Unearthing Atlantis

19 Oct

And no, the title is not in response to the comment made in the In The News 24 entry of a few days ago. This title is exactly the same as the Charles Pellegrino book that discusses Thera and its relationship to Atlantis. Those people who place the destruction of Atlantis at 9000+ years ago are sadly misguided. Our theory coincides with others who think that Plato and the Egyptian priests were referring to the disappearance of the Minoan society in roughly the middle of the 1600s BC. The idea that Atlantis was some super race of humans who were so far advanced that it makes our modern civilizations look like hunter-gatherers is also far-fetched. Atlantis is just another name for the Minoans who existed for approx. 1500 years before God allowed them to be destroyed. We have to use the word allow because we do not know if God destroyed them for their sins or they were just unfortunate victims of a volcano and God acted to save a remnant of them, later called the Philistines. Archaeology and science cannot answer that question.

We are talking about the Minoans and Dr. Pellegrino’s book today because we came across it the other day as we were looking at used books in one of e of the very few used books stores in this country. It is a great book with a lot of great information and facts. We had it in our library for almost 20 years before we lost it in a move ad we are happy to have it again. The reason for that is as we are re-reading Dr. Pellegrino’s work we came across a very interesting piece of information that either we missed or forgot about. That tidbit is quite informative

The town that S. Marinatos discovered under all the ash dumped on it by the volcanic eruption, was actually built upon another, earlier town that was also buried by a volcanic eruption. There is not much information on that town because the work on Akrotiri is slow. Excavations have been on going for the one town for approx. 50 years. This information, of course, turns our minds to the pre-flood world and we wonder if that underlying buried town was not evidence for the pre-flood world and the flood. The Minoans are considered the ancestors or fellow Philistines due to this verse found in Amos

Amos 9:7“Are you not as the sons of Ethiopia to Me, O sons of Israel?” declares the Lord. “Have I not brought up Israel from the land of Egypt, And the Philistines from Caphtor and the Arameans from Kir?

Which may be a reason why no skeletons or bodies associated with Akrotiri have ever been found on Thera. It would be nice to learn more about the buried town that the current ancient city Akrotiri was built upon. In all the years we have been doing archaeology, Dr. Pellegrino’s book is the only source that mentions its existence.

For those who think that you cannot do archaeology with the Bible in one hand and a spade in the other are sadly misguided. The Bible contains far more ancient clues to ancient societies and civilizations than most ancient sources do. We would be hurting for information and discovering far less about our past if we relied upon archaeologists to dig up some ancient record that mentions the many societies that the Bible talks about. Don’t listen to the secular archaeologist (or even the supposed Christian ones) who say that the Bible cannot be used in archaeology. It can for it is a historical book and its pages are filled with actual history, peoples and civilizations.

The problem most believers have when they do archaeology (or any science) is that they listen to those unbelieving archaeologists (and scientists) who think they know more than God. When they do this they end up destroying their own faith and leaving salvation behind. That is a grave mistake. Archaeology has to be done by looking for the truth and following the spirit of truth or the person doing archaeology (or science in general) ends up thinking the Bible is in error. The Bible is never wrong.

God does not write errors to be corrected by sinful, fallible man who is so far removed from history that it is laughable that they think they know much about our past. God was there and saw it all thus it makes more sense to follow his instructions and take his word for it than any other alternative.



For Further reading:

There are far more source of information than these three. We just picked three to place here to get you started. We also like Dr. Pellegrino’s book Return to Sodom and Gomorrah as it is a great source on this island and buried city.

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