Turn the Other Cheek

15 Dec

This Christmas season amidst all the good things that are done, there are still those individuals or groups who seek to what is wrong. This post is merely a reminder of what God told us to do when those individuals cross any Chrstian’s path.

The owners of a doughnut shop in Maine have publicly apologized for asking The Salvation Army to help them find a family in need this Christmas after they were attacked online by activists who claim the Christian charity is anti-LGBT.

LGBTQ communities have a large chip on their shoulder. They feel that they alone get to decide who does what to whom.This attitude is seen even as so many LGBTQ members claim to love God and follow him.

One of the things that believers need to remember in situations like this is to turn the other cheek. It does not do any good to react or respond in kind. No matter what a believer does, or any person who wants to do good this year, there will always be someone who will attack their choice of agency, avenue of doing good, and the choice of recipient. No one will get 100% support for their good deeds.

The key for the believer, or other do-gooder, is to ignore these intolerant reactions and do not let those who sin dictate who receives help and how that help is distributed to others. Helping others is dictated by God not the lGBTQ communities. Let God guide your charitable work not those who think they are entitled to make your decisions for you.

Let those groups look bad by their intolerant and bullying attitudes. Don’t take that image from them and place it upon yourself.

How do we respond to groups like these LGBTQ communities who think that they get a say in something that is none of their business? Besides turning the other cheek, believers are to pray for these groups and they are not to return evil for evil. Find the godly way to respond and let God work on their souls and attitudes. Do not sin in response to their ungodly behavior.

Have a better Christmas by responding to any bad situation, even from poorly behaved family members, with the attitude and actions God wants to see in his followers.

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