The Trouble With Pay Pal

19 Aug

We are having some difficulty with Pay Pal right now. They have held up our money for 8 days. We are not going to tell you what to do or say anything negative except to post the links to the story for your consideration. We have already sent the links to Pay Pal through the facebook message service so they are aware of what is being said. They initially sent a representative to talk to us but then after explanation they wanted us to spend our own money to get our money.  The error is theirs and they should fix it but they don’t. Their rep on facebook has been ignoring us for about 30 minutes now…/urn:li:activity:6304451740615970……/urn:li:activity:6304452613484179……/urn:li:activity:6304452779331162…


if the llnks do not work let us know please

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