A Pledge

21 Oct

We talked in a previous post about how you cannot serve two masters. This became more evident when we were watching this great video made by Red Skelton, a comedian who died 20 years ago. He does a great rendition of the pledge and reminds everyone of the seriousness of making it and how deep that pledge goes. We find that many people who live within America’s borders have lost sight of what their pledge means. here is a link to that video


With that said, we believe that no believer can pledge their allegiance to both God and his kingdom and an earthly nation. You cannot be aligned to both. You have to make a choice. You are either a patriot for the earthly nation or you are a patriot for God and his kingdom. Unfortunately, like the American Pledge of Allegiance, most believers have lost sight of what being a member of God’s kingdom really means and they have no concept of that membership’s depth and seriousness. They also do not understand the cost of being a member of God’s kingdom. Such membership means leaving earthly patriots behind and working for an eternal kingdom that unbelievers will hate because its light will expose how dark their lives are.


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