'” argued RMN in a blog post earlier this month. “This rule, however, is not applicable to members in leadership positions in The UMC who are not clergy. Leaders at Trinity UMC were falsely led to believe they had no other option but to dismiss Mould.”

The book of discipline, in this case, allows people to ignore the Bible and declare that practicing homosexuals can ignore biblical teaching and be part of the church leadership. The denomination leans on the book of discipline and not the Bible. This is not a smart move nor a correct one. Another example:

“… we are writing to urge you to acknowledge that Ryan’s firing is neither mandated nor supported by the Book of Discipline, to address this misrepresentation with the pastor involved, and to take action to ensure that no one else falls victim to misuse of the Book of Discipline in this manner,”

The church and its members appeal to the book of discipline and ignore God and his instructions for the church. This is a grave mistake to make. The book of discipline and every other church denomination’s rule books are not infallible words of God, given by God, or even approved by Him. They do not trump what God wants in his church.

Yet many church denominations have written rules that in effect rewrite the rules of God and open the door to sinful behavior taking place in the church. This is the danger faced when church denominations add their own ideas to what God has already written. People’s eyes are taken off God and his ways and placed upon human ideas instead. Human responses are replacing the responses God wants his followers to do. That is not right nor is it Christian.

We have not said that in and of itself that creating a church denomination is sin. BUT the dangers in doing so, do lead people to disobey God and sin. The denominational rules become the guiding force of the denomination and not the words of God. If you read that article you should have notied that GOD is not mentioned once in the story. What God wants for is church is left out and only the book of discipline matters.

If you are going to create or are a member of a church denomination, you need to keep your eyes open for these conflicts and lead people away from disobeying God. Denominational rules need to be corrected or rewritten- not the instructions of God. The church must follow God first.The Bible addresses every issue faced by humans in every era.

Do you really think that homsexuality was not faced by Jesus and the disciples? Do you really think God would leave gaps in his word and leave his church without instruction?

The Bible has the correct rules and direction for the church to follow. It must be placed above every denominational church rule. The church denominations need to edit their rule books, if they want to get back in God’s favor. God will still use them as they are, but there could be a better impact for him if the church stopped creating denominations and reunited under Jesus and his rules.

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