No It Is Not Tied To Money

16 Jul

Vicky Beeching on Eugene Peterson Controversy: ‘American Christians’ Opposition to LGBT Equality Tied to Money’

This is the sad view of at least one person who is a participating member of the LGBT community. Unfortunately for her her claim is not true. The opposition to LGBTQ equality in church or life is all about obeying God {or at least it should be}. Money i snot or should not be part of any protest/opposition against anti-biblical behavior.  It seems that most people supporting the LGBTQ movement have forgotten to learn the lessons of history as they strive to make LGBTQ preference seem normal, correct, good and not sin. What these people, governments and courts are doing is only hastening the destruction of society as we know it and propelling it down a path civilizations have never recovered from.

She also wrote, “I imagine Eugene Peterson is under immense pressure, but that’s not a reason to backtrack and throw LGBT people under the bus.”

No one is throwing the LGBTQ community under the bus. What they are trying to do is protect society from their sins and refusal to acknowledge that they are sinning. Opposition to the LGBTQ movement is based upon remaining holy and one cannot be holy if they continue to practice sin. One cannot be obeying God then pursuing a sinful desire, then calling that evil good,normal, healthy and whatever other positive adjective you want to use here. What LGBTQ people do not realize, or may not accept, is that humans cannot determine what is or isn’t sin. We cannot speak for God and claim we are the decision makers of his standards. That luxury remains clearly in God’s realm and only he decides what is holy and what is sinful. Man cannot do that. We do not make God in our image but must accept what he has said is right and wrong. There is no other alternative.

She also noted that LifeWay decided that their stores will continue selling Peterson’s books based on his retraction. “The moment Peterson’s pro-LGBT beliefs hit the internet, huge USA Christian bookstore chains started threatening to boycott selling his books,” she wrote in a preceding tweet.

Bookstores have the right of free choice and do not work for Ms. Beeching. They are free to offer or refuse to offer whatever book they chose. That is their right yet people like Ms. Beeching refuse to allow anyone who disagrees with them that right and freedom. They think everyone must go according to their views. That attitude is neither right nor democratic. It isn’t even Christian but sadly those members of the LGBTQ community who claim to be Christian only put that attitude on when it benefits them and no one else. As a side note, we are not fans of The Message or of Mr. Peterson, we find both out of step with God and biblical instruction so we are not defending him or his work but critiquing the claims made by Ms. Beeching concerning the opposition to the LGBTQ movement.

The LGBTQ cannot achieve equality in the church for it is sin and nothing else. They can be treated like humans though and not violate God’s word. They should not be allowed to marry but they should be allowed to make their partners beneficiaries of whatever government, insurance, and work programs they are a member. That is only fair. They should not demonstrate, force their views on others or  be a bully and intolerant towards those who disagree with them but they should never be denied employment unless unqualified), housing (unless they violate some laws, etc.),  And on it goes. Believers should treat the LGBTQ as they would like to be treated, that verse does not exclude the sinner from being treated graciously, etc.

BUT with that said, no believer or church can accept a practicing LGBTQ member as a brother or sister in the lord for they are not. They have not been redeemed by Jesus and still live captive in their sin. The opposition is not about money, it is about their soul and the LGBTQ community’s eternal destination.

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