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20 Oct

We received a comment a few days ago which does bother us as it demonstrates a misunderstanding of what we do here. We will use that comment, NOT to discourage people from commenting or criticizing us, but to make sure people actually understand what we do on this website. In other words take the following as something that will help guide your comments in the future. We are not attacking the person who made the comment but want to clarify different points so that there is no misunderstanding.

It seems to me that between this post and your post about the Las Vegas shooting (which unfairly declares that “many youth leaders” are ill-equipped to handle such situations with their youth groups), your main issues seem to be personal disagreements with Perhaps you should discuss your opinions with the editor

We could do that but Christian Post has removed their comment section except for a few entries under their blog section. We are saying that from memory so we may be mistaken on which section they allow comments. Also we have in the past sent in letters to the editors but like everyone else, they get to decide what they will publish. Like everyone else they will choose whom they will take direction from, if they didn’t they would go crazy trying to please everyone. When we provide entries from Christian Post it is because there is something in the story we want to discuss here and provide better information to our readers. We are not attacking the reporters or Christian Post but simply want to address certain issues that arise with their information. We would love to use different Christian news sources but at the moment it is not feasible for us to do it at this time.

and devote your blog here to illustrating ways in which archaeology defends biblical claims – as the name of your blog suggests?

The name of our blog is theologyarchaeology and in no way does that name imply any purpose other than that we will discuss those topics that fall into those two categories. From time to time we may stray from that purpose only because we may want a break or there is something interesting to discuss. For the most part we limit ourselves to theology, archaeology and under those two categories comes different sub-groups like history, homosexuality, transgenderism, Bible, family and so much more. While we believe in Jesus Christ as God’s son and Savior, we will defend the Bible and its perspective but our name does not suggest that. WE reserve the right to discuss whatever we want, after all it is our blog. If you want things done differently, please go start your own blog and do it the way you want.

And rather than defending alien-theorists over archaeologists, understand that archaeology is an evolving science that seeks to present historical facts, regardless of religious affiliation, and that “experts” are actually highly educated in their field including theories, histories, techniques, and interpretations?

We have never defended any alien theory or theorist except possibly to say that they have a right to their opinion and get to publish on their websites whatever they want. We have never agreed with any alien theorist and only look to their work to see if there is any new evidence that we have not heard about. We do the same for secular archaeologists no matter if they are in the maximalist or minimalist schools of thought. We also have to read them if we are going to speak intelligently when we refute their ideas and theories.

The concept of ‘a developing science’ is misleading. It sends the wrong message including that archaeology is not qualified to speak about the past. Holding to such an idea only interferes and hinders ones archaeological work. It also tells others that the person holding to such ideas are not following the Holy Spirit to the truth; they are following the secular mindset and that is wrong for any Christian to do. Oh and please do not structure your comments in the manner that comes across like you do not think we know anything. We have been study archaeology, theology and other subjects for over 30 years now. Please keep that in mind when you write you responses to our work. We know that the ‘experts’ are highly educated in the field of archaeology and other topics but highly educated does not make them free from error or infallible; especially if they are unbelieving experts. The Bible tells us that the unbeliever does not have the Spirit of Truth in them so we must listen to the Bible over these unbelieving experts. We will add that those words also apply to many ‘Christian’ experts as well. They ma claim to be Christian but do not believe God, follow his instructions and so on.

Science does not try to present historical facts. Those in science strive for the best explanation not facts. That has been told to  me over and over by scientists and other people in scientific research fields. We (Theologyarchaeology) like facts and the truth but science does not. If scientists and others in scientific research fields went for the truth they would have to toss their life’s work out the window and accept the Bible. The Bible also does not instruct anyone to go for interpretation. It clearly tells us to go for the truth and there is a big difference between the two.

As an aspiring archaeoloist and Christian, I was greatly intrigued by the name of your blog, which is why I subscribed to it, but after about a week’s worth of disappointing posts, I think it’s time for me to move on. Best wishes for your future – may your blog genuinely be used for the glory of God.

We are glad that the commentator is a Christian and likes to pursue archaeology but the first lesson they need to learn is to follow the Bible first. You cannot serve two masters thus you will either follow God and his ways or you will follow evil and theirs. There is NO gray area with God.The Bible is very clear on that fact.

It is sad that person decided to only judge us on a mere week’s worth of posts without regard to the total content of this blog as well as what is gong on in our lives at the time we write. We are not perfect, we are not immune to problems, feelings and other influences so we do not guarantee that every post is going to be perfect. it is wrong to assume that we are and them expect us to perform to individual and personal expectations we know nothing about. Of course, even if we did know about them, we would not perform to them as that is not the Christian duty. We are to obey God and write what he wants not what our readers would like to see. It is unfair to make such judgments based upon such a limited view of what is involved in our lives. Why not pray for us instead of condemning us?

We have taken and received no outside support for this work so it is also unfair for anyone to try to tell us what to write. Even if someone did contribute, we would not change our purpose  and write what they demanded. They are not whom we serve. Their contribution would be an expression of obedience to God and support of our effort as fellow believers not as owners of this website who get to dictate what our content is. For future reference please eliminate such comments from your posts. If you are disappointed we can’t help that for the most part, how you view our work is up to you. Just quietly move on please if we are not your cup of tea.

We hope this helps.


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2 responses to “An Explanation

  1. lnhereford

    October 21, 2017 at 12:22 am

    Thank you for this explanation. I’m sorry you’ve had some negative feedback. I really appreciate your posts. Keep up the good work, run that race friends! May God bless you!

    • theologyarchaeology

      October 21, 2017 at 8:04 am

      Thank you for the kind words. We do not mind good negative comments, if they are constructive, but others well…

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